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Peter Lehmann's World List of

Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs' Active Ingredients (Generic Names), Trade Names and Test Codes

Warning! Peter Lehmann does not provide medical advice. He is not a medical doctor, he does not wear a white coat. No responsibility is assumed by Peter Lehmann for any injury and/or damage to persons or property from any use of the information on this list or the introduction or ideas referenced in the material herein. Any interrupted, unfinished, new or ongoing course of treatment as well as any use of a referral and/or subsequent treatment regimen sought as a result of reading this list or the introduction of ideas referenced in the material herein is the sole responsibility of the reader.


This table includes trade names and active ingredients of synthetic psychiatric drugs administered all over the world including neuroleptics, antidepressants, psychostimulants (psychoanaleptics), tranquilizers and lithium preparations. It also lists carbamazepine and other substances chemically familiar with this antiepileptic drug. In the psychosocial field these substances are administered as so-called mood stabilizers.

As far as the psychiatric drugs mentioned in this table, the reader may trust in the care given by Peter Lehmann in making correct statements. On the other hand, there is a lot of confusion world-wide referring to the classification of psychiatric drugs.

  • No standard criteria exist for the assignment of a single psychiatric drug to a group of substances. For example, loxapine is classified in the USA as a (minor) tranquilizer, in Canada and the UK as a neuroleptic. Oxypertine is marketed in the USA as an antidepressant, in the UK as a neuroleptic. Flupentixol is marketed in the UK as a neuroleptic and antidepressant. Some drugs like tiapride are classified as a neuroleptic in one country and as an anti-Parkinson drug in another. Sometimes anti-Parkinson drugs like amantadine are indicated in the treatment of drug-caused Parkinsonism in one country (USA), but in another country (UK) these drug-induced symptoms are an excluded indication. Similarly, hydroxyzine is considered a tranquilizer in one country and an antihistamine in another. And sometimes a drug's status as a (minor) tranquilizer, antidepressant or neuroleptic is based on the dosages given.

  • The classification of a drug can depend on its pharmaceutical basic schedule, biochemical mechanism, produced effects or the administrator's subjective intention.

  • Some trade names were used differently in individual countries. Three examples:
    – "Serenase" is (or was) the trade name for the neuroleptic ingredient haloperidol in Denmark, Finland, Italy and South Korea and for the neuroleptic ingredient quetiapine in Peru. In Belgium "Serenase" is (or was) the trade name for the benzodiazepine-tranquilizer lorazepam.
    – The trade name "Pax" is used for the tranquilzers alprazolam, diazepam or meprobamate in different countries.
    – Chlordiazepoxide is often marketed as "Somnium", but in Greece "Somnium" is (or was) the trade name for the antidepressant ingredient amitriptyline.
    Sometimes trade names are used for different active ingredients in the same country (for example, "Andep" in India for the benzodiazepine-tranquilizer alprazolam and for the combination of the neuroleptic trifluoperazine with the benzodiazepine-tranquilizer chlordiazepoxide).

  • In pharmaceutical lists, you can find a lot of orthographical deviations. Active ingredients are written differently and often there are several indications for one ingredient. These variations must be considered when consulting this table.

  • Often drug firms include their drug firm name into the name of a drug; for example, Risperidone then it is called "Sandoz Risperidone" or Mylan-Risperidone". Not to support this advertising system, all those prefixes, which refer only to the drug firms (Apo-, CO, Gen-, Mylan-, Novo-, Nu-, PMS-, RAN-, ratio-, RHO-, Rhoxal-, Sandoz, etc.) are included in the list below only in those cases, when the following branch name is not used otherwise.

  • Special characters like apostrophes, which are used in some languages very often, like in the French language, are leaved out in the list below.

Therefore no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this table of psychiatric drugs. Peter Lehmann, who is neither a pharmacologist nor a doctor of medicine, appeals to all readers to notify us of any mistakes or changes in the indications of the mentioned psychiatric drugs. Mail-address: info[at]

Do not expect too much logic in the administration of psychiatric drugs; be prepared for arbitrary as well as off-label administration and for combinations.


Active Ingredient Class (Planned, current and previous) Trade Names and Test Codes
11-demethoxy-reserpine see deserpidine  
abaperidone dopamine D3 receptor antagonist FI-8602
acepromazine phenothiazine 1522 CB, Acemav, Acepril, Acetazin, Acezine, ACP, Anamav, Atravet, Atsetozin, AY 57.062, Calmivet, Combistress, Neurotranq, Notensil, Oralject Sedazine-Acepromazine, Plegicil, Promex, Sedalin, Sedazine-ACP, Soprontin, Vanastress, Vetranquil; component of Meprenizine, Noctran, Soprontil
aceprometazine phenothiazine 16646B; component of Clindorm, Mepronozine, Noctran, Supponizine
acetophenazine phenothiazine Mepronizine, Noctran, SCH 6673, Tindal, Tindala
acetylpromazine see acepromazine  
adoprazine dopamine D2 antagonist and 5-HT1A agonist HY-14782, SLV-13
alentemol dopamine agonist  
alfentanil propanamide Alfast, Alfenil, Alfenta, Alfentanil, Alfentanilo, Alfentanyl, Brevafen, Fanaxal, Fentalim, Limifen, Rapifen
alimemazine phenothiazine 6549 RP, Alfresed, Alimemazina, Alimezine, Amisal, Apamezin, Benalgen, Coplexens, Crasin, Endacof Cough, Itzenol, Meparil, Nedeltran, Normaln A, Palpex, Panectyl, Pramin, Repeltin, Spansule, Telmatin, Temaridin, Temaril, Theralen, Theralene, Trimeprazine, Trixin, Turysin, Vallergan, Variargil, Vetalen
alizapride benzamide Limican, Litican, Lyostene, Nausilen, Plitican, Vergentan
alpiropride benzamide RIV 2093, Rivistel
aminopromazine phenothiazine 3828 RP, Lispamol, Lorusil
aminosultopride see amisulpride  
amisulpride benzamide Aktiprol, Amgrace, Amipride, Amisan, Amisu, Amisulid, Amisulpisan, Amisulpragen, Amisulprid, Amisulpride, Amisumylan, Amisure, Amisyt, Amitrex, Ampicon, Aracalm, Aride, AST, Bipo Life, Cyam, Dan 2163, Deniban, Enorden, Forzamed, Goldalian, Goldpride, Hemixasulp, Isofredil, Majorem, Nodasic, Paxiprid, Praldumylan, Pride, Pridosil, Psyride, Rispe-AB, Sizopride, Socian, Solamid, Solaze, Solian, Sulamid, Sulmatil, Sulpide, Sulpitac, Sulpra, Sulprix, Sulpromel, Sypride, Urcin, Zoloser, Zonapride, Zulpride
ampalex ampakainate receptor agonist Ampalex, CX 516
amperozide serotonin receptor antagonist FG 5606, Hogpax
aripiprazole dihydrocarbostyrile Abelfiz, Abibra, Abik, Abilify, Abilify MyCite, Abilitat, Abilium, Abipol, Abipren, Abyraz, Aceprofen, Adexyl, Ansilam, Antredamin, Alcartis, Anasil, Apaloz, Apekur, Apipral, Apiz, Arena, Aridus, Arifril, Arika, Arilan, Arileto, Arilex, Arilip, Arinex, Arinova, Arip, Aripat, Aripicad, AripiHEXAL, Aripilif, Aripipan, Aripipharm, Aripiprazol, Aripiprazole, Aripiptral, Ariple, Aripral, Ariprax, Ariprazol, Ariprid, Ariprin, Aripsi, Arisdar, Arisppa, Aristab, Aristada, Arive, Arivitae, Arixind, Arizic, Arizofy, Arizol, Arizole, Arlemide, Arole, Arpizol, Arpoya, Asprito, Ateplax, Atindol, Atfren, Azymol, Biliff, Bisoza, Brisking, Discmelt, Elrip, Elxeda, Epimat, Faxotina, Fredizor, Gemplex, Groven, Ibaral, Ilimit, Ilipra, Ipipral, Irazem, Irix, Irmil, Labosol, Laprinz, Lemidal, Lemilvo, Lepiren, Mactril, Motruxia, Novesta, Nugatil, OPC 14597, OPC 31, Pipra A, Pipzol, Pirazo, Prazarit, Pripax, Rapiproz, Real One, Ripizolnev, Rizotal, Schizopra, Siblix, Sicopax, Tranex, Travicta, Viza, Xerana, Yzomo, Zedan, Zeterix, Zolabro, Zykalor
asenapine thienobenzodiazepine Asenapt, Atisenap, Org 5222, Saphris, Sycrest
azabuperone   CAS:2856-81-7
azaperone butyrophenone Ecalmyl, Fentazin, Porcador, R 1929, Sedaperone, Stresnil (not in India), Suicalm
azuren see bromperidol  
balaperidone see belaperidone  
batanopride benzamide BMY 25.801
belaperidone D4/5-HT2 antagonist LU 111995
benperidol butyrophenone 8089 CB, Anquil, Benperidol, Benquil, Concilium, Frenactil, Frenactyl, Frenactylx, Glianimon, McN-JR-4584, Psicoben, Psychoben, R 4584
benzquinamide benzoquinolizine Emete-Con, Emeticon, P 2647, Promecon, Quantril
berupipam dopamine D1 antagonist  
bifeprunox benzisoxazole DU 127090, Lu 02-754
biriperone butyrophenone Centbutindole
blonanserin D2/5-HT2 receptor antagonist AD 5423, Lonasen
brexpiprazole D2 dopamine partial agonist OPC-34712, Rexulti, Rxulti
brl 20.596 benzamide Emilace
brl 34.778 benzamide  
brilaroxazine D2, D3, D4, 5-HT1A, 5HT2A partial agonist, and 5-HT2B, 5-HT6, 5-HT7 antagonist  
bromopride benzamide Artomey, Cascapride, Digecap, Digerex, Digesan, Digestina-Bromoprida, Digeston, Normopride Enzimatico, Opridan, Plamet, Plesium, Pridecil, Primeral, Valopride, Viaben
bromperidol butyrophenone Agostine, Azoren, Azorene, Azuren, Azurene, Bridel, Bromidol, Bromodol, Consilium, Erodium, Impromen, Lunapron, Prindil, R 11.333, R 46541, Ropel, Tesoprel
buramate   AC 601
butaperazine phenothiazine AHR 712, AHR 3000, Bayer 1362, Butaperazina, Megalectil, Neuronal Retard, Randolectil, Repoise, Riker 595, Tyrylen; component of Axinto, Neo-Gestokliman, Neuronal, Östrogynal
butyrylperazine see butaperazine  
cariprazine dopamine D2/D3 receptor antagonist Caripral, Carplex, MP 214, Reagila, RGH 188, Symvenu, Vraylar
carpipramine iminodibenzyl BAY B4343, Defekton, Prazinil, PZ 1511, RP 21679
carfenazine phenothiazine Carphenazine, Combelene, Proketazin, Proketazine
chlorfenethazine phenothiazine Elroquil, Marophen
chlorimpiphenine see imiclopazine  
chlorperazine see prochlorperazine  

see perphenazine

chlorpromazine phenothiazine 4560 RP, Acemin, Amazine, Aminazin, Aminazine, Aminazins, Ampliactil, Amplictil, Anadep, Ancholcatil, Antistress, Artomin, Aspersinal, Bacnin, Belazine, Bellacina, Biscasil, Calmacine, Cepezet, Chlemazin, Chlomazin, Chlomazine, Chloractil, Chloramead, Chlorazin, Chlorazine, Chlorbromasin, Chlorderazin, Chlormazine, Chloropromazcin, Chlorprom, Chlorpromados, Chlorpromanyl, Chlorpromaz, Chlorpromazin, Chlorpromazina, Chlorpromazine, Chlorpromazinhydrochlorid, Chlorpromed, Chlorprom-Ez-Ets, Chlor-PZ, Chlorzine, Clomactel, Clonactil, Clonactine, Cloracin, Clorazine, Clordelazin, Cloropromacin, Cloropromax, Clorpramazine, Clorprazin, Clorpromazina, Clozims, Clozine, Coliman, Contomin, Copamide, Copormin, Cormiton, Corpiotin, Co-T-Zine, Cromedazine, Datival, Dormazine, Duncan, Elmarine, Epokuhl, Esmind, Esmino, Falubin, Fenactil, Fleksin, Galmazin, Globazine, Hebanil, Hibanil, Hibernal, Hibernaletta, Hibernol, Hlibanil, Ishitomin, Keyquil, Kloranzine, Klorazin, Klorazine, Klorproman, Klorpromazin, Klorpromex, Klotsin, Komazine, Korazine, Laractyl, Largactil, Largaktyl, Largapromactil, Largatrex, Largazin, Largo, Lenison, Leptozinal, Longactil, Maitran, Matcine, Matcine, Mazintil, Megaphen, Megatil, Meprosetil, Morefine, Neomazine, Neo-Mazine, Neurazine, Neurogel, Neuroplex, Neuroprom, Neurotiazina, Nevropromazine, Norcozine, Novapromazine, Novomacina, Onazine, Opelomin, Opromazin, Ormazine, Pansedil, Phenactyl, Phenathyl, Plegomazin, Plegomazine, Plus, Pogetol, Prazil, Prazin, Procalm, Proma, Promachel, Promachlor, Promacid, Promactil, Promadcid, Promapar, Promaxil, Promaz, Promazil, Promazina, Promazine, Promexin, Promochlor, Promorgan, Promosol, Propaphen, Propaphenin, Protran, Prozil, Prozilembonat, Prozin, Prozyl, Psicarmon, Psychial, Psychozine, Psylactil, Psylaktil, Psynor, Repazine, Rimazine, Romazine, Saicostin, Sanopron, Scieractil, Sedatil, Sepamin, Serazone, Serectil, Serectil, Solidon, Sonazine, Taroctyl, Terpium, Thera-Zine, Thor, Thoradex, Thoralen, Thoramed, Thorarex, Thorazene, Thorazine, Thoromil, Thor-Prom, Thor-Tabs, Torazina, Tosclam, Tosine, Tranquazine, Umelargil, Winsumin, Wintermin, Winternal, Zinectil, Zuledin, Zuledine; component of 6-Copin, Ancam, Closerpil, Closerpin, Coktelin-H, Corofodin C, Dentha, Diabinese, Hirepin, Hirepine, Incot Plus, Lacalm Forte, Largopress, Letargin, MC1, Meferpan, Megaphen Compositum, Neocalm Forte, Neuroserpina, Normacalm Forte, Oreticyl, Pacameta, Parkin Forte, Peradyl Forte, Peradyl MF, Perten, Ponderil, Promazol Reserpina, Psiconal, Psyzine Forte, Psyzine Plus, Rau-Clor, Rauctil, Rauproma, Relicalm Forte, Relicalm-SF, Reliclam Forte, Reliclam-SF, Resactil, Sedo-Sermalin, Selocalm Forte, Ser, Sizonorm Forte, Spasmisan Compuesto, Talecalm Forte, TCT, Trazine-SC, Triavil, Trinicalm Forte, Tripnol, Tripnol Forte, Trofaz - Forte, Trycalm Forte, Trycalm SF, UNO 25, Wipetri Plus, Wolfiazinam
chlorprothixene thioxanthene Chlorprothixen, Chlothixen, Cloxan, Compound 19, Minithixen, N 714, Paxyl, Quilibrex, Ro4-0403, Taractan, Tarasan, Taratan, Tractylon, Traquilan, Traquillan, Tra Quilan, Truxal, Truxaleta, Truxaletten, Truxaletter, Truxalettes, Truxil; component of Betavex, Eldoral
cinitapride benzamide Blaston, Cidine, Cinigest, Paxapride, Pemix, Rogastril
cipazoxapine dopamine antagonist CGP 19.486 A
cipropride benzamide SL 74.036
cisapride benzamide Alimix, Arcasin, Cipril, Coordinax, Cyprid, Desaprid, Digenol, Dispeprid, Fisiogastrol, Kelosal, Kinet, Kinussen, Lirebin, Minsk, Peristal, Prepulsid, Prestal, Propulsin, Pulsitil, R 51619, Ruvetine, Saprit, Sisarid, Sismotil, Trautil
citalepine dopamine antagonist CGP
citatepine see citalepine  
clebopride D2 receptor antagonist Amicos, Clanzoflat, Clanzol, Clast, Clebodian, Cleboril, Clebutec, Cleprid, Flatoril, Gastridin, LAS 9273, Madurase, Motilex, Valopride, Viadil, Vuxolin
clocapramine iminodibenzyl Clofekton, Y 4153
clofluperol butyrophenone ID 4708, R 9298, Tolopelon
clopenthixene see clopenthixol  
clopenthixol thioxanthene Ciatyl, Clopixol, Sordenac, Sordinol, Thiapax
clopimozide diphenylbutylpiperidine R 29764
cloroperon   AHR 6134, RMI 9901
clorotepine dibenzothiepine Clopiben, Clotepin, VUF 10030
clospipramine active metabolite of clocapramine Cremin, Y 516
clospirazine see spiclomazine  
clothiapine see clotiapine  
clotiapine dibenzothiazepine Deliton, Distensan, Entumin, Entumine, Etomine, Etumina, Etumine, HF 2159, LW 2159, Psychoson
clozapine dibenzodiazepine Agavan, Alemoxan, Anzapine, Azoleptin, Clocinol, Clofax, Cloment, Clonia, Clopin, Clopine, Clopsine, Closin, CloSyn, Clozalux, Clozamedica, Clozapin, Clozapina, Clozapine, Clozarem, Clozaril, Clozatab, Clozet, Clozix, Cozapin, Denzapine, Dicomex, Dipine, Discole, Ekloz, Elcrit, FazaClo, Frenapharm, Froidir, HF 1854, Ihope, Isonida, Kloza, Klozapol, Labincloz, Lanolept, Lapenax, Laponex, Leponex, Lepotex, Leydex, Lodux, Lozapin, Lozapine, Lozin, Luften, Luverina, LX 100-129, Merbaril, Nemea, Refraxol, Sequax, Sicozapina, Sicrep, Sizopin, Sizopine, Sizoril, Skizoril, Syclop, Syzopin, Tanyl, Versacloz, W 108, Z-Clo, Zapen, Zapine, Zaponex, Zaporil, Ziproc, Zopin, Zopine, Zopizone, Zuclo-P
cyamemazine phenothiazine 7204 RP, Cianatil, Tercian
cyamepromazine see cyamemazine  
dapiprazole NE/5-HT uptake inhibitor AF 2139, Benglau, Glamidolo, Remydrial, Rev-Eyes, Reversil
dazopride benzamide  
dehydrosertindole see sertindole  
deserpidine rauwolfia alkaloid Canescin, Canescine, Harmonyl, Raunormine, Tranquinil; component of Enduromyl, Oreticyl
desmethoxyreserpine see deserpidine  
dimetotiazine 5-HT antagonist Alius, Banistyl, IL 6303, Migristene, Normelin, RP 8599
dixyrazine phenothiazine Esocalm, Esucos, Roscal, UCB 3412
droperidol butyrophenone Dehidrobenzoperidol, Dehidrobenzperidol, Dehydrobenzperidol, Dridol, Droleptan, Drolepton, Droperidol, Droperidols, Droperol, Halkan, Inapsin, Inapsine, Leptanal Compositum, Leptofen, McN-JR 4749, Neurolidol, Paxical, Ponveridol, R 4749, Sintodian, Xomolix; component of Disifelit, Fentanilo-Droperidol, Innovan, Innovar, Inoval, Leptanal comp., Thalamonal, Thamonal
duoperone phenothiazine AHR 6646
emonapride see nemonapride  
emraclidine M4 positive allosteric modulator  
eplivanserin   SR 46349
epidepride dopamine D2/D3 antagonist NCQ 219, TDP 517
erizepine see eresepine  
ethylisobutrazine see etymemazine  
eticlopride benzamide A 38.503, FLB 131
etymemazine atypical neuroleptic with analgesic properties 6484 RP, Nuital, Sergetyl
fananserin 5-HT2 and dopamine D4 receptor antagonist RP 62303F
flesinoxan dopamine D2 receptor antagonist and 5-HT1A receptor agonist DU 29373
floropipamide see pipamperone  
flubuperone see melperone  
fluanisone butyrophenone Anti-Pica, Companin, Fluanisone, Haloanison, Haloanisone, MD 2028, Metorin, Sedalande, Sedalende; component of Hypnorm
fluorospiroperidol see fluspiperone  
flupenthixol see flupentixol  
flupentixol thioxanthene Depixol, Emergil, Escepam-FL, Escirise-FL, Fluanxol, Flupen, flupendura, Flupentixol, Flupexol, Foxol, Jexit, LC 44, Lu 10-040, Lu 5-110, Lu 7105, Metamin, N 7009, Pentixol, Phrenixol, Pnxol, Psytixol, Siplaril, Siplarol, Spenzo, Umbralina; component of Anxifree, Benpon, Deanxit, Deanxit forte, Fluwic-ES, LU 6722 C, O-Anxit Plus, Tropax
fluperlapine dibenzapine NB 106-689
fluphenazine phenothiazine Aflutiden, Anatenazine, Anatensil, Anatensoi, Anatensol, Antasol, Calmansial, Cardilac, Cenilene, Cerevin, Dapotum, Deca, Decafen, Decazate, Decentan, Depregdina, Eldoral, Esprivex, Eutimox, Flenaken, Flucan, Fludecan, Fludecasin, Fludecasine, Fludecate, Flufenan, Flufenazin, Flufenazina, Flumazine, Flumezine, Flunanthate, Flunazine, Fluphenazin, Fluphenazine, F-Tensil, Ftorfenazin, Horizone, Lyogen, Lyorodin, Mirenil, Modecate, Modezine, Moditen, Motipress, Omca, Omea, Pacinol, Pacinone, Permitil, Pharnazine, Phenazine, Phenodec, Phlufdek, Prolinate, Prolinate, Prolixin, Prolixine, Prolongatum, Redeptin, Sediten, Seditin, Selecten, Sevinal, Sevinol, Sevinon, Sikzonoate, Siqualine, Siqualone, Sydepres, Tensofin, Teviral, Trancin, Valamina, Vespazin
fluspiperone butyrophenone R 28930
fluspirilene diphenylbutylperidine Fluspi, Fluspirilen, Imap, kivat, McN-JR 6218, R 6218, Redeptin
fonazine see dimetotiazine  
haloanisone see fluanisone  
halopemide dopamin antagonist R 34.301
haloperidol butyrophenone Agidol, Akroperidol, Alased, Aldo, Aldol, Aloperidin, Aloperidol, Aloperidolo, Aloperidon, Anactivan, Apracal, Avant, Benzydol P, Binison, Bioperidolo, Brain-Rest, Brotopon, Brotpon, Buteridol, Butinon, Cereen, Cizonil, Cizoren, Decaldol, Decan Haloper, Decanoas 50, DEP, Depidol, Depinase, Dores, Dosic, Dozic, Duraperidol, Einalon, Elaubat, Enabran, Epidol, Esextin Mita, Esquidol, Estidol, Etiperidol, Eukystol, Feltram, Fortunan, Fuperidol, Galloperidol, Galoperidol, Gendol, Govotil, Gynedol, Haldol, Halidace, Halidol, Halipia, Halo, Haloday, Halojust, Halomed, Halomidol, Halomonth, Haloneural, Halo-P, Halopace, Halopal, Halopar, Haloped, Haloper, Haloperidol, Haloperidolum, Haloperil, Haloperin, Halopidol, Halopol, Halopril, Haloretard, Haloslip, Halosten, Haloxel, Haloxem, Haloxen, Halozen, Halree, Halridol, Haloxx, Hapidol, Haricon, Haridol, Hispadol, Inin, Jalludol, Kepsidol, Keselan, Klofluperidol, Kloptimerwa, Lealgin Compositum, Lemonamin, Leptol, Lepton, Limerix, Linton, Lodomer, Loperil, Lopetric, Manace, McN-JR 1625, Medilorin, Mixidol, Motivan, Neolperil, Neoperidol, Neoperidole, Neopridol, Nervemaine, Neupram, Normadol, Norodol, Novoperidol, Novo-Peridol, Oprex, Pacedol, Pandol, Parosmin, Peluces, Pericate, Perida, Peridol, Peridol, Peridor, Perigen, Pernox, Philidol, Phlogis, Polyhadon, Psicocad, Psicodol, Pulsit, R 13.672, R 1625, Relinase, Rimont, Schizol, Seatop, Sedaperidol, Selezyme, Senorm, Senorm, Seponsque, Seradol, Seradol, Seranase, Seredol Deca, Serenace, Serenase (Denmark · Finland · Italy · South Korea), Serenelfi, Sernas, Sernel, Sevium, Sigaperidol, Sin-Sic, Suirolin, Sylador, Talendol, Tamide, Tanodol, Theraplix, Tiplac, Trakimin, Trancodol, Trenpe, Worin, Youperidol, Zafrionil, Zavrionil, Zetoridal, Zocalm, Zor; component of Combidol, Halidace, Halopidol Plus, Haltix Forte, Hexidol, Mindol Forte, Mindol Plus, Ser-25, Sere-Banthine, Sutranx, Trancodol, Trinace, Trinicalm, Trinorm, Ulcolind, Vesadol, Vesalium
homophenazine phenothiazine HFZ D 775, Oldagen, Pasaden; component of Seda-Ildamen
idazoxan alpha2 adrenoceptor antagonist and imidazoline receptor modulator RX 781094
iloperidone benzisoxazole, D(2)/5-HT(2) receptor antagonist Fiapta, Fanapt, Fanapta, Fanaptum, HP 873, ILO 522, P 9662, Zomaril
imiclopazine phenothiazine P 4241, Ponsital
iodosulpride benzamide  
isofloxythepin dibenzothiepin VUF B 10.662
isothipendyl azaphenothiazine Actapront, Adantol, Andantol, Andanton, Apaisyl, Calmogel, Istamyl, Nilergex, Sedermyl, Theruhistin, Thiodantol
itopride benzamide Ganaton, HSR803, Ruifulin
kyamepromazin see cyamemazine  
lenperone butyrophenone AHR 2277, Elanone, Lenperol, Lenperone
levomepromazine see methotrimeprazine  
levosulpiride benzamide

Bimotil, Dislep, Endacine, Leprid, Levobren, Levogastrol, Levopraid (Luxembourg), Pausedal, Procinox, Prokinetic, RV 12309, Sulprid; component of Rafagan, Rudox

lintopride benzamide  
loxapine dibenzoxazepine Adasuve, CL 62362, CL 71.563, Daxolin, Desconex, Enipaxol, Lopac, Loxabol, Loxacon, Loxapac, Loxapax, Loxapine, Loxaris, Loxitane, Loxonor, LW 3170, Normapac, Rosup, S 805, SUM 3170, Xylac
lumateperone serotonin 5-HT2A receptor antagonist, a DPPM acting as a presynaptic partial agonist and postsynaptic antagonist at dopamine D2 receptors, a dopamine D1 receptor-dependent indirect modulator of glutamate, and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor Caplyta, ITI-007, ITI-722
l-sulpiride see levosulpiride  
lurasidone benzisothiazolylpiperazine Ibanti, Kytzan, Latuda, Lucidron, Luradon, Lurafix, Lurap, Lurasidone, Lurata, Lurazic, Lusidona, Lustona, MK 3756, Nirvasol, SM 13496, SMP 13496
maroxepine dopamin antagonist CGP 13.442
mazapertine dopamine D2, serotonin 5-HT1A, and alpha-1-adrenergic receptor agonist
melperone butyrophenone Aplacal, Bunil, Buronil, Buronon, Eunerpan, FG 5111, Gemeril, Harmosin, Libernal, Melneurin, Melpax, Melperomerck, Melperon, Mel-Puren, Neuril
mepazine see pecazine  
mesoridazine see thioridazine sulfoxide  
methanasulfonate see dimetotiazine  
methiomeprazine histamine H1 antagonist SKF 6270; component of Seda-Repicin
methophenazate see methophenazine  
methophenazine esterified derivative of perphenazine Frenolon, Methophenazine
methopromazine phenothiazine 4362 RP, CL 22.373, Mopazin, Mopazine, Neoproma, Quietal, Tentone, Vetamozine
methotrimeprazine phenothiazine 7044 RP, Alprazed, Debil, Dedoran, Detenler, Hirnamin, Hirnamine, Lepregan, Lepromax, Lepurin, Lerium, Levamin, Levaru, Levium, Levo, Levohalte, Levomazine, Levomeproma, Levomepromacina, Levomepromazin, Levomepromazina, Levomezine, Levonormal, Levopromazioni, Levoprome, Levoprometazine, Levorol, Levotomin, Levozan, Levozin, Medogan, Meprazine, Mepromazine, Meprozin, Methoprazine, Methotrimeprazine, Methozane, Milezin, Minozinan, Neozine, Neuractil, Neurocil, Neurozil, Nidrane, No-Calm, Novo Meprazine, Nozinan, Nozinane, Procrazine, Rensed, Ronexine, Sinogan, Sofmin, Specia 246, Sunonix, Tisercin, Tisercine, Tisercinetta, Tisercinettes, Togrel, Veractil
methoxypromazine see methopromazine  
methylperidol see moperone  
methylperone see melperone  
methylspiperon butyrophenone  
metoclopramide benzamide AHR 3070, Anausin, Aspramide, Dibertil, Docmetoclo, Gastronerton, MCP, Mecloccent, Metoclopramida, Methoclopramide, Metoclop, Metonia, Paramax, Paspertin, Pramin, Primperan, Prokinyl; component of Chlorhydrate de metoclopramide, Faradil Gas, Migpriv
metofenazate see methophenazine  
metopimazine phenothiazine 9965 RP, EXP 999, Nortrip, Vogalen, Vogalene
milenperone dopamine antagonist R 34.009
milipertine   WIN 18.935
moperone butyrophenone Kodamaron, Luvatren, Luvatrena, Luvatrene, Mepirol, R 1658, Sedalium
mosapramine see clospipramine  
mosapride benzamide AS 4370, Gasmotin
nemonapride benzamide Emilace, Sepan, YM 09151, YM 09151-2
nonaperone butyrophenone Go 3315 A, Taomex
norsertindole see sertindole  
ocaperidone benzisoxazole ND 1087, R 79598
octoclothepin see clorotepine  
odapipam dopamine D1 antagonist NNC 687, NO 687, NNC 0101-0687
olanzapine pyrollidine Acudopik, Aedon, Amulsin, Aprolan, Apsico, Arenbil, Arkolamyl, Asterilon, Balerap, Benexafrina, Bloonis, Bosnov, Caprilon, Carex, Colposec, Despertha, Dominazol, Domus, Dopin Tab, Dozic, D-Prex, Enolex, Espanzapin, Fontanivo, Fredilan, Frenial, Hiolanz, Jolyon-MD, Joyzol, Jubrexa, Kotico, Kótico, Kozylex, Lanazyp, Lanopin, Lanzac, Lanzafen, Lanzam, Lanzek, Lanzek Zydis, Lanzep, Lapenza, Lapozan, Lazap, Lazapix, Lazipine, Levocalm, Lexocheck, Lezapin-MD, Limerina, Lonopex, Lonza, LY 170053, Lyprosia, Maquix, Marathon, Medizapin, Medolan, Meflax, Midax, MS-insta, Nervix, Neupine, Newzypra, Nexolan Rapitab, Niolib, Nodoff, Noler, Norpen, Norpren, Nyzol, Oceanil, Odozap, Oferta, Okpine, Ola, Olace, Oladay, Olam, Olan, Olanap, Olancer, Olancor, Olandoz, Olandus, Olanex, olaniz, Olankline, Olanlove, Olanpax, Olanpin, Olansek, Olansyn, Olanza, Olanzabeta, Olanzaburg, Olanzaccord, Olanzafloc, Olanzafran, Olanzagamma, Olanzalet, Olanzamax, Olanzanat, Olanzanova, Olanzapin, Olanzapina, Olanzapine, Olanzapro, Olanzaran, Olanzatabs, Olanzatang, Olanzavitae, Olanzespin, Olanzine, Olanzm, Olanzotic, Olanzyl, Olapax-MD, Olapin, Olapina, Olapine, Olaprex, Olaprexa, Olaprexal, Olasek, Olastazen, Olavex, olawell, Olawin, Olaz, Olazap, Olzapin, Olazax, olchem, Oleans, Oleanz, Oleanz, Olee, Olenix, Olenxa, Olenza, Olepaz-MD, Olex, Olexaio, Olexar, Olipazix, Olisense, Olivin, Oliza, Olmyzem, Olpax, Olpinat, Olstadryn, Oltal, Olzanid, Olzap, Olzapin, Olzic, Onezyp, Onza, Onotran, Onzapin, Optein, Oroprex, Ospizan, Oxatech, Oxepine, Ozace, Ozapex, Ozapine, Ozapram, Ozin, Panufix, Placet, Prexolan, Prolanz, Prolanza, Prolexa, Protil, Pryzex, Psycholanz, Psychozap, Ranocyd, Redilanz, Remital, Revertrix, Rolanzax, Rolyprexa, Sartina, Simina, Sincris, Solprex, Stalanza, Tanssel, Telorzan, Teufin Fast, Tiantrex, Tolanz, Tolaze, Tolazine, Torapine, Torrenia, Trexol, Villamos, Vivacel, Xagena, Xepat, Xoltiva, Zalasta, Zalepin, Zanprex, Zapilux, Zapin, Zapine, Zapinex, Zapris, Zelta, Zeprex, Ziprexa, Zirmapina, Zofrenix, Zolafren, Zolanz, Zolathen, Zonapin, Zoxil, Zozapin, Zydis, Zylanza, Zylap, Zyolan, Zypadhera, Zypeace, Zypefar, Zypexa, Zypine, Zyprex, Zyprexa, Zyrepin; component of Cymbyax, Deoten OX, Depten OZ, Jolin Fort, Jolin Plus, M Olan Plus, O Pine F, Oladay-F, Olanex F, Olanzapina/Fluoxetina, Olapin Plus, Oleanz Fort, Oleanz Plus, Olee Forte, Olee Plus, Olitabs F-20, Olorest-F, Symbiact, Symbiax, Symbyax
ondansetron serotonin antagonist   Emeset, Emetron, Fixca, Helmine, GR 38.032 F, SN 307, Zofran, Zofron, Zophren
oxaflumazine phenothiazine Oxaflumine, SD 270-31
oxilapine see loxapine  
oxiperomide dopaminergic antagonist  R 4714
oxomemazine phenothiazine Aplexil, Doxergan, Imakol, Oxazin, Rectoplexil, RP 6847, Toplexil
oxypendyl azaphenothiazine Pervetral
oxypertine indole Equipertina, Equipertine, Forit, Integrin, Lanturil, Lotawin, Opertil, Oxypertin, Oxypertine, WIN 18.501-2
oxyprothepin dibenzothiepine Meclopin
paliperidone benzisoxazole derivative Aspire-Xr, Baceq, Byannli, Inpalix, Inveda, Invega, Palibon, Palido, Paliperidon, Paliperidone, Palmeux, Parnido, RO92670, R 76477, Trevicta, Xeplion
panamesine sigma receptor ligand EMD 57445
pecazine phenothiazine Lacumin, Mepasin, Pacatal, Pactal, Paxital, Ravenil, Seral
penfluridol diphenylbutylperidine Cyperon, Flumap, Flump, Flupidol, Longoperidol, Longoran, McN-JR 16341, Micefal, Penfluridol, R 16.341, Semap, Uridol
perazine phenothiazine P 725, Perazin, Perazinum, Pernazinum, Psytomin, Taxilan, Tensilan
periciazine phenothiazine 8909 RP, Amplan, Aolept, Apamin, Iryakin, Nemactil, Neulactil, Neuleptil, Neuperil, Periciazina, Periciazina, Pericyazine, Propetyl, Psycholept, SKF 20716
pericyazine see periciazine  
perimetazine phenothiazine 1317 AN, 9159 RP, Leptryl
perlapine dibenzazepine Hypnodin, Hypnodine, Pipnedine, Pipnodine
perospirone benzisothiazole Lullan, SM 9018, Welfide
perphenazine phenothiazine Animin, Avomit, Calmazina, Decentan, Etaperazin, Etapirazin, Ethaperazin, Ethaperazine, Ethazeracin, Fentazin, F-Mon, Leptopsique, Metid, Neika, Pamfolick-R, Pelphenazine, Peratsin, Perfenazin, Perfenazina, Perfenazine, Perfenil, Pernamed, Pernazine, Perpena, Perphenan, Perphenazin, Perphenazine, Phenazine, Porazine, PZC, SCH 3940, Sedofaro, Terfluoperazine, Thilatazin, Tranquisan, Trifon, Trilafon, Trilifan, Trilifon, Trimin, Triomin, Triphenot; component of Adepsique, Apo-Peram, Complutine azul, Deprelio, Elavil Plus, Etrafon, Etrafon-Forte, Ipiobat, Karile, Longopax, Longopax mite, Longopax spezial, Minitran, Mustabon, Mutabase, Mutabon, Mobaton Forte, Mutabon Mite, Mutaspline, Norfen, Norfenazin, Perphenazine and Amitriptyline, Pertriptyl, PMS-Levazine, PMS Levazine, Proavil, Triamed, Triavil, Triphenaze, Triphenaze Forte, Triptafen, Triptafen Forte, Triptafen-Minor
perthipendyl see oxypendyl  
pimavanserin 5-HT2A receptor inverse agonist ACP 103, BVF 036, Nuplazid, Pivalpen, Vanserin
pimozide diphenylbutylperidine Antalon, Fopo, Larap, McN-JR 6238, Mozep, Neurap, Nörofren, Norofren, Opiram, Opiran, Oralep, Orap, Pimodac, Pimotid, Pimozida, Pirium, Pizide, Propexol, Propitan, R 6238
pipamazine phenothiazine C 8016, Mornidine, Nausidol, Nometine
pipamperone butyrophenone Dipiperal, Dipiperon, Pipamperon, Piperonil, Piperonyl, Propitan, R 3345
piperacetazine phenothiazine Actazine, Kietud, PC 1421, Piperacetazine, Psymod, Quide, SC 10.490
pipotiazine phenothiazine Akrotiazina, 19336 RP, 19551 RP, 19552 RP, IL 19552, Longum, Lonseren, Mi-Lonseren, Ni Meng Shu, Piportil, Piportyl, Pipotiazina, Tripipot
piquindone dopamine D2 receptor antagonist Ro 22-1319
pirenperon 5-HT2/D2 antagonist R 47.465
preclamol Partial dopamine D2 receptor agonist  
prideperone benzamide CGP 19.736 A
prochlorperazine phenothiazine 6140 RP, Antinaus, Apiran, Apo-Prochlorazine, Buccastem, Bukatel, Capazine, Carmetic, Chemist's Own Procalm, Chloropernazinum, Chlorperazinum, Compa-Z, Compazine, Compro, Contrazine, Depafen, Dhaperazine, Dicopal, Emetiral, Emidoxyn, Greentab, Ingametil, Klometil, Lartil, Meditil, Meterazin, Meterazine, Mitil, Nausetil, Nausrelief, Nautisol, Nauzine, Nibroman-A, Nibromin, Nipodal, Normalmin, Novamin, Nu-Prochlor, Pasotomin, Peratil, Prochlor, Prochlorazine, Prochlorperazin, Prochlorperazine, Proclazine, Proclozine, Properan, Properazine, Protazine, Proziere, Prozine, Scripto-Medic, Scripto-Metic, Stella, Stemetil, Stemzine, Steremal, Tementil, Trinigrin, Ultrazac, Ultrazine, Ultrazinol, Vertigon, Vestil; component of Combid, Diudorm, Eskatrol, Motion Plus, Neurocin, Neurograin, Neurolice, Neuromol, Neuronit, Novapar, Nuroflow, Nuropar, Psygrain, Stembamat, Stembid, Swigrain, Vasograin, Vertex Plus, Vertipro, Vestil-A
promazine phenothiazine Alofen, Ampazine, Ataractil, Atarzine, Calmazin, Calmotal, Centractil, Centractyl, Eliranol, Esparin, Fenal, Frenil, Hyzine, lntrazine, Lete, Liranol, Nectil, Neo-Hibernex, Neuroplegil, Norazine, Prazine, Primazine, Proactyl, Proma, Promabec, Promanyl, Promazettes, Promazin, Promazine, Promezerine, Promilene, Promwill, Propazine, Protactyl, Pro-Tan, Prozine, Prozyl, Savamine, Sediston, Serenex, Sinophenin, Sparine, Starazine, Talofen, Tomil, Tranquazine, Tubex Sparine, Verophen, WY 1094; component of Ketaset Plus, Narkotral, Norkotral, Tofranazine, Tofranil-Promazine, Tofranil with Promazine
promethazine phenothiazine 3277 RP, Algotropyl, Allerfen, Allersoothe, Anergan, Antiallersin, Antinaus, Aprobit, Artu, Atosil, Avomine, Baymethazine, Bonnox, Brunacod, Brunazine, Cafitos, Closin, Daralix, Diphergan, Diprazin, Diprazins, Diprozin, Diprozine, Dorme, Duplamin, Emin, Emispan, Eusedon, Eusedon mono, Fargan, Farganesse, Fellozine, Fenazil, Fenazine, Fenergan, Fenezal, Frinova, Ganphen, Gold Cross Antihistamine Elixir, Goodnight, Hepergan, Hibechin, Hiberna, Histanil, Histazin, Infa-stress, Insomn-Eze, Intramed Promethazine Hydrochloride, K-Phen, K-Promex, Lemprometh, Lenazine, Lenazine, Leptozinal, Lergigan, Lergobit, Letargin, Mepergan, Meta, Methazine, Meth-Zine, Nausedin, Norazine, Novafen, Optimine, Painstop syrup, Pamergan P106, Panquil, Parmeth, Pelpica, Pentazine, Perduretas Antihistaminicas, Phena - Kid, Phenadoz, Phenazine, Phencen, Phenerex, Phenergan, Phenerhist, Phenerject, Phenerzin, Phenoject, Phensedyl Cough Linctus, Phergan, Pipolphen, Pipolphene, Pro-50, Profergan, Progan, Progene, Prohist, Prohist, Promagen, Promahist, Prome, Promegan, Promet, Prometasin, Prometazin, Prometazina, Prometh, Promethapar, Promethastan, Promethawern, Promethazin, Promethazine, Promethegan, Promine, Promkiddi, Proneurin, Prorex, Prothazin, Prothazine, Prothia, Prothiazine, Proviga, Provita, Prozine, Prozine, Pyrethia, Q Mazine, Quadnite, Receptozine, Remsed, Rivozine, Rolamethazine, Romergan, Rostazina, Sayomol, Sekodin, Sicotran, Sigazine, Sominex, Soporil, Sylomet, Synalgos, Thiergan, Titanox, Tubex Phenergan, V-Gan, Votazine, Xepagan, Zipan; component of Abrozin, Aceegan, Activate P, Admol, Avomine-MD, Basiprom, Beacodyl Linctus, Bedorma, Biodol-P, Bonox, Broncatar, Brumol P, Brunacod, Calmkid, Cardian, Ceedokid Plus, Cetiproman, Children's Tixylix Night, Citazine, Codo-Q Junior, Cofcodyl, Coktelin-H, Coldrex Night Relief, Contrapect, Cophadyl Cough Linctus, Cophadyl-E Cough Linctus, Crophen, Dequa-Coff, Dhasedyl EM Syrup, Dhasedyl Syrup, Dobacen, Doroma, Dynapayne, Emispan Plus, Emispan-H, Endacof Expectorant, Enimol-P, Epilim Ec 500, Erbaval, Ethamol, Euvegal, Febrinil-P, Febrinil-P-DS, Fevril, Fluisedal, Go-Pain, Hepergan, Hirepin, Hirepine, Hyperex, Hypnital, Ibuprom-I, Kelvin Plus, Kelvin-P, Kidkof, Kosgan Plus Lagesic, Lenazine Forte, Lentogesic Syrup, Lergigan, Lincotuss-P, Linervidol, Linervil, Lysedil, Maxigesic, MC1, Medipyn, Megaphen Compositum, Megapyn, Merpergan, Metacet, Mrs Cullens Sleep Ezee, Nardyl, Night Nurse, Nimkair-F, Nuleron, Nymol Syrup, Otophon, Pacameta, Paedagesic, Painagon, Painstop For Children Night-time Pain Reliever, Pamergan, Panadol, Panadol with Promethazine, Panquil, Paracee Plus, Paral P, Paramax P, Parapro, Petrox-P, Pgan Plus, Phen Plus, Phena-P, Phenergan Plus, Phenergan VC, Phenestimin, Phenomet, Phensedyl Dry Family Cough, Pinex Plus, Pizol, Preveral con Codeina, Preveral con Dextrometorfano, Primozyn-P, Procalm-Plus, Procordin Syrup, Promedyl-B Linctus, Promegan Plus, Promelix Syrup, Promeron-P, Prometh with Codeine Syrup, Promethazine DM, Promethazine VC, Promethazine VC with Codeine, Promit P, Promol-P, Promol-Plus, Promyoz, Propain, Propar, Prophen, Prosed Plus, Prosip, Prosym-P, Prozine Plus, Psiconovag, Psico Soma, Psico-Soma, Pynmed Pain And Fever Syrup, Pyrex, Pyrhist, Pyrivin P, Quiet-P, Recoveril, Rectoquintyl-Promethazin, Rhinathiol Promethazin, Rhinathiol Promethazine, Romet Plus, Salterpyn, Sedilix-DM Linctus, Sominex, Somvit, SP-Codrine Syrup, SP-Cosedyl Syrup, Sprycel, Stilpane, Stopayne Syrup, Sunsedyl Cough Linctus, Sunsedyl Forte Cough Linctus, Symol, Synergan, T-98 Plus, Tenebral, Tenston Syrupx, Thaz Plus, Tixylix, Tixylix Children's Cough Linctus, Tox Exp, Tripnol, Tripnol Forte, Tussdex, Tussisedal, Tyle-P, Tymol-P, Unisedyl Forte Linctus, Vacudol, Vomica, Vomin, Zephrol Adult cough suppressant, Zinmol-P
propericiazine see periciazine  
propiomazine phenothiazine CB 1678, Dorevan, Dorevane, Indorm, Largan, Largon, Propavan, Propiomazine, Propionylpromazine, Serentin, Tubex Largon, WY 1359
prosulpride benzamide GRI 1665
prothipendyl azaphenothiazine Azacon, Dominal, Dominil, Phrenotropin, Prosyl, Timovan, Tolnate; component of Itridal
quetiapine dibenzothiazepine Adequet, Afidat, Alaquet, Alvoquel, Anaquetan, Apeco, Ansicot, Aretaeus, Arezil, Arioquel, Asicot, Atipina, Atrolak, Biatrix, Cacepin, Calm-EZ, Catepsin, Cautival, Conquet, Delucon, Dendritex, Dominium, Dopaquel, Edagan, Epsilon, Equelib, Esquiab, Etiaben, Etiapin, Etiasel, Exquia, FK 949, Galquetia, Geroquel, Gofyl, Hiloca, ICI 204636, Ilufren, Inquetia, Keben, Kemoter, Kenantis, Ketara, Ketian, Ketilept, Ketipina, Ketipine, Ketipinor, Ketipinor, Ketivastin, Kitapin, Kizofrin, Letalop, Limus, Losan, Loxcar, Matepil, Matisse, Megazon, Mylaquel, Nantarid, Neotiapim, Neurotol, Neutapin, Noletil, Norsic, Notiabolfen, Oniket, Orocuelia,Pequit, Pinaquebene, Placidin, Procaps, Psicotric, Psyquet, Psyquit, Q-Dep, Qmax, Q-Mind, Q Pin, Q-Pin, Q-Tiapin, QTP, Qualez, Quantia, Quapianol, Qudix, Queapin, Queine, Quel, Quental, Quentaxin, Quentiax, Quepaz, Quepimax, Quepin, Queality, Querigio, Querox, Quertin, Quesery, Quet, Quetados, Quetapel, Quetapen, Quetapharm, Quetapil, Quetapin, Quetatiefi, Quetaxil, Quetex, Quetheorie, Quethet, Quetia, Quetiabur, Quetiaccord, Quetiacept, Quetiafran, Quetialan, Quetiamylan, Quetianar, Quetianova, Quetiap, Quetiapin, Quetiapina, Quetiapine,Quetiaris, Quetiaros, Quetiasand, Quetiateg, Quetiax, Quetiazic, Quetibloxus, Quetic, Queticare, Quetidin, Quetifi, Quetimax, Quetimed, Quetiment, Quetimos, Quetiox, Quetipax, Quetiquel, Quetirel, Quetisfren, Quetium, Quetivitae, Quetix, Quetkare, Quetoser, Quety, Quezirel, Quide, Quipine, Quiti, Quitiaprim, Quitipin, Qutero, Qurax, Qusel, Quser, Qutace, Qutan, Qutanex, Qutec, Quticool, Qutipin, Qvex, Q-Win, Rayar, Regiopin, Regioquepin, Resirentin, Rocoz, Rostrum, Secuelia, Sequase, Serenase (Peru), Serenil, Serenus, Serez, Seronia, Seronova, Seropin, Seroquel, Seroquin, Serotiapin, Setinin, Sindep-Q, Sizonorm, Sizoquit, Smoodipin, Socalm, Socalm, Sondate, Squro, Sykoquit, Syquet, Tevaquel, Tiamax, Tiapin, Tiapinan, Tiaquel, Tifiquet, Tim ASF, Tisderan, Tomel, Truvalin, Utapine, Valir, Vesparax, Vipocerex, Yadina, Xeroquel, ZD 5077, ZH 204636, Zimbiquet, Zoqualo, Zotipin
raclopride benzamide A 40664, FLA 870
raubasine rauwolfia alkaloid Defluina, Lamuran
raupin rauwolfia alkaloid  
recamescin see deserpidine  
remoxipride benzamide A 33547, FLA 731, Remide, Remidon, Remoxipride, Roxiam
renzapride benzamide BRL 24.924
rescinammine rauwolfia alkaloid Anaprel, Apolon, Aporecin, Aporesin, Apoterin, Atension, Atention, Caniramin, Caniramine, Cartric, Cinamine, Cinatabs, Cinnaloid, Cinnasil, Colstamin, Daisaloid, Disulojde, Franx, Hypotenamin, Isocalsine, Moderil, Neucenamine, Paresinan, Raupyrol, Raurescin, Recimin, Remicin, Rescaloid, Rescamin, Rescimin, Rescinate, Rescisan, Rescitens, Rescitrone, Resiloid, Resipal, Rosex, Rozex, Ruconax, Sciminan, Sercinamin, Seripinin, Sinselpin, Tenamin, Tsuruserpi; component of Modenol
reserpine rauwolfia alkaloid Alkarau, Alkascrp, Alserin, Anquil, Apoplon, Arcum R-S, Ascoserp, Banasil, Bonapene, Broserpine, Cardioserpin, Carrserp, Crystoserpine, De Serpa, Deserpine, Diutensen-R, Ebserpine, Elserpine, Eskaserp, Grona, Helfoserpin C, Hipotensor, Hiserpia, Hyperine, Hyserp, Hyserpin, Ipotalaz, Key-Serpine, Kitine, Lemiserp, Lopres Mild, Lopresyl, Loweserp, Maso-Serpine, Maviserpin, Mephaserpin, Neo-Serp, Novoresperine, Orthoserpina, Pansertin, Perduretas Reserpina, Pinbin, Pressunic, Quiescin, Raucap, Rau-Fridetten, Raulen, Rauloydin, Raunormin, Raupasil, Raurine, Rausan, Rau-Sed, Rausedan, Rausedyl, Rauserpin, Rauserpine, Rauserpol, Rausingle, Rautabs, Rauverid, Rauvilid, Rauwita, Rauwopur, R-E-S, Resa, Resedrex, Resedril, Rese-Lar, Resera, Reser-Ar, Reserbal, Resercen, Resercrine, Reserfi, Reserfia, Reserjen, Reserlor, Reserp, Reserpal, Reserpanca, Reserpaneed, Reserpex, Reserpin, Reserpina, Reserpine, Reserpini, Reserpinum, Reserpoid, Reserpur, Reserutin, Resine, Resocalm, Resomine, Respil, Respine, Respital, Restran, Rezerpin, Rivasin, Rolserp, Roxel, Roxinoid, Ryser, Sandril, Sedaraupin, Sedaraupina, Sedserp, Serfin, Serolfia, Serp, Serpalan, Serpaloid, Serpanray, Serpasil, Serpasol, Serpate, Serpax, Serpazide, Serpedin, Serpen, Serpena, Serpentil, Serpentine, Serpicon, Serpiloid, Serpin, Serpine, Serpipur, Serpivite, Serpoid, Serpone, Serpresan, Sertabs, Sertina, Tefaserpina, Temposenpine, Tensanyl, Tenserp, Tenserpine, Tensin, Tensiplex, T-Serp, Unilord, Vio-Serpine, V-Serp, Zepine; component of Adelfan, Adelphan, Adelphane, Adelphane-Esidrex, Agetran, Amfeserpin, Amril, Barotonal, Bendigon N, Brinerdin, Brinerdina, Briserin, Closerpil, Closerpin, Combezide-B, Darebon, Demi-Regroton, Disalpin, Diupres, Diurese-R, Diuretic Ap-Es, Diuserpina fuerte, Diutensen, Diutensen-R, Du-Oria, Durotan, dysto-loges, Elimit, Faseina, Genophane, Harbolin, HHR, Higroton-Res, Hirepin, Hirepine, Homviotensin, Hydrap-ES, Hydromox, Hydropine, Hydropres, Hydro-Reserp, Hydroserp, Hydroserpine, Hydrosine, Hydrotensin, Hygroton-Reserpin, Hygroton-Reserpine, Id-Setin, Igroton Reserpina, Kliman, Largopress, Lasix-Reserpin, Mallopres, Marpres, Mediton, Megaphen Compositum, Meprocalm, Meprosedon, Merferpan, Metatensin, Miltamato Reserpin, Modenol, Naquival, Neourizine, Neuroserpina, Ondasil, Oreticyl, Perten, Phasein, Phasein forte, Ponderil, Pressimed, Pressimedin, Promazol Reserpina, Psiconal, Psychosed, Rau-Clor, Rauctil, Rauproma, Regroton, Renese-R, Renese-Reserpin, Resactil, Resaltex, Resibamato, Ricrat, Rivadorm, Salupres, Salutensin, Sarpalzino, Sarpalzino, Seda-Repicin, Sedo-Ser-Ap-Es, Seominal, Ser-A-Gen, Serathide, Sermalin, Serpamat, Serpatonil, Serpazide, Serpex, Supergan, Suprenoat, Tensanyl, Tensionorme, Tonamyl, Tri.-Thiazid Reserpin, Triavil, Tri-Hydroserpine, Triniton, Uni Serp, Unipres, Viotensin, Wolfiazina
rimcazole carbazole BW 234U
risperidone benzisoxazole derivative aceperidon, Adovia, Afectol, Aleptan, Altexina, Anxilet, Arketin, Aspidon, Atornil, Auroperdal, Avanxe, Axelabron, Belasperdal, Belivon, Benzix, Calmapride, Capulton, Dagotil, Danedol, Definil, Delperal, Denoral, Depolan, Depredon, Deteron, Diaforin, Dixine, Donresp, Dozic, Dropicine, Eauris, Edalen, Eperon, Eperon Goval, Evitrat, Genrest, Helposper, Isipredon, Isperin, Ispidon, Kantucor, Krisp, Kronoax, Lassen, Leterzin, Levo Prom, Limbik, Linipon, Logical, Lost Per, Lucipral, Lumencian, Luvenil, Midason, Mirabril, Muistin, Natibo, Neorisp, Neripros, Nerve, Neudon, Nivelan, Noprenia, “orispez, Novoris, Nudon, Okedi, Orodral, Orospar, Orotral, Ozidal, Perdamel, Perida, Peridon, Perizal, Persidal-2, Phallus, Pharmaridon, Prerodon, Psicodol, Psycharisp, Psychordal, Psydon, R 64766, Radigen, Radlinn, Ragrace, Rasin, R-Don, Regrace, Rehablit, Relaxina, Relexil, Renuvie, Repid, Repridon, Rescalm-DN, Rescor, Resdal, Resdep, Reskizof, Respaz, Respeecor, Resperidal, Respid, Respidon, Respijet, Respimed, Respindel, Respizim, Resqe, Resque, Restela, Restelea, Retardon, RI, Riatul, Ribex, Ridal, Ridkline, Ridokare, Ridon, Ridona, Ridoron, Rifocus, Rigenox, Rileptid, Rion, Ripaspen, Ripepral, Riper, Riperidon, Ripevil, Ripexil, Riposh, Riscon, Risdin, Risdon, Risdone, Risenar, Risfarmal, Risfine, Risfree, Risgal, Risidral, Risina, Risina Plus, Risipe, Riskar, Risleptic, Risnia, Risocon, Risofren, Risoperin, Risotor, Rispa, Rispacarm, Rispacor, Rispador, Rispal, Rispalm, Risparet, Rispas, Rispastedt, Rispatal, Rispcon, RispeCare, Rispee, Rispefar, Rispefar, Rispel, Rispelen, Rispemylan, Rispen, Rispenet, Rispe-Q, Risper, Risperac, Risperascol, Risperdal, Risperdal Consta, Risperdalconsta, Risperdaloro, Risperdoc, Risperger, Risperibell, Rispericlan, Rispericor, Risperid, Risperidal, Risperidex, Risperidex, Risperidogal, Risperidon, Risperidona, Risperidonazentiva, Risperidone, Risperigamma, Risperihex, Risperil, Risperimed, Risperin, Risperinorm, Risperiphar, Risperipharm, Risperisan, Risperite, Risperiv, Risperix, Risperlet, Rispernia, Risperom, Risperon, Risperoprol, Rispersan, Rispertek, Rispeva, Rispevon, Rispex, Rispid, Rispide, Risploes, Rispo, Rispogen, Rispolept, Rispolet, Rispolin, Rispolux, Rispon, Rispond, Rispone, Risponex, Rispons, Risponz, Rispsiq, Rispyl, Ristab, Ristal, Riszes, Rivosten, Rixadone, Rizodal, Rosucrest, Rosustor, Roxodyn, Rozidal, RSP, Rubrum, Rutra, Schizorol, Sequinan, Shazone, Shixofren, Sicopidol, Silderec, Sizodon, Sizomax, Spax, Sperd, Sperelax, Speridon, Sperinex, Sperizak, Spiron, Sycodone, Torendo, Tractal, Tralinex, Ubitdon, Upmotev, Vidacil, Vixofar, Wisperdon, Wisperidon, Xicoretic, Zafitral, Zargus, Zeclonex, Zepid, Zepid, Zesperone, Ziphergen, Zisper MD, Zodon, Zofredal, Zon, Zoxadon; component of Don Plus, Don-Forte, Don-LS, Etores-TR, Krisp-T, Neudon Plus, Nudon Plus, Peridon Plus, Phallus Fort, Phallus Plus, Psydyl, Rasin Forte, R-Don Forte, R-Don Plus, Regrace Forte, Regrace Plus, Regrace-LS, Repridon Plus, Resque Plus, RI Forte, RI Plus, Riposh Forte, Riposh Plus, Riscon Forte, Riscon Plus, Riscon-LS, Risdil Plus, Risfine-T, Risina Forte, Riskar Plus, Risnia Forte, Risnia Plus, Rispond Forte, Rispond Plus, Risponex-HS, Risponex-Plus, Riszes Plus, Rize Forte, Rize-T, Rodon-TH, Sizodon Forte, Sizodon Plus, Speridon Plus, Sperinex Plus, Sycodone Plus, Syncodone Plus, Zisper Forte, Zisper LS, Zisper Plus, Zon-Plus
roxindole DA agonist, 5-HT inhibitor, 5-HT1A agonist EMD 38362, EMD 49980
roluperidone 5-HT2A and sigma-2 receptor antagonist  
sarizotan dopamine antagonist EMD 128130, EMR 62225
savoxepin see cipazoxapine  
secretin endogenous pancreatic hormone RG1068, Secreflo, Secrepan, Secretin Ferring
seperidol see clofluperol  
seperol see clofluperol  
sertindole phenylindole Abbott 81968, Lu 23-174, Lu 28-092, Lu 25-073, S 1991, Serdolect, Serlect, Sertindol, Sertindolum
setoperone 5-HT2A/D2 antagonist R 52.245
sonepiprazole D4 antagonist PNU 101387
spiclomazine phenothiazine APY 606, Diceplon, Dicertan, Disepron
spiperone butyrophenone R 5147, Spiroperidol, Spiropitan
sufentanil propanamide Dzuveo, Fastfen, Fentatienil, Sufenta, Sufentil, Sufentanil, Sufentanilo, Zalviso, Zuftil
sulforidazine phenothiazine Imagotan, Inofal, Inosulon, Psychoson, TPN 12
sulmepride benzamide Sociam, TER 1546
sulpiride benzamide Abilit, Abimoral, Aiglonyl, Alimoral, Ansium, Aplacid, Arminol, Betamac T50, Betamaks, Calmoflorine, Calophyron, Catcheel, Champinyl, Championyl, Confidan, Coolspan, Co-Sulpir, Daiftol, Danatiryl, Darleton, Darmatil, Depex, Deponerton, Depral, Desisulpid, Desmenat, Devodil, Digton, Dixibon, Dobren, Docsulpiri, Dogmalid, Dogmatil, Dogmatyl, Dolmatil, Dresent, Drominetas, Eclorion, Eglonyl, Ekilid 50, Empidill, Enimon, Equilid, Esalfon, Esipride, Eusulpid, Fardalan, Fidelan, Finul, FK 880, Gelpid, Guastil, Guven, Idilion, Intrasil, Isnamide, Kapiride, Keityl, Kylistro, Lavodina, Lebopride, Levopraid (Belgium), Lisopiride, Lusedan, Mactyl, Margenol, Mariastel, Megotyl, Meresa, Meresasul, Metexal, Milmatol, Miradol, Mirbanil, Misulvan, Mixatonil, Modal, Modulan, Naldixine, Neogama, Neoride, Neoride, Neuromyfar, Nivelan, Noneston, Norestran, Normum, Nufarol, Nylipack, Nylipark, Omaha, Omiryl, Omperan, Ozodeprin, Palyselyte, Panholeal, Paradil, Paratil, Pontiride, Prometar, Prosulpin, Psicocen, Psychonerton, Pyrikappl, Quastil, Quiridil, Restful, Rimastine, Ritamotyl, Sanblex, Sato, Sedobion, Sedusen, Seeglu, Sernevin, Sicofrenol, Silavidon, Skanozene, Somaprid, Splotin, Stamaclit, Stamoneurol, Stamonevrol, Stamoneyrol, Storin, Sülpir, Sülpirid, Suliryd, Sulp, Sulparex, Sulpen, Sulperide, Sulpi, Sulpid, Sulpidin, Sulpilan, Sulpimed, Sulpinex, Sulpiphar, Sulpiran, Sulpired, Sulpiren, Sulpirid, Sulpirida, Sulpiride, Sulpiridestada, Sulpiril, Sulpirol, Sulpiryd, Sulpiryl, Sulpisedan, Sulpisil, Sulpitil, Sulpivert, Sulpivol, Sulpor, Sulpride, Sulpril, Sulprium, Sulpryl, Supesanile, Suprium, Suride, Sursumid, Synedil, Tanjule, Taromathyle, Tepavil, Tohpiride, Tonofit, Trilan, Trilan, Ulceridol, Ulpir, Valirem, Vertigo-Meresa, vertigo-neogama, Vipral, Youmatyl, Zemorcon, Zeprid, Zymocomb; component of Alplax Digest, Alplax Net, Aneurol, Ansietil S NF, Ansium, Axonil, Distonex, Lexpiride, Mitransil S, Neupax Duo-S, Normalide, Numencial, Numencial Plus, Optimid, Regulex, Sirodina, Sulpan, Sulpiran T, Tensedan, Tepazepam, Tranquinal Soma, Tranxilium Digest, Tresanil S, Vegestabil, Velosedan Compuesto, Xiconeural 3
sultopride benzamide Barnetil, Barnetyl, Barnotil, LIN 1418, Sultopride, Sultopride Pharman, Topral
talnetant NK-3 antagonist SB-223412
tefludazine D1/D2/5-HT2 antagonist Lu 18-012
teflutixol thioxanthene Lu 10-022, Lu 10-163
tetrabenazine benzoquinolizine Dystardis, Feinardon, Motedis, Nitoman, Regulin, Revocon, Ro 1-9569, Rubigen, Tetmodis, Tetrabenacina, Tetrabenazina, Tetrabenazine, Tetrabenz, Trenazin, Xenazine
thiethylperazine phenothiazine Navizil, GS 95, Norzine, Tietilperazina, Torecan, Toresten
thiopropazate phenothiazine Artalan, Dartal, Dartalan, Dartan, SC 7105; component of Tonoquil, Vesitan, Visergil
thioproperazine phenothiazine 7843 RP, Cephalmin, Majeptil, Mayeptil, Tioproperazina, Vontil
thioridazine phenothiazine Aldazine, Calmaril, Cloridrato, Elperil, Fialgin, Flaracantyl, Iorid, Mallorol, Mefurine, Melacen, Melerette, Meleretten, Meleril, Mellaril, Melleretten, Mellerettes, Melleril, Mellerzin, Melozine, Melzine, Mepiozin, Meripia, Merorium, Millazine, Novoridazine, Orchid, Orsanil, Ridazin, Ridazine, Rideril, Sequax, Serc, Simultan, Sonapax, Stalleril, Sychozine, Sycoril, Tensaril, Tensenol, Terod, Thinin, Thiolent, Thiolite, Thiomed, Thioridazin, Thioridazine, Thioridil, Thioril, Thiorium, Thiorizine, Thiosia, Thiozid, Thiozine, Thopam, Thoraplan, Tioriander, Tioridazina, Tirodil, TP21, Trixifen, ZINA; component of Visergil, Visergol, Zeneril Plus-H, Zina Plus
thioridazine sulfoxide active metabolite of thioridazine NC 123, Lidanar, Lidanil, Mesorin, Serentil, TPS 23, TR 23
thiothixene see tiotixene  
thipendyl see prothipendyl  
tiapride benzamide

Delpral, Doparid, Equilium, Gramalil, Italprid, Luxoben, Miperat, Neuropri, Normagit, Porfanil, Pridal, Pridonal, Sereprid, Sereprile, Tiapridal, Tiapride, Tiapridex, Tiaprizal

tiaspirone see tiospirone  
timiperone butyrophenone Compound 10, DD 3480, Tolopelon
tiospirone azaspirodecanedione MY 13.859, MJ 13.859
tiotixene thioxanthene CP 12252-1, Navan, Navane, Navang, Navaron, Orbinamon, P 4657 A, P 4657 B, Thioxanthene, Thixit
traboxopine D2 receptor blocker EGYT 2509
triacetyluridine see uridine  
trifluoperazine phenothiazine 7623 RP, Amylozine, Anchostam, Aquil, Asterfenazina, Athimol, Calmazine, Cariogrin-S, Chemflurazine, Clinazine, Cuait Trifluoperazina, Deca-Perzine, Dipicalm Librotop, Discimer, Dymoperazine, Eskabid, Eskazine, Eskazinyl, Espazine, Fluazine, Flucalm, Flupazine, Fluperin, Flurazin, Flurazine, Foille, Fuzine, Gencalm, Iatroneural, Iremo Pierol, Jatroneural, Jetirison, Leptazine, Lufacintyl, Modalina, Modiur, Neloret, Neocalm, Normacalm, Normaln P, Novoflurazine, Nylipton, Operzine, Oxyperazine, Parmodalin, Pentazine, Promax, Psycalm, Psyrazine, Relicalm, Riboring, Sedizine, Sedofren, Selocalm, Siquil tab., SKF 5019, Solazine, Sporalon, Stalabid, Stelabid, Stelazine, Stelium, Sterazin, Stilizan, Suprazine, Sycazine, T.F.B., Talecalm, Telazin, Terflucine, Terfluoperazine, Terflurazine, Terfluzin, Terfluzine, Therfluzine, Tranquis, Trazine, Trazine, Triazin, Triflumed, Trifluo Perazin, Trifluoper, Trifluoperacina, Trifluoperazin, Trifluoperazina, Trifluoperazine, Trifluopyrazin, Triflurin, Triftrazin, Trinicalm, Triozine, Tripazine, Triperazine, Triphtazin, Triphtazine, Triphthazinum, Trisedyl, Trivan, Vesprin, Yatroneural, Zosar; component of Ancam, Andep, Anxisern, Anxtri, Becalm, Belrest, Benzyzine, C -Pax-T, Calm, Calmtech, Carekul, Chlozep, Chlozep Plus, Cloact FC, Cloxide Plus, Cuait D, Cuait-D, Curefit, Cynosleep, Dep 37, Depicalm Plus, Depof 37, Doxogem-TZ, Elicalm, Elicalm Forte, Elicalm Plus, Elicalm-H, Elicalm-SF, Equcalm Plus, Equicalm, Equicalm Plus, Erozine-P, Eskapar, FIT, Flucalm Plus, Fluzep, Gastabid, Gencalm Plus, Hec T, Hexiflu-T, Implicane, Incot Plus, Jalonac, Jatrosom N, Jotal, Jotal Plus, Karflu Plus, Karflu-H, Kaytrix-C, Lacalm Forte, Lacalm Plus, Libocalm, Librolent, Libronit, Libropar, Maphyl Forte, Modacor, Neocalm Forte, Neocalm Plus, Neurocalm, Normacalm Forte, Normacalm Plus, Normozin, Parazin-C, Parkin Forte, Parkin Plus, Parnozine, Parstelin, Peace, Peradyl, Peradyl Forte, Peradyl MF, Prokar, Psycalm Plus, Psyzine Forte, Psyzine Plus, Quick Calm, Relicalm Forte, Relicalm Plus, Relicalm-SF, Reliclam Forte, Reliclam-SF, Seacalm, Selocalm Forte, Selocalm Plus, Ser, Ser-25, Serentin, Serepose, Shricalm, Sidep, Sigmazine, Siquil injec., Sizonorm Forte, Sizonorm Plus, Spanactin, Stelabid forte, Steladex, Stelapar, Stelbid , Stelosi, Stilizan, Sycopax, Sycose, Sycot, Talecalm Forte, Talecalm Plus, Talecalm-H, TCT, Teem Plus, Tradep, Trait, Trazine-H, Trazine-S, Trazine-SC, Tricala, Tricalm, Tricd, Tricose, Trinadep, Trinicalm, Trinicalm Forte, Trinicalm Plus, Triphenazin, Tripoxide, Trixia, Trizen, Trizep, Trociz, Trofaz - CZ, Trofaz - Forte, Trofaz - Plus, Trycalm Forte, Trycalm Plus, Trycalm SF, UNO 25, Weldip, Wipetri, Wipetri Plus, Xtracalm, Xyphen-S, Zeneril Plus-H, Zina Plus, Zort
trifluopromazine phenothiazine Adazine, Antasil, Aristofen, Flumazin, Fluomazina, Fluopromil, Fluopromazine, Fluorofen, Neoprin, Neuro-Padil, Nivoman, Plegal, Psyquil, Siquil, Tocalm Plus, Verparal, Vespral, Vesprin, Vetame, Zitrased; component of Psyquil Compositum, Sizonorm Plus
trifluperazine see trifluoperazine  
trifluperidol butyrophenone McN-JR 2498, Psicoperidol, Psychoperidol, R 2498, Trifluperidol, Triperidol, Trisedyl
trimeprazine see alimemazine  
tropapride benzamide  
ulotaront TAAR-1 and 5-HT1A agonist  
umespirone DA agonist/antagonist, 5-HT1A antagonist KC 9172
uridine uracil metabolism modulator RG 2417, RG 2133, Uteplex
vabicaserin 5-HT2C receptor agonist and 5-HT2B receptor antagonist SCA 136, WY 16629
veralipride benzamide Agradil, Agreal, Faltium, Veralipril
xanomeline muscarinic agonist component of KarXT, xanomeline-trospium
zacopride benzamide AHR 11.190
zetidoline dopamine D2 receptor antagonist MDL 308
zicronapine "atypical" neuroleptic LU-31-130, zye-KRon-a-peen
ziprasidone benzisothiazolylpiperazine Azona, CP 88059, Geodon, Prixat, Vikolus, Zaprone, Zeldox, Zepraz, Zipradon, Zipramylan, Ziprasidon, Ziprasidona, Ziprasidone, Zipratom, Zipsilan, Zipsydon, Zusdone, Zypsilan
zotepine dibenzothiepine Compound 4, FR 1314, Lodopin, Majorpin, Nipolept, Setous, Zoleptil, Zopite
zuclopenthixol thioxanthene Acuphase, Ciatyl-Z, Cisordinol, Clopixol, LU 0-108, LU 8-008, LU 18-069, Sedanxol, Zuclopenthixol, Zuclopentixol
9-hydroxyrisperidone see paliperidone  


Active Ingredient Class (Planned, current and previous) Trade Names
ademethionine 5-HT uptake inhibitor AdoMet, Biometil, Depresam, Donamet, Ergen, FO-1501, Gumbaral, Isimet, Legend, SAM, SAMe, S-Amet parenteral, SAM-PFL, Samyr, Transmetil, Twin; component of Poliatox
ademetionin see ademethionine  
agomelatine melatonin agonist AG 0178, AGO 178, Aglonex, Agogerolan, Agomaval, Agomelatin, Agomelatine, Alodil, Circadin, Domion, S 20098, Thymanax, Valdoxa, Valdoxan, Valdoxane, Vestin
alaproclate specific inhibitor of neuronal serotonin uptake  
allopregnanolone see brexanolone  
almoxatone monoamine-oxidase inhibitor MD 780.236
alnespirone 5-HT1A agonist  
alpha-ethyl tryptamine see etryptamine  
amfebutamone see bupropion  
amiflamine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor FLA 336, FLA 668, FLA 788
amineptine tricyclic antidepressant Directim, Maneon, Neolior, Provector, S 1694, Survector, Viaspera
amitriptyline tricyclic antidepressant Abamax, Adepress, Adepril, ADT, ADT-Zimaia, Alkym, Amavil, Ami-Anelun, Amicen, Amileb, Amilent, Amilin, Amiline, Amilit, Amilite, Amimax, Amineurin, Amioxid, Amiplin, Amiprin, Amiptanol, Amiptril, Amirol, Amithir, Amitid, Amitie, Amitin, Amitina, Amitone, Amitop, Amitop, Amitrac, Amitril, Amitrip, Amitriptigal, Amitriptilin, Amitriptilina, Amitriptol, Amitriptylin, Amitriptyline, Amitriptylinum, Amitrol, Amitryn, Amitwix, Amity, Amiwel, Amizol, Amline, Amoten, Amrea, Amsha, Amtipax, Amtran, Amyline, Amypres, Amytril, Amyzol, Anapsique, Ancholibre, Ancix, Angopasse, Anitryp, AnnoIytin, Arin, Arpidox, Atophine, Atriptal, Axtrip, Belpax, Bluneel, Cotrip, Crypton, Damilen, Damilena, Daprimen, Decatryptin, Dep, Deprelio, Deprestat, Deprex, Desitriptylin, Diatrase, Dolsedol, Domical, Dot Trip, EIavil, Elatrol, Elatrolet, Elavil, Elavin, Elegen-G, Eliwel, Elsitriol, Emitrip, Enafon, Endep, EnoviI, Eptanol, Estiline, Etravil, Euplit, Fiorda, Gentrip, Goldep, Iramil, Kamitrin, Kyliran, Lantron, Laroxal, Laroxyl, Larozyl, Latilin, Lentizol, Levate, Levazine, Levitone, Libroksil, Loxaryl, Mareline, Maxitrip, Maxivalet, Melapramine A, Meravil, Miketorin, Mitaptyline, Modup, Mutabon D, Neuptanol, Nextrip, Noiptanol, Noriline, Normaline, Normaln, Normaln, Novoprotect, Novotriptyn, Novo-Triptyn, Oasil-M, Odep, Pinsanu, Pinsaun, Polysal, Polytanol, Proheptadien, Prosaldon, Protanol, Pryl-SR, Psiquium, Psycomer, Psypharm, Qualitriptine, Quietal, Raitrip, Redomex, Relidep, Rolavil, Ronet, Sarotard, Saroten, Sarotena, Sarotex, Schuvel, Sereval, Serotex, Sicobil, Stelminal, Sylvemid, Syneudon, Tablin, Tadamit, Teedep, Teperin, Thymontil, Torydanol, Trepiline, Trepiline, Tridep, Tridep, Trip, Triplent, Triplex, Tripta, Tripta, Triptamed, Triptanol, Triptil, Triptilin, Triptizol, Triptyl, Triptyline, Trynol, Tryptacap, Tryptal, Tryptalette, Tryptalgin, Tryptanol, Tryptine, Tryptine, Tryptizol, Tryptizolembonat, Tryptomec, Tryptomer, Tryptomer, Trytanol, Trytomer, Typlin, Typteez, Uxen, Vanatrip, Zodep; component of Adepsique, Amiclozor, Amicon Forte, Amicon Plus, Amicure, Amidez, Amilit, Amilite Plus, Amiperm, Amitar Forte, Amitar Plus, Amitrac-cz, Amitral 12.50 mg / 5.0 mg, Amitral-Forte, Amitrim-C, Amitrix, Amitrol, Amitryn, Amitryn-C Plus, Amiwel Forte, Amiwel Plus, Amixide, Amize, Amizep, Amrea C, Amtipax Plus H, Amypres-C, Anelun Compositum, Ansiolin, Antalin, Anxi Tab, Anxitab, Apo-Peram, Aptric, Axeptyl, Chlordiazepoxide and Amitriptyline, Chlotrip, Cotrip Forte, Cotrip H, Cotrip Plus, Cuait-D, Czep-F, Czep-H, Dapax, Deprelio, Depsodep, Diapatol, Duo-Vil 2-10, Elavil Plus, Emotrip, Etrafon, Etrafon-Forte, Febl, Fulcrum, Imidiaz, Insome Plus, Ipiobat, Klotriptyl, Kralant, Libomin, Libotryp, Libral, Librodep, Libroksil, Limbatril, Limbatrilin, Limbitrol, Limbitryl, Limbitryl Plus, Limbival, Lodep Plus, Longopax, Longopax mite, Longopax spezial, Melime, Minitran, Mitryp, Moralin, Mustabon, Mutabase, Mutabon, Mutabon Forte, Mutabon Mite, Mutanxion, Mutaspline, Nobritol, Normaline Plus, Norpax, Pantrop, ParKS-Plus, Paxium, Perphenazine and Amitriptyline, Pertriptyl, PMS-Levazine, Proavil, Raitrip Plus, Relidep Plus, Ristryl, Ro 4-6270, Rocitens, Rocitens Forte, Sedans, Sereval Plus, Some Plus, Somnium (Greece), Tranconij, Triamed, Triavil, Triphenaze, Triphenaze Forte, Triplex Forte, Triplex Plus, Triptafen, Triptafen Forte, Triptafen-Minor, Triptazine, Trixide, Tryline Forte, Tryline Plus, Typlin-C, Ultra Dep, Vemar, Zodep Plus
amitriptylinoxide tricyclic antidepressant Ambivalon, Amioxid, Equilibrin, Neurarmonil
amoxapine tricyclic antidepressant Adisen, Amolife, Amoxan, Amoxapina, Amoxapine, Ascendis, Asenden, Asendin, Asendis, CL 67.772, Defanyl, Demolox, Moxadil, Omnipress, Oxamine
anpirtoline 5-HT1B receptor agonist  
atipamezole α2 adrenoreceptor antagonist Antisedan, MPV 124
atipemazole see atipamezole  
atomoxetine noradrenalin re-uptake inhibitor Abretia, Agakalin, Atama, Atamax, Atofab, Atomaid, Atomoxetina, Atomoxetine, Attentho, Attentrol, Audalis, Axepta, Axial, Bicalm, Deaten, Dezaprex, Dezaprez, LY 139.602, LY 139.603, Nimoxen, Passiva, Recit, Sophos, Strattera, Tomoxetin, Xenocy
azipramine Tetracyclic analogue of imipramine P-TQ 86
befloxatone reversible monoamine-oxidase inhibitor MD 370503
befuraline partial NE/5-HT uptake inhibitor, phosphodiesterase inhibitor DIV 154
beloxepin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and serotonin receptor antagonist ADL6906, ORG-4428
benmoxine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Nerusil, Neuralex
binedaline see binodaline  
binodaline   Ixprim, RU 39 780, Sgd-Scha 1059
brexanolone neurostereoid Zulresso
bupropin see bupropion  
bupropion non-tricyclic antidepressant Amfebutamone, Aplenzin, Betetrim, Budeprion, Bupdep, Bupep, Bupraset, Bupredol, Buprevet, Bupril, Buprion, Buproban, Bupron, Bupropion, Bupropionhydrochlorid, Buprotrin, Butrew, Buxon, BW 323 U, Carmubine, Corzen, Dosier, Elontril, Ession, Forfivo, Funnix, Magerion, Nicolift, Nicopion, Nicotex, Nixin, Odranal, Prewell, Prexaton, Quomem, Quonem, Smoquit, Unidep, Well, Wellbatrin, Wellbutrin, Zyban, Zylexx, Zyntabac; component of Contrave, Mysimba, Naltreva
butriptyline tricyclic antidepressant AY 62.0l4, Evadene, Evadyne, Evasidol
caroxazone monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Timostenil, F.I 6654
casopitant NK1 antagonist GW679769
chlorphenamine serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

Chlorphen, Actifed

cianopramine serotonin and norepinephrine uptake inhibitor Ro 11-2465, Ro 12-5419
ciclazindol norepinephrine uptake inhibitor WY 23.409
cidoxepin tricyclic antidepressant P 4599
cimoxatone monoamine-oxidase inhibitor MD 780.515, MD 770.222
citalopram serotonin re-uptake inhibitor Abbapram, Acelopram, Actipram, Adco-Talomil, Adeprenal, A-Depress, Akarin, Alegrisan, Alepram, Alutan, Ansiben, Ansiodex, Apertia, Arpolax, Atinorm, Auropram, Axopram, Bellcital, Belmazol, Biben, Calton, Celapram, Celepra, Celexa, Celica, Celius, Celopram, Ciazil, Cibrom, Cilate, Cilex, Cilift, Cilodral, Cilopress, Ciloram, Cimal, Cinapen, Cipam, Ciprager, Cipralam, Cipram, Cipramil, Cipraned, Ciprapine, Ciprex "Paranova", Ciprotan, Ciram, Citabax, Citadelm, Citadep, citadura, Citalanorm, Citalec, Citaleq, Citalgert, Citalhexal, CitaLich, Citalo, Citalobexal, Citalogamma, Citalomyl, Citalon, Citalophex, Citalopram, Citaloprol, Citalosandoz, Citalostad, Citalux, Citalvir, Citao, Citara, Citarcana, Citazone, Citol, Citopam, Citoprex, Citor, Citox, Citrol, Claropram, Cortran, cti-Lift, CTP 30, Dalsan, Decilop, Depresmil, Depretal, Ecloram, Elopram, Emocal, Eostar, Erlicon, Espinal, Estabel, Exenadil, Feliximir, Feliz, Finap, Frimaind, Futuril, Galopran, Goldamit, Humorap, Hydertan, Inhisser, Kaidor, Kitapram, Kylipram, Lampopram, Locitafer, Lodeprem, Lopracil, Lopram, Lopraxer, Loptar, Loxpram, Lu 10-171, Lupram, Luvitar, Malicon, Marpram, Medipram, Megafors, Neuroless, Norecsero, Percital, Pralotam, Pram, Pramcil, Pramexyl, Pramital, Prefucet, Prepram, Pricital, Prisdal, Prisma, Psiconor, Recita, Recital, Relapaz, Remicital, Renevil, Return, Ricap, Ropramin, Rudopram, Selon, Semax, Sepram, Seproc, Seralgan, Seregra, Seretover, Serital, Seroplex, Seropram, Seror, Setronil, Siloam, Sintopram, Si-Q, Sitaleau, Sotovon, Talam, Talohexal, Talopram, Talosin, Talpram, Taprocil, Tasonade, Temperax, Tessio, Trimopan, Unstress, Varom, Verisan, Verus, Vesema, Vibel, Xadorek, Xeclicid, Xylorane, Zalopram, Zanipram, ZD, Zeclicid, Zentius, Zeprak, Zylopram; component of Citalent, Citadep, Citalohexal, Citalomine, Citalop, Citara, Citlop, Citola, Citopam, C-Pram, C-Talo, Cytop, Feliz, Frepram, Lopram, Madam, Pocital, Ultidep, Zetalo
clomacran tricyclic antidepressant Devryl, Olaxin, SKF 14.336
clomipramine tricyclic antidepressant Anafranil, Atenual, Ausentron, Clobram, Clofranil, Clomax, Clomi, Clomicalm, Clomifril, Clomijet, Clomilent, Clomine, Clominex, Clomip, Clomipramin, Clomipramina, Clomipramine, Clomipran, Clomiright, Clomistar, Clomitan, Clonil, Clopic, Clopran, Clopress, Clorimax, Depranil, Depranil, Ecmin, Equinorm, For-You, G 34.586, Gromin, Huma-Clopamine, Hydiphen, Klomipramin, Lodep, Melancol, Mipramin, Novo-Clopamine, Obsenil, Ocifiril, Ocifril, Ocnil, Placil, Praminex, Remo, Syconil, Ultradep Plus, Zoiral; component of Clomidep
clorgyline monoamine oxidase inhibitor MB 9302
clovoxamine 5-HT/NE uptake inhibitor DU 23.811
cyanopramine see cianopramine  
cyprolidol imipramine-like pharmacological profile IN 1060
daledalin tricyclic antidepressant UK 3557, UK 3557-15
damotepine   GP 41.299
dapoxetine 5-HT re-uptake inhibitor Dax, DPX, Ejelag, Extensil, Lagose, Longride, LY210448, LY243917, Maxsure, Plotis, Precoce, Prolongal, Priligy, Xiga; component of Dafil Plus, Super Erectix, T36 Plus
dazepinil NE/DA/5-HT uptake inhibitor HRP 543, P 76 2543
delfaprazine   FI 4310
delucemine NMDA antagonist NPS 1506
demexiptiline   Deparon, Tinoran
deprenaline see selegiline  
desipramine tricyclic antidepressant Alti Desipramine, DMI, Deprexan, Desipramina, Desipramine, Desveneurax, Distonal, EX 4355, G 35.020, JB 8181, Metylyl, Nebril, Normitil, Norpolake, Norpramin, Nortimil, Pertrofane, Pertofran, Pertofrane, Pertofrin, Pertrofran, Petytyl, RMI 9384 A, Sertofren; component of Irene Plus, Plafonyl
desvenlafaxine serotonin / norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) Defaxin, Deslafax, Desvenlafaxina, Desvenlafaxine, Drosix, Dvenjoy, DVS-233 SR, Ellefore, Enzude, Exsira, Exital, Fapris, Ixium, Kastan, Khedelza, Neosenexon, Pristiq, Veldex, WY 45233, Zyven-OD
dexamisole   R12 563
dexnafenodone NE uptake inhibitor LU 43.706
dibenzepin tricyclic antidepressant Ecatril, Ecotril, HF 1927, Noveril, Victoril
dihydroergosine ergot alkaloid Dihydroergesine
dimetacrine tricyclic antidepressant Istonil, Linostil, SD 709
dosulepin see dothiepin  
dothiepin tricyclic antidepressant Arpin, Berk-Dothiepin, Depthin, Dopin, Dopress, DoreME, Do-Re-Me, Dorzox, Dosulepin/Dothiepin, Dothapax, Dothep, Dotheris, Dothi, Dothiepin, Dothimax, Dothin, Dothip, Dothipop, Dothitab, Dothitos, Dothivin, Dotin, Dotipin, Dozep, Druthip, Edopin, Elate, Elden, Espin, Exodep, Glydot, Idom, Jardin, KS 1596, Nexthpin, Northiaden, Nudoth, Prepadine, Prothiaden, Protiaden, Protiadene, Thaden, Thipin, Thpin, Xerenal; component of Harmomed
doxepin tricyclic antidepressant Adapin, Anten, Aponal, Cidoxepin, Deptran, Desidox, Doneurin, Doxal, Doxe, Doxedep, Doxedyn, Doxepia, Doxepin, Doxetar, espadox, Gilex, Mareen, MF 110, Noctaderm Cream, P-3693 A, Poldoxin, Quitaxon, Silenor, Sinepin, Sinequan, Sinquan, Sinquane, Spectra, Triadapin, Xepin, Zonalon; component of Prudoxin Cream, Zonalon Cream
duloxetine serotonine and noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitor Alacir, Ariclaim, Aritavi, Binax, C Pact, Cimal, Combac, C-Yalta, Cymbalta, Cymgen, Delok, Deneurone, Detine, Diliner, Dimorex, DLX, Doupex, Doxet, Doxetin, Drizalma, Duceten, Dulan, Dulane, Dulasolan, Duciltia, Dulex, Dulife, Dulmar, Dulojoy, Dulok, Dulomax, Dulonix, Dulot, Dulotex, Dulotin, Dulotor, Dulotrac, Dulox, Duloxalta, Duloxee, DuloxeHexal, Duloxeteg, Duloxetin, Duloxetina, Duloxetine, Duloxgamma, Duloxit, Duloxtin, Duloxyl, Dulsevia, Dultin, Dulvanex, Dulvas, Dulx, Dumore, Duonex, Dureep, Dutilox, Dutin, Dutine, Duxet, Duxetin, Duxetina, Duzac, Duzela, Duzela, DXT, Finorinex, Ilario, Inmox, Irenka, Lepticin, Lervitam, Lervitan, Loxepil, Ludotim, Luxetilud, LY 223.332, LY 227.942, LY 248.686, LY 264.452, Lyta, Neuroxetin, Nitexol, Nitidex, Nixenca, Nudep, Onelar, Oxitril, Sylonex, Symbal, Sympta, Ulozet, Uxagam, Verlox, Xeristar, Yelate, Yentreve, Zenbar
echinopsidine iodide monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Adepren
eclanamine maleate NE uptake inhibitor U 48.753 E
edivoxetine noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor LY 2216684, LLY 2216684, NERI IV
elzasonan 5-HT1B/1D receptor antagonist CP-448,187
encyprate monoamine-oxidase inhibitor A 19.757, MO 1255
escitalopram serotonin re-uptake inhibitor Adescilan, Alwel, Ambulax AD, Aniavant, Animaxen, Anipram, Antidex, Aramix, Arel, Articalm, Atpram, Ansiben, Ansiodex E, Avinexal, Axiomat, Axipram, Beaplen, Bestrada, Bilodel, Bivadin, C Pram S, Celexa S, Celtium, Censpram, Censpram-Lite, Cilentra, Cipralex, Cipram S, Cironex, Cit, Cita S, Citalax, Citalop S, Citaplex, Citel, Citlam, Citofast, Citolex, Citomyl, Citraz, Clomentin, Clominil, Concilium, Conect, Coverfax, Cypram, Depralin, Depran, Depsit, Deptune, Dexanil, Dexapron, Diprex, Dipwell, Dolin, Ecinil, Eciprax, Ecit, Ecitalex, Ecitalop, Ec-Pram, Ectiban, Edpa, Educil, Elcit, Elicea, Elonzep, Endeo, Enlift, Entact, Epram, E-Psiconor, Erliniz, Escicor, Escidant, Escidivule, Escigold, Escilan, Escilex, Escimax, Escimylan, Escinobel, Escipra, Escipram, Esciprex, Escipro, Esciprox, Escirise, Escita, Escitaburg, Escitacalm, Escitacross, Escitagen, Escitaham, Escital, Escitalaccord, Escitalent, Escitalex, Escitalo, Escitalobene, Escitalodissa, Escitalofarm, Escitalopram, Escitalpro, Escitalup, Escitalupin, Escitapax, Escitasan, Escitateva, Escitatifi, Escitax, Esciterokam, Escitil, Escitomar, Escitotab, Escitozan, Escitrac, Escivex, Escivriens, Escolam, Escopam, Escopram, Escytop, Esdep, Esertia, Esetam, Esfancy, Esfany, Esidep, Esitopa, Esitopam, Esitor, Esivan, Esjoy, Eslika, Eslopran, Eslorex, Esok, Esopam, Esopram, Esoprex, Espancy, Espar, Espoza, Espram, Essential, Estal, Estalonix, Estazyl, Estilo, Estimex, Estomine, Esynos, Etalokare, Etalopro, E-Talpram, Etalsapam, Etilopram, EX3, Excita, Exiety, Exzentius, Ezeepam, Ezentius, E-Zentius, Ezinite, Felicipramm Feliz S, Firsito, Genescit, Heipram, Ipran, Jolivel, Jopram, Jovia, Kopram, Lamobrigan, Leeyo, Lepax, Lexacure, Lexam, Lexapam, Lexapro, Lexcitam, Lexcitox, Lextor, Loptal, Loxalate, Lu 26-054, L-Xapam, Marprem, Meridian, Mersinol, Metopram, Monopram, Morcet, Mozarin, Neopresol, Neozentius, Neo-Zentius, Nestilo, Neuroipran, Newpram, Nexito, Nexpram, Nodep, Novo Humorap, Optimure, Optiser, Pocital S, Pracidep S, Pramis, Pramulex, Pransam, Prasilex, Prasilife, Precipra, Prexan, Raldon/Raldex, Ratice, Recita, Reposil, Rexipra, Rhopram S, S Celepra, S Citadelm, S Citadep, S Citlop, S Zetalo, Saropram, Savandra, SC Talo, Scippa, S-Citadep, Scitampro, S-Citap, Selective, Seresen, Seroplex, Serosyn, Sipralexa, Sitalom, Solatcit, Stalopam, Szetalo, S-Zetalo, Talo, Talocimylan, Talopram, Talpram, Tepram, Truzap, Zenvas, Zepaz, Zitolex; component of Anxifree, Anxiset Plus, Cit Clo, Cita-S Forte, Cita-S Plus, Citolex Plus, C-Pram Plus, Deptune Plus, Dexanil Plus, Dipwell plus, Ecitalop-C, Ection, Elpram C, Escepam, Escepam-FL, Escepam-LMF, Escimax-CZ, Escirise-CZ, Escirise-FL, Escirise-LMF, Escita Plus, Escitacalm Plus, Escitalent Plus, Escitapax Plus, Escitapax Plus-H, Escitapax Plus-L, Escitrac-CZ, Esfany CZ, Esitor Forte, Esjoy Plus, Espar CL, Estalonix-CL, Estilo-E, Estilo-HS, Estilo-Plus, Estomine SF, Estomine-Zee, Etilaam DS, Etilive-ES, Etinex-LS, Etinex-LS, Etinex-Plus, Etipax forte, Etizola Plus, Ezinite-CZ, Feliz-S Plus, Fluwic-ES, Jbcloz-ES, Jopram Plus, Lifodep Plus, Nexito Forte, Nexpram CL, O-Anxit Plus, Petril Plus, Pracidep Plus, Prasilex Plus, Prasilife Plus, Recita Forte, Somnolex, Stalopam Plus, Stalowil plus, Talo Plus, Velpram-CL, Xitzen-CN
esuprone monoamine-oxidase inhibitor LU 43839
etoperidone   AF 1191, Depraser, Etonin, Eupsy Mite, McN-A-2673-11, Staff
etryptamine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor E 118-683, Monase, U 17312
femoxetine 5-HT uptake inhibitor FG 4963, Malexil
fengabine GABA agonist Kaptin, Neuril, Neurontin, SL 79.229
fenmetazol Norepinephrine-like action DH-524
fenmetozole see fenmetazol  
fenoxypropazine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Drazine
fezolamine norepinephrine uptake inhibitor WIN 41.528-2
flerobuterol α-adrenoreceptor agonist  
flesinoxan 5-HT1A agonist DU 29.373
flibanserine 5-HT2a receptor antagonist and 5-HT1A receptor full agonist BIMT-17, Ectris

serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

Actan, Actisac, Adef, Adepssir, Adofen, Afeksin, Affectine, Affex, Alental, Alentol, Alzac, Animexon, Animex-on, Anisimol, Aniup, Anoxen, Ansi, Ansilan, Antipres, Antiprestin, Anxetin, Anzac, Astrin, ATD, Atenopress, Auroken, Auscap, Axtin, Azur, Barazac, Barozac, Bellzac, Beltium, Bioxetin, Biozac, Captaton, Catrigel, Clexiclor, Clinium, Cloriflox, Combi, Conduxet, Conexine, Confium, Cozac, Cramin, Daforen, Daforin, Dagrilan, Dawnex, Deflox, Deprax, Depreks, Deprelafax, Depren, Deprenon, Depress, Deprex, Deprexen, Deprexin, Deprifel, Deprizac, Deproxin, Deproz, Deprozin, Depset, Deturben, Diesan, Digassim, Dinalexin, Dizpazil, Docfluoxetine, Dominium, Eburnate, Elizac, Emotix, Emozac, Equiflox, Equilibrane, Erocap, Estimul, Eufor, Eximius, Exostrept, Expectein, Faboxetina, Farmaxetina, Fefluzin, Felicium, Felixina, Feminella, F-Exina, Finicort, Fledore, Flenazole, Flexetor, Floatin, Flocefran, Flocet, Flonital, Flood 20, Florak, Florexal, Flotina, Flouxmerck, Floxet, Floxin, Fluctin, Fluctine, Flucti-nerton, Fludac, Fludac, Fludeka, Fludep, Fluesco, Flufran, Flugen, Fluketin, Flumed, Fluneurin, Flunil, Flunirin, Fluocalm, Fluocim, Fluohexal, Fluopiram, Fluox, Fluoxa, Fluoxac, fluoxbasan, fluox-basan, Fluoxebell, Fluoxee, FluoxeLich, Fluoxemerck, Fluoxenorm, Fluoxe-Q, Fluoxeren, Fluoxeron, Fluoxetin, Fluoxetina, Fluoxetine, Fluoxgal, Fluoxgamma, Fluoxibene, Fluoxifar, Fluoxil, Fluoxin, Fluoxine, Fluoxiram, Fluoxistad, Fluoxityrol, Fluoxone, Fluoxone, Fluox-Puren, Fluoxstad, Fluoxtab, Fluoxzac, Fluozac, Flupress, Fluralex, Fluran, Fluronin, Flusac, Flusol, Flutex, Flutin, Flutinax, Flutine, Flutinol, Flutrac, Fluval, Flux, Flux, Fluxadir, Fluxal, Fluxantin, Fluxen, Fluxene, Fluxentac, Fluxet, Fluxeti, Fluxetil, Fluxetin, Fluxil, Fluxin, Fluxnet, FluxoMed, Fluxone, Fluxonil, Fluzac, Fokeston, Folizol, Foncil "Paranova" Fondozal, Fondur, Fonigen, Fontex, Fonzac, Foxetin, Foxine, Foxtin, Frendix, Fropine, Fuloren, Fulsak, Fusum, Fuxetine, FXT, Fysionorm, Gerozac, Greit, Grinflux, Hapilux, Ibixetin, Indozul, Ipsumor, Kalxetin, Ladose, Lanclic, Lapsus, Lebensart, Lecimar, Livertox, Loftil, Loksetin, Lorien, Lorien, Lovan, Loxetine, Luminal, Luramon, Luserpal, Magrilan, Margrilan, Maxitin, Medizac, Meropan, Micogen, Mitilase, Modipran, Moltoben, Motivest, Motivone, Mutan, Mutin, Nerbet, Nervosal, Neupax, Neuro Lax, Nexflu, Nicoflox, Nodep, Nodepe, Noladep, Nopres, Nopress, Nortec, Norzac, NuFluo, Nuzac, Nuzak, Nuzak, Nycoflox, Orthon, Ovisen, Oxactin, Oxedep, Oxetine, Oxsac, Panderm, Philozac, Pisaurit, Platin, Plazeron, Plenocer, Plinzene, PMS-Fluox, Portal, Positivum, Pragmaten, Praxin, Prazac, Pressetina, Prizma, Proctin, Proctin, Prodac, Prodep, Prohexal, Prolax, Prolert, Prosax, Prosimed, Provatine, Proxalab, Prozac, Prozamel, Prozatan, Prozen, Prozep, Prozit, Prozyn, Psipax, Psiquial, Qualisac, Quanilene, Ranflocs, Reconcile, Regultron, Reneuron, Rezak, Rowexetina, Rozax, Salipax, Sanitin, Sanzur, Sarafem, Sarmel, Sartuzin, Saurat, Selectus, Serafem, Serezac, Serol, Seromex, Seronil, Seroscand, Sinzac, Siquial, Somatin, Sostac, Stephadilat, Stressless, Teczac, Temperax, Thiramil, Tiflun, Tingus, Tonovital, Tremafarm, Trizac, Tune, Tunelez, Tuneluz, Ulmely, Unprozy, U-Zet, Veritina, Verotina, Vicsel, Xeredien, Xetinax, ZAC, Zactin, Zafluox, Zatin, Zedprex, Zepax, Zinovat; component of Alamflu, Albiz-FX, Alflux, ALP-FT, ALP-FTD, Alprawin F T, Alprose Plus, Altin, Anxiflu, Ateez-F, AZO-F, Belfa, Benzax-F, Cooltime, Cozac-AZ, Cymbyax, Deoten OX, Depflu-A, Depoxit-Plus, Depten OZ, Depten-AZ, Depwell, Elflu, Exiten Plus, Faa Plus, Fax-A, Faxtin-A, Finezol FX, Fledore-A, Flu Star, Flu-AL, Fludep - AZ, Fludep Plus, Flu-kam, Flumusa, Flumusa Forte, Flunix-A, Fluprax, Fluti, Flutop, Fluwel, Fluxin-AL, Fluxozam, Fluzolam, Fultop, Jolin Fort, Jolin Plus, Kurelam-F, L-Peez F, M Olan Plus, Magfa, Normatine Plus, O Pine F, Oladay-F, Olanex F, Olanzapina/Fluoxetina, Olapin Plus, Oleanz Fort, Oleanz Plus, Olee Forte, Olee Plus, Olitabs F-20, Olorest-F, Pifzot, Pranol-F, Pronil Plus, Relax-F, Riolam-F, Symbiact, Symbiax, Symbyax, Xerodep-A, Zedel A, Zedep-A, Zolorest FX, Zomark-Fx, Zotin Plus
fluparoxan monoamine uptake inhibitor GR 50.36O A
fluvoxamine serotonin re-uptake inhibitor Anwu, Avoxin, Boxamine, Desiflu, Desifluvoxamin, Docfluxova, DU 23.000, Dumirox, Dumyrox, Faverin, Favoxil, Felixsan, Fevalat, Fevarin, Flox-Ex, Floxyfral, Flumin, Fluoxa, Fluvator, FluvoHexal, Fluvoprex, Fluvox, Fluvoxabeta, Fluvoxadura, Fluvoxamin, Fluvoxamina, Fluvoxim, Fluvoxin, Foxa, Frext, Lote, Luvat, Luvox, Luvoxe, Maveral, MK 264, Movox, Myroxine, Ocivox, Phoevox, Psyvoxin, Revilife, RIVA-Fluvox, SME 3110, Sorest, Uvox, Voxam, Voxamin, Voxamine, Vuminix
gamfexine   WIN 1344
gepirone 5-HT1A agonist Ariza, BMY13805, MJ13805
hydroxymaprotiline see oxaprotiline  
idalpine   Upstene
idazoxan α2 adrenoceptor antagonist and partial agonist- DA release stimulant RX 781.094, RX 811.059, RX 821.002
ifoxetine serotonin uptake inhibitor CGP 15.210
igmesine sigma opiate antagonist JO 1784
imafen hydrochloride    
imiloxan α2 adrenoceptor antagonist RS 21.361
imipramine tricyclic antidepressant Antidep, Antideprin, Antipres, Antipress, Berkomine, Bonil, Celamine, Censtim, Chemipramine, Chimoreptin, Chrytemin, Daypress, Depik, Depnil, Depramine, Depranil, Deprenil, Depress, Deprid, Deprinol, Depsin, Depsol, Depsonil, Diamin, Dimipressin, Dynaprin, Efuranol, Elamin, Eldep, Elepsin, Estidep, Ethipramin, Ethipramine, Eupramin, Feinalmin, Fixon, Fronil, Ia-Pram, IMI G 22.355, Imidol, Imikon, Imilanyle, Imilor, Imimine, Imine, Imipra, Imipramigal, Imipramin, Imipramina, Imipramine, Imiprex, Imiprimin, Imiprin, Imizin, Impranil, Imprel, Imprex, Impril, Imprin, IRA, Iramil, Janimine, Karthin, lmavate, lmipran, lmipranil, lntalpram, lprogen, Medipramine, Melipramin, Melipramine, Meripramin, Microdep, Min, Mipralin, Mirprilin, Nixapress, Norfranil, Normadep, Norpramine, Novapramine, Novopramine, Novo-Pramine, Odeoxil, Oppanyl, Panpramine, PIM, Praminil, Presamine, Primonil, Prodepress, Pryleugan, Psicopramine, Psychoforin, Ropramine, Sedacoroxen, Sermonil, Servipramine, Sipramine, SK-Pramine, Somipra, Surplix, Talpramin, Thymopramin, Tipramine, Tizipramine, Tofnil, Tofranil, Tolerade, Topramine, Venefon; component of Adepressina, Adepsique, Alzoset, Amtipax Plus, Amtipax Plus H, Amypres-C-10, Anxi Tab, Anxidep, Anxitab, Anxofit, Arpidox-CP, Dep 37, Dep Forte, Depforte, Depik Forte, Depik Plus, Depnil Forte, Depnil Plus, Depof 37, Depranil Plus, Depresom-ID, Deprid M, Deprid Plus, Depsan, Depsan Forte, Depsin Plus, Depsodep, Depsodiaz, Depsol Forte, Depsol Plus, Depsolam, Depsonil, Depsonil DZ, Depsonil DZ Forte, Diamin Plus, Diazariv, D-Prim, Eldep Forte, Eldep-M, Eldep-Plus, Elidep Plus, Elidep-Forte, Emotrip, Endopax, Finezol IM, Imidiaz, Imikon Plus, Imilor-D, Iminza, Imip, Imipam, Imipox, Imodep, Impranit D, Imprax, Imprim Plus, IRA Plus, Lastinem, Libomin, Libotryp, Libotryp-DS, Libotryp-XL, Limbival, Limbival Forte, Madalen, Maxitrip-CZ, Microdep-5, Mitryp Forte, Ncdep Plus, Nimipose, Normadep-2, Paidenur, Prazep, Praz-Fort, Psychodep, Ristryl, Ristryl Forte, Talendep, Talendep Forte, Talendep Plus, Tancodep, Toframine-5, Tofranazine, Tofranil with Promazine, Tofranil-Promazine, Trydep Forte, Trydep Plus, Ultra Dep, Ultradep
incazane see metralindole  
iprindole tricyclic antidepressant Galatur, Prindol, Prondol, Tertran, WY 3263
iproclozide monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Iproclozide, Sinderesin, Sursum
iproniazide monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Imprazid, Iproniazida, Ipronid, Iprozid, Marsilid, Propilniazida, Rivivol
ipsapirone 5-HT1A partial agonist Bay Q 7821, TVX Q 7821
isapirone see ipsapirone  
isocarboxazid monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Enerzer, Isocarboxazid, Marplan, Marplon
ketimipramine see ketipramine  
ketipramine   G 35.259, Ketotofranil
lazabemide monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Pakio, Ro 19-6327/ 000, Tempium
levomilnacipran serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor Fetzima
levoprotiline NE uptake inhibitor CGP 12.103 A, CGP 12.104 A
lofepramine tricyclic antidepressant DB 2182, Deftan, Deprimil, Emdalen, Feprapax, Gamanil, Gamonil, Geramil, Leo 640, Lomont, Timelit, Tymelyt, WHR 2908 A
lopramine see lofepramine  
loxapine see chapter neuroleptics  
lubazodone 5-HT 2A antagonist, 5-HT uptake inhibitor  
maprotiline norepinephrine reuptake Inhibitor

Aneural, Ba 34.276, Delgian, Depressase, Deprilept, Epalon, Ganax, Kanopan, Keproline, Ladiomil, Ludiomil, Ludios, Maludil, Mapril, Mapro-GRY, Maprolit, Maprolu, Maprostad, Mapro Tablinen, Maprotibene, Maprotil, Maprotilin, Maprotilina, Maprotiline, Maprotiline/Ludiomil, Mapylin, Matilina, Melodil, Mirpan, Numenil, Psymion, Retinyl, Sandepril, Tilsan

mebanazine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Actamol, Actomol
medifoxamine dopamine reuptake Inhibitor Cledial
melitracen tricyclic antidepressant Dixeran, Dixoran, Melixeran, N 7001, Trausabun, Thymeol, U 24.973 A; component of Deanxit, Deanxit forte, LU 6722 C
mepirzepine see mirtazapine  
metanopirone see tandospirone  
metapramine tricyclic antidepressant 19.560 RP, 19.148 RP, 19.749 RP, Rodostene, Timaxel, Timaxil
metfendrazine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor H.M.-11
metralindole monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Inkazan
mianserin tetracyclic antidepressant Amirine, Athimil, Athymil, Bolvidon, Depnon, Deprexolet, Depron, Depsin, Desimian, Hopacem, Lantanon, Lerivon, Lumin, Miabene, Mianeurin, Miansan, Mianserin, Mianserina, Mianserine, Miansin, Miaxan, Norserin, Norval, Org GB-94, Prevalina, Prisma, Serelan, Seridac, Tertradep, Tetradep, Tolmin, Tolvin, Tolvon, Tridep
midalcipran see milnacipran  
milnacipran NE/5-HT inhibitor Dalcipran, F 2207, F 2641, Ixel, Joncia, Lixel, Milborn, Milnace, Milnacipran, Milnaneurax, Savella, Teledomin, Tivanyl
minaprine NE/5-HT transmission agonist/DA uptake inhibitor 30.038 CM, AGR 1240, Cantor, Caprim, CB 30638, Isopulsan, Mipreor
miraxion   LAX-101
mirtazapine tricyclic antidepressant Afloyan, Amirel, Aurozapine, Avanza, Axit, Azapin, Beron, Bexzis, Bilanz, Ciblex, Comenter, Depreless, Depreram, Deprezina, Divaril, Farmapina, Lanazapin, M Pine, Mastor, Matiz, Maz Tab, Melinton, Menelat, Merdaten, Mezeron, Mi Er Ning, Midexar, Milivin, Miradep, Miramind, Mirap, Miraz, Mirazep, Mirazest, Mirel, Mirnite, Mirpik, Mirpine, Mirrador, Mirt, Mirta, Mirtab, Mirtabene, Mirtabeta, Mirtadep, Mirtafran, Mirtagamma, Mirtalab, Mirtalen, MirtaLich, Mirtamor, Mirtamylan, Mirtapax, Mirtapel, Mirtapil, Mirtapress, Mirtaron, Mirtas, Mirtax, Mirtaz, Mirtaza, Mirtazafer, Mirtazap, Mirtazapin, Mirtazapina, Mirtazapine, Mirtazaval, Mirtazelon, Mirtazep, Mirtazon, Mirtazop, Mirtazza, Mirtel, Mirza, Mirzalux, Mirzaten, Mirzest, Mitab, Mitaxind, Mitrazapin, Mitzep, Mizap, Mizapin, Motofen, Motofen, Mytra, Nasdep, Norset, Noxibel, Nupine, Nutaz, Org 3770, Plusvidin, Promyrtil, Ramure, Remedrint, Remergil, Remergon, Remeril, Remeron, Remeronsoltab, Remirta, Remixil, Rexer, Ristra, Saxib, Segmir, Sinmaron, Tazamel, Tazepin, Terladep, Tetrazic, Trovia, U-Mirtaron, Vastat, Xavin, Zania, Zapex, Zipdep, Zismirt, Zispin, Zistap, Zuleptan
mirtazepine see mirtazapine  
moclobemide reversible inhibition of monoamine oxidase Acuilix, Akenex, Aleterc, Amira, Animex, Arima, Arol, Aurobemid, Auromid, Aurorex, Aurorix, Biorix, Clobemide, Clobemix, Clorix, Demobal, Depnil, Deprenorm, Docmoclobe, Feraken, Inpront, Langtian, Lobem, Manerix, Mannerix, Maosig, Mobemide, Moclamine, Moclix, Moclo A, Moclobemid, Moclobemida, Moclobemide, Moclobephar, Mocloberix, Moclobeta, Moclobin, Moclodmoclodura, Moclonorm, Mohexal, Morex, Rimarex, Rimarix, Rimoc, Ro 11-1163/000, Solarix, Trima
myroxim see fluvoxamine  
nafenodone see dexnafenodone  
nefazodone 5-HT uptake inhibitor- postsynaptic 5-HT2 antagonist, NE uptake inhibitor Deprefax, Dutonin, Menfazona, Nefadar, Nefaril, Nefazodone, Nefirel, Reseril, Rulivan, Serzone, Serzonil
nemifitide synthetic peptide related to the endogenous brain peptide MIF-1 INN 00835
netamiftide see nemifitide  
nialamide monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Espril, Isalazina, Mygal, Niamid, Niaquitil, Niamide, Nuredal, Psicomidina, Surgex
nitroxazepine tricyclic antidepressant Sintamil
nomifensine dopamine reuptake Inhibitor Alival, Anametrin, Caribium, Cobefrin, Hoe 984, Hostalival, Linamiphen, Merital, Merival, Neurolene, Nomifensin, Nomival, Psicronizer; component of Clomifensin, Hoe 8476, Psyton, Psyton mite
nordoxepin major active metabolite of doxepin


nortriptyline tricyclic antidepressant Acetexa, Allegron, Altilev, Aventyl, Ateben, Aventil, Aventyl, Depival, Diazepoxin, Dominans, Martimil, Motipress, Nailin, Nalin, Nopress, Norfenazin, Noridyl, Noriline, Noritren, Norline, Norpress, Nortin, Nortrilen, Nortrilin, Nortrip, Nortriptilin, Nortrix, Nortriptyline, Nortylin, Nortyline, Norventyl, Norzepine, Ortrip, Pamelor, Paxtibi, Primox, Secmin, Sensaril, Sensaval, Sensival, Trilotol, Trip, Vividyl; component of Benpon, Diazepoxin, Dominans, Dominans Forte, Eldoral, Gabwell, Karile, Martimil Compuesta, Moti-Press, Motipress, Motival, Motival forte, Moti-3, Nervijen, Nodaf, Nodaf Forte, Norfen, Nurogab, Tropargal, Vividyl
noxiptyline tricyclic antidepressant Agedal, Nogedal, Noxiptilinum; component of Axinto, Conacid-D
ocinaplon GABA-A modulator  
opipramol tricyclic antidepressant Defrenil, Deprenil, Insidon, Insomin, Inzeton, Opdrit, Ophel, Opimol, Opipra, Opipram, Opipramol, Opmun, Opolf, Opridol, Opridon, Oprimol, Pramolan
oxaflozane non-tricyclic antidepressant Conflictan
oxaprotiline NA reuptake inhibitor C 49802
oxitriptan 5-HT precursor Atrestin, Cincofarm, Levothym, Levotonine, Oxyfan, Pretonine, Serotonyl, Serovit, Stimolomens, Telesol, Trimag, Triptene, tript oh, Tript-OH, Triptene, Triptum; component of Levothym plus Oxazepam
pargyline monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Eudatine, Eutonyl, Pargylin, Tenalin
paroxetine serotonin re-uptake inhibitor Afenexil, Afentral, Allenopar, Anziatina, Aparo, Apo-Oxpar, Arapaxel, Arketis, Aropax, Aroxat, Aroxetin, Avatar, A-Xat, Baxidep, Bectam, Brisdelle, Casbol, Collepax, Cronadyn, Curetin, Daparox, Datevan, Deparoc, Deparoc, Deroxat, Destul, Dexantol, Dispax, Divarius, Drimipax, Dropax, Dropaxin, Ennos, Euplix, Eutimil, Extine, Frosinor, Glaxopar, Hemixtril, Ixicrol, Klosadex, Laparox, Lenio, Leparox, Liveli, Loxamine, Luxotine, Madotine, Medixen, Meloxat, Meplar, Mirdox, Motivan, Moxetin, Naburon, Neufagil, Neurotrox, Noprilex, Ocampina, Olane, Onbixin, Ontracel, Oxat, Oxedep, Oxet, Oxetine, Oxitine, Pacex, Paluxetil, Pamax, Pamoxet, Panex, Paradise, Paraut, Parax, Pardep, Parexat, Parexel, Parexis, Pari, Pari-CR, Parliff, Parlift, Parocetan, Parodel, Parodep, Parodox, Paroglax, Parol, Parolet, ParoLich, Paromec, Paronex, Paronex, Parosat, Paroser, Parot, Paroten, Parotin, Parotina, Parox, Paroxalon, Paroxat, paroxedura, Paroxemis, Paroxemylan, Paroxepel, Paroxet, Paroxetin, Paroxetina, Paroxetine, Paroxetiva, Paroxetop, Paroxia, Paroxil, Paroxit, Partin, Paxan, Paxetil, Paxidep, Paxil, Paxinol, Paxiza, Paxt, Paxtine, Paxxet, Pemix, Petin, Pexep, Pexeva, Posivyl, Praxo, Prexat, Prexetin, Prexor, Proxy, Psicoasten, Psycolina, PXT, Pyrantin, Qxitine, Raxit, Rexetin, Riedilex, Roxepar, Roxet, Roxtine, Sarolife, Saropide, Sedarin, Seniden, Serestill, Seretran, Sereupin, Serotin, Seroxat, Serrapress, Setine, Sicotral, Sicotropin, Sindep, Solben, Sostel, Stiliden, Suptran, Syntopar, Taberil, Tagonis, Tamcere, Texine, Tiarix, Traviata, Xepar, Xerenex, XET, Xetanor, Xeticross, Xetimox, Xetin, Xetine-P, Xetroban, Xigotin, Xilanic, Zetix, Zuria; component of Aipratex
pexacerfont CRF-1 receptor antagonist BMS 562086
phenelzine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Fenelzin, Kalgan, Monofen, Nardelzine, Nardil, Phenelzine, Stinerval; component of Complutine roja
pheniprazine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Catron, Catroniazide, Cavodil, Fenizin, Phenizin
phenoxypropazine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Drazine
pipofenine non-tricyclic antidepressant Azafen, Azaphen, Azaxavin
pirlindole tetracyclic antidepressant Euthym, Implementor, Lifrin, Pirazidol, Pyrazidol
pivhydrazine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Neomarsilid, Tersavid
pramindole see iprindole  
propizepine tricyclic antidepressant Depressin, Vagran
protirelin non-tricyclic antidepressant Antepan, Hirtonin, Inithyran, Protireline, Protirelinum, Relefact TRH, Relisorm-T, Stimu-T.S.H., Thypinone, Thyrefact, Thyroliberin TRF, Tiregan, Xantium
protriptyline tricyclic antidepressant Concordin, Concordine, Maximed, Triptil, Vivactil; component of Anelun Compositum
quinupramine tricyclic antidepressant Adeprim, Kevopril, Kinupril, Quinuprine
quipazine selective agonist for the 5-HT2 receptor family  
racoxitriptan 5-HT precursor Natil, Pretonine, Quietim
radafaxine noradrenaline and dopamine reuptake inhibitor GW-353162
reboxetine noradrenaline uptake inhibitor Davedax, Edronax, Irenor, Integrex, Narebox, Norebox, Prolift, Reboot, Rebotin, Reboxetine, Reboxxin, Solvex, Vestra, Vestral
rolicyprine   GW-353162, Radafaxine
s-adenosylmethionine see ademethionine  
safrazine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Safra
saredutant non-peptide tachykinin NK2 receptor antagonist SR 48968, SR 48968C
selegiline monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Amboneural, Ambo-neural, Amindan, Antiparkin, Brintenal, Carbex, Carbex, Clondepryl, Cognitiv, Comenter, Cosmopril, DEP, Deprenyl, Deprilan, E 250, Egibren, Eldeprine, Eldepryl, Elegelin, Emsam, Endopryl, Ensam, Erhydrol, Feliselin, FPF 1100, Jin Si Ping, Julab, Julap, Julegil, Jumax, Jumex, Jumexal, Kayexalate, Kinabide, Kinline, L-deprenyl, Legil, Lesotal, Mao-B, Maotil, Moverdin, Movergan, Moverin, Niar, Oravant, Otrasel, Parkilyne, Parkilyne, Parkinyl, Plurimen, Procythol, Regepar, Resostyl, Sedicel, Sefmex, Segan, Seldepar, Selecim, Seledat, Selegam, Selegil, Selegilin, Selegilina, Selegiline, Selegos, Selegos, Selemerck, Selenor, Selepark, Selepin, Selerin, Seletop 5, Selex, Selexss, Selezin, Selgene, Selgian, Selgimed, Selgin, Selgina, Selpar, Sepatrem, Serlain, Serlo, Siltin, Sygilum, Tremorex, Ultravital, Vivapryl, Xilopar, Zactolyne, Zelapar, Zelapon
seltorexant orexin-2-receptor-antagonist JNJ-42847922, MIN-202
serdaxin serotonin and dopamine re-uptake inhibitor RX 10100, RX 10100, RX 10100-XR, Serdaxin, Zoraxel
sertraline serotonin re-uptake inhibitor Acortral, Actiser, Adeprex, Adjuvin, Aleval, Alpraser Simple, Altisben, Altruline, Aluprex, Alutrin, Anilar, Ansium, Antipres, Aremis, Ariale, Asentra, Aserin, Asert, Asertral, Atenix, Atline, Aurasert, Aurolift, Bellsert, Besitran, Bicromil, Bzoft, Celonfex, Certorun, Cimicile, Concorz, Conexine, Contulen, Cratular, Daxid, Dazolin, Delust, Denzy, Depax, Deprax, Deprecalm, Depreger, Depsert, Deptral, Deptraser, Dipresol, Diticone, Docsertrali, Dominium, Dominum, Doxime, Eleva, Eleval, Emergen, Enidap, Epilyd, Episod, Equivac, Ertalin, Fatral, Felizita, Ferbrain, Fridep, Gerotralin, Gladem, Iglodep, Implicane, Inosert, Inosert, Insert, Insertec, Irradial, Lazymuline, Lesefer, Lomaz, Lowfin, Lusedan, Lusert, Lustral, Lustraline, Mares, Medisert, Neurosedine, Normaset, Nudep, Obzin, Pandomil, Pazeron, Periplum, Pifser, Positiv, Positiva, Prodepres, Prorecap, Prosertin, Psicomed, Purtraline, Reguxina, Relasez, Resert, Resortan, Restalin, Resteral, Retalin, Rodiflam, Salinaker, Satil, Sealdin, Sedoran, Selasmin, Selectra, Seltra, Semonic, Senta, Serad, Seralin, Seraline, Seratine, Sercerin, Serdep, Sered, Serenata, Seretral, Serfia, Serimel, Serivo, Serjet, Serlain, Serlan, Serlife, Serlift, Serlin, Serlina, Serline, Sermax, Sernade, Serne, Sernit, Sernix, Serolox, Serolux, Seron, Seronex, Serotra, Serotyp, Serpan, Ser-T, Serta, Sertac, Sertador, Sertaj, Sertakem, Sertanex, Sertarcana, Sertarnorm, Sertawin, Sertee, Sertep, Sertex, Sertil, Sertim, Sertima, Sertimo, Sertin, Sertirina, Sertodep, Sertop, Sertosh, Sertra, Sertrabrain, Sertrac, Sertragen, Sertra-Isis, Sertral, Sertralab, Sertralic, Sertralin, Sertralina, Sertraline, Sertraline, Sertralix, Sertralon, Sertra-Med, Sertranex, Sertraniche, Sertranquil, Sertrapel, Sertra-Q, Sertrateg, Sertratres, Sertraver, Sertrax, Sertraxea, Sertrex, Sertrilak, Sertrin, Sertrina, Sertrol, Sertzol, Servantax, Serybest, Setal, Setalin, Setex, Setradox, Setraline, Setrax, Setrof, Setrona, Sezol, Solutrex, Sosser, Srlin, Starin, Steel, Steet, Stimuloton, Suprisec, Suxlim, Tatig, Tialin, Tifisertal, Tolrest, Tralin, Traline, Tralinser, Traxor, Trenel, Tresleen, Trialine, Trimalon, Verax, Vunot, Xsert, Xydep, Yline, You-Jet, Zajartal, Zephyr, Zerlin, Zert OD, Zolid, Zoline, Zolodin, Zolof, Zoloft, Zolotral, Zolotrin, Zoltra, Zortal, Zosert, Zotaline, Zotral, Zoxx, Zylin; component of Aderta A, Alarm - Forte, Alarm - Plus, Alarma Forte, Alarma Plus, Alin, Alltop S, Alpanol S, Alpram Plus, Alpraser, Alprasert, Alprax Forte, Alprax Plus, Alrif-S, Alsert, Altalin, Alwel Plus, Alzex Forte, Alzex Plus, Alzolam Forte, Alzolam Plus, Alzy Plus, Anxit Forte, Anxit Plus, Ateez-S, AZO-S, Censir Forte, Denzy A, Depser-Plus, Desper Plus, Finezol SL, Loral Plus, L-Peez S, Mares-Plus, MCalm, MCalm Forte, Mentolift-Plus, Nexlpra S, Relax-S, Restyl Forte, Restyl Plus, Sertakem-AZ, Sertamax, Serxanti, Setex-A, Sinaday, Steet-Plus, Trika Forte, Trika Plus
setiptiline noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant Tecipul
sibutramine cyclobutanemethanamine Meridia, Reductil
sunepitron presynaptic 5-HT1A antagonist / 5-HT autoreceptor agonist /α2 adrenergic antagonist CP93393-1
tampramine NE potentiator AHR 9377, AHR 10.992
tandamine noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitor  
tandospirone nonbenzodiazepine anxiolytic/antidepressant Seriel, SM3997
tedatioxetine monoamine enhancer with reuptake inhibition at monoamine transporters, and antagonist activity at 5-HT3 and 5-HT2c Lu-AA 24530
teniloxazine   Metatone
tianeptine tricyclic antidepressant Coaxil, Stablon, Tiansean, Tianeurax
tofenacin ethanamine Elamol, Tofacine
toloxatone monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Humoryl, Perenum, Umoril
tomoxetine see atomoxetine  
tranylcypromine monoamine-oxidase inhibitor Jatrosom N, Parmodalin, Parnate, Parstelin Sicoton, Transamin, Transapin, Tranylcypromin, Tranylcypromine, Tylciprine; component of Cuait-D, Eskapar, Implicane, Jatrosom N, Parmodalin, Parstelin, Stelapar
trazium esilate dopaminergic mode of action EGYT 3615
trazodone relatively inhibitor of serotonin reuptake Azona, Beneficat, Bimaran, Bimarin, Codipzona, Depraser, Deprax, Deprel, Depresil, Depryl, Depyrel, Desirel, Desyrel, Devidon, Diapresan, Doctrazodone, Geripax, Manegan, Mesyrel, Molipaxin, Nestrolan, Oleptro, Pragmarel, Pragmazone, Reslin, Sideril, Suxatrin, Taxagon, Tazodac, Thombran, Tombran, Tragon, Trakon, Tramensan, Trant, Trazalon, Trazan, Trazaril, Traze, Trazo, Trazodep, Trazodil, Trazodon, Trazodona, Trazodone, Trazolan, Trazolan, Trazon, Trazone, Trazonil, Trazorel, Tresin, Trialodine, Triticum, Trittico, Tronsalan, Zodonrel, Zopotol, Zotrad
trimipramine tricyclic antidepressant Apo-Trimip, Herphonal, Mitramin, Novo-Tripramine, Pritamip, Pritax, Rhotrimine, Rho-Trimine, Sapilent, Stangyl, Sumontil, Surmonil, Surmontil, Tipram, Triblet, Trimant, trimidura, Trimijet, Trimin, Trimineurin, Trimipramin, Trimipramina, Trimipramine, Trimitip, Tripamine, Tripress, Trisif, Tydamine
trocimine non-tricyclic antidepressant Origen
tryptophan 5-HT precursor

5 HTPN, Amiphan, Ardeydorm, Ardeytropin, Bikalm, Bilamide, Biotin, Kalma (Austria · Germany), L-Tryptophan, Lyphan, Naturruhe, Neasyn, Nialip, Niatroy, Nicocin, Nicotinic Acid, Optimax, Pacitron, Sedanoct, Trofan, Tryptan, Tryptocompren, Tryptophan; component of Logos, different infusion solutions

venlafaxine serotonine-noradrenaline-reuptake-inhibitor Adefaxin, Altven, Alventa, Anapresin, Ansifix, Arafaxina, Argofan, Arvifax, Arvivax, Asegur, Axone, Benolaxe, Blossom, Bonilux, Calmdown, Cofexor, Conervin, Dalium, Depefex, Deprevix, Depurol, Dislaven, Dobupal, Doxural, Easyfor, Ectien, Eduxon, Efaxil, Efaxin, Efaxine, Efectin, Efegen, Efetrin, Efexor, Effexor, Elafax, Elaxine, Elifiy, Enlafax, Envelaf, Evelexa, Faxine, Faxiprol, Flavix, Flaxen, Foraven, Ganavax, Idoxen, Illovex, Ireven, Kirlaven, Lafaxim, Lafaxin, Lafaxven, Levensa, Levest, Limbic, Lindalex, Lunaven, Mazda, Melocin, Memomax, Mezine, Neoxacina, Nervix, Neurofax, Neurosenexon, Nezel, Norafexine, Norezor, Norpilen, Noviser, Nulev, Odivem, Odven, Oprax, Politid, Pramina, Quilarex, Rafax, Ranfaxine, Senexon, Sentidol, Sentosa, Serosmine, Sesaren, Sinasfix, Subelan, Sunvex, Tardcaps, Tifaxin, Tonpular, Trevilor, Trewilor, Tudor, Vafexin, Valax, Valfax, Valosine, Vandral, Vaxor, Vedixal, Velapax, Velax, Velaxin, Velept, Velexor, Velfex, Velmed, Velostad, Velpine, Ven, Venaxibene, Venaxin, Venaxol, Venaxx, Vencontrol, Vendep, Venex, Venexor, Venfane, Venfax, Ven-Fax, Venfor, Venish, Venixaf, Venix-XR, Veniz, Veniz, Venla, Venlabeta, Venlablue, Venlabrain, VenlaCare, Venlacross, Venladoz, Venlafab, Venlafact, Venlafaxin, Venlafaxina, Venlafaxine, Venlafex, Venlagab, Venlagamma, Venlalic, Venlamax, Venlamylan, Venlanira, Venlapel, Venlapine, Venla-Q, Venlasan, Venlasand, Venlastad, Venlatev, Venlatrev, Venlax, Venlaxin, Venlex, Venlexor, Venlifax, Venlift, Venlofex, Venlor, Vennaxa, Venoxor, Venozap, Venset, Vensir, Ventaxin, Venx, Venxine, Venxor, Veslodat, Vexarin, Vexor, Vextor, Vfax, Viepax, Voxafen, Winfex, Xadevil, Zacalen, Zacalene, Zaredrop, Zarelis
vestipitant NK1 antagonist GW597599
vilazodone 5-HT1a partial agonist and 5-HT reuptake inhibitor EMD 68843, SB 659746-A, SB 659746, Viibryd, Vintix
viloxazine non-tricyclic antidepressant Emovit, Vicilan, Viloksan, Vivalan, Vivarint
vortioxetine serotonin modulator with 5-HT1A agonist, 5-HT1B partial agonist, 5-HT1D, 5-HT3 and 5-HT7 antagonist and 5-HT reuptake inhibitory activity Brintellix, Lu AA21004, Trintellix, Vertixe, Vortiox
zimeldine 5-HT uptake inhibitor Normud, Zelmdine, Zelmid
zuranolone neurostereoid, positive allosteric modulator of the GABAA receptor Zurzuvae

Mood Stabilizers

Active Ingredient (Planned, current and previous) Trade Names
carbamazepine Acetol, Actebral, Actinerval, Admira, Agital, Amizepin, Atretol, Auration, Avaplex, Azepa, Azepal, Azepin, Bamazepin, Bamgetol, Basitrol, Bioneuril, Biston, Brucarcer, Bufipina, C.M.P., Cacerpina, Calepsin, Camapine, Carazepin, Carba, Carbabeta, Carbacontin, Carbacorp, Carbactol, Carbadac, carbadura, Carbaflux, Carbagamma, Carbagen, Carbagramon, Carbagretil, Carbagretol, Carbalan, Carbam, Carbamacepina, Carbamat, Carbamaz, Carbamazepin, Carbamazepina, Carbamazepine, Carbamin, Carbanex, Carbapin, Carbasal, Carbastar, Carbatol, Carbatrol, Carbaval, Carbazene, Carbazep, Carbazina, Carbazine, Carbdac, Carbelan liquid, Carbium, Carbymal, Carmapine, Carmaz, Carmazepin, Carmazepine, Carmian, Carmine, Carpaz, Carpin, Carsol, Carzep, Carzepin, Carzepine, Carzetol, Cetiril, Cinazel, Cizetol, Clostedal, Conformal, Convulex, Convuline, Degranol, Deleptin, Dobucar, Elebe, Epazin, Epial, Epileptol, Epiler, Epimaz, Epitol, Epix, Eposal, Equetro, espa-lepsin, Finlepsin, Fokalepsin, Foxalepsin, Furosix, Gabox, Gericarb, Hermolepsin, Invol, Karazepin, Karbalex, Karbamazepin, Karbapin, Karbasalin, Karbasif, Karbazin, Karberol, Kazepin, Kodapan, Lepsitol, Lexin, Macrepan, Mazepine, Mazetol, Mexaden, Mezacar, Neocarb, Neugeron, Neural, Neuralgon, Neuritol, Neurolep, Neurotol, Neurotop, Nordotol, Normative, Nor-Tegroll, Novo-Carbamaz, Panitol, Paralpar, Pindolol, Relacarb, Seizurone, Sepibest, Serinar, Servimazepine, Setol, Sigilex, Sirtal, Stazepine, Storilat, Storilat, Syntopine, Tanfedin, Tardotol, Taver, Tegol, Tegrepin, Tegretal, Tegretard, Tegretol, Tegrital, Telesmin, Telestin, Templane, Temporal, Temporol, Teneryl, Teril, Timonil, Tosetol, Trantil, Trencir, Trepina, Trimonil retard, Ultrepyl, Versitol, Vitatos, Volutol, Vulsivan, Zen, Zepiken, Zeptol
divalproex see valproate

Aptiom, Arupsan, BIA 2-093, Bixcar, Eslicarbazepina, Eslicarbazepine, Escarbilo, Esran, Exalief, Feoxan, SEP 0002093, Stedesa, Zebinix, Zekilep

gabapentin Gabapentin, Gabapentina, Gabax, Kaptin, Neurontin, Normatol
lamotrigine Bipolam, Bymot, Contenda, Crisomet, Da Fex, Dafex, Daksol, Dezepil, Doclamotri, elmendos, Epilepax, Epitec, Epitic, espa-trigin, Fenebra, Flamus, Gerolamic, Ginaburg, Ginacross, Girotec, Isleton, KPC Labicitin, Labileno, Lafigin, Lagotran, lambipol, Lamdra, Lamep, Lamepil, Lamepril, Lameptil, Lametec, Lameutral, Lamiart, LamicGSK, Lamicstart, Lamictal, Lamictin, Lamidus, Lamidus, Lamirax, Lamitor, Lamitor, Lamnet, Lamo, Lamocard, Lamocas, Lamocris, Lamodal, Lamogin, Lamomylan, Lamonax, Lamo-Q, Lamoro, Lamosyn, Lamosynt, Lamot, Lamotad, Lamotas, Lamotaxyl, Lamotran, Lamotriax, Lamotribene, Lamotrigil, Lamotrigin, Lamotrigina, Lamotrigine, Lamotrig-Isis, Lamotriglax, Lamotrin, Lamotrine, Lamotrisandoz, Lamotrix, Lamotrust, Lamtox, Laogine, Larig, Laspen, Latrigin, Latrigine, Latrimed, Latrin, Lavinol, Lefax, Lemit, Lemoring, Leumont, Limatic, Logem, Lojin, Lomarin, LTG, Luxxes, Lyzin, Meganox, Mogine, Motricord, Motrig, Motrigal, Munatrep, Neurium, Plexxo Plus, Prilkenzide, Protalgine, Ramitrine, Reedos, Seaze, Seftem, Seizal, Serinem, Torlemo, Tortrigine, Tradox, Traminal, Trigilab, Trigin, Trimolep, Trizol, Ximolatrim
licarbazepine LIC 477
lithium Actilitio, A-Lith, Alkalith, Benethim, Biogam Li, Cabalex, Cade, Calith, Camcolit, Carbolim, Carbolit, Carbolith, Carbolithium, Carbolitium, Carbonato de Litio, Carbonato Litio, Carbopax AP, Carboron, Carlit, Ceglution, Ceglutión, Cibalith, Contemnol, Demalit, Duralith, Dynelem Li, Efalith, Elcab, Elcab, Eskalith, Eutimin, Frimania, Gammadyn, Genlith, Granions de lithium, Hypnolith, Hypnorex, Hyponrex, Intalith, Kalitium, Karlit, Kilonum, L:ithan, Lalithium, Lentolith, Leukominerase, LGL, Li 450, Licab, Licarb, Licarbium, Lidin, Lilipin, Li-Liquid, Lilitin, Limanie, Limas, Liskonum, Litard, Litarex, Lithane, Lithea, Litheum, Lithicarb, Lithii Carbonas, Lithioderm, Lithiofor, Lithionate, Lithionit, Lithium, Lithiumchlorid, Lithiumkarbonat, Lithiumorotat, Lithiun, Lithizine, Lithmax, Lithobid, Lithocap, Lithocarb, Litho-Carb, Lithomyl, Lithonate, Lithoset, Lithosun, Lithotabs, Lithuril, Liticar, Liticarb, Litija Karbonat, Litij-karbonat, Litijum karbonat, Litil, Litilent, Litin Capsule, Litinat, Litio, Litio Carbonato, Litiocar, Litionato, Litja Oxibutirat, Lito, Litocarb, Litoduron, Litu, Manialit, Manialith, Manicarb, Maniprex, Mikroplex Lithium, Milithin, Neurolepsin, Neurolithium, Oligosol Li, Oligostim, Phanate, Phasal, Plenur, Pregin, Priadel, Prolix, Psicolit, Quilonium, Quilonorm, Quilonum, Rhen "Loges" Sedaplus, Sicolitio, Teralithe, Theralite; component of Amilit
oxcarbazepine Actinium, Apydan, Atoxecar, Aurene, Barzepin, Briobalyn, Carbamac, Carbox, Convulsin, Deprectal, Desidox, Epilexter, Exep, Lonazet, Mezalog, Mhide, Neuropatil, Neurtrol, Oleptal, Oscar, Oxalepsy, Oxamazetol, Oxana, Oxca, Oxcar, Oxcarb, Oxcarbacepina, Oxcarbazepin, Oxcarbazepina, Oxcazo, Oxep, Oxepin, Oxeptal, Oxetol, Oxicar, Oxicodal, Oxlep, Oxleptal, Oxmazetol, Ox-Mazetol, Oxolon, Oxpin, Oxrate, Oxtellar, Oxycarb, Oxypine, Oxzey, Pharozepine, Prolepsi, Quimium, Rupox, Selzic, Sinfonil, Sytoclon, Timox, Tixoval, Tolep, Trileptal, Trileptin, Tussdra, Zenoxa
pregabaline Aciryl, Akugabalin, Algecia, Alivax, Alond, Apregalin, Apregia, Axogurd, Axual, Balfibro, Brieka, Brinleo, CI 1008, Clasica, Dismedox, Dium, Dogamin, Dolgenal, Dolica, Doloneuropat, Dolorelief, Egzysta, Epibal, Epibalin, Frida, Gabalin, Gabanext, Gabica, Gablin, Gablo, Gacela, Galpreg, Ganeum, Gatica, Gavin, Gialtyn, Grabilen, Hilin, Kabian, Kineptia, Krelin, Laiden, Lalaca, Legabin, Linprel, Lunel, Lygaba, Lygabrin, Lyribastad, Lyrica, Martesia, Maxgalin, Mystika, Neopentin, Neurax, Neuristan, Neurixa, Neurobalin, Neurocan, Neurocris, Neurokop, Neurolin, Neuronal, Neuropre, Neurovan, Neurum, Nova, Nova, Novapreg, Nuramed, Nurika, PD 144723, Pegabal, Pegalin, PGB, Plenica, Pongabe, Pragiola, Pramep, Prebanal, Prebanol, Prebictal, Prebien, Prefalix, Pregab, Pregaba, Pregabadin, Pregabador, Pregabador, PregabaHexal, Pregabalin, Pregabalina, Pregabaline, Pregabax, Pregabin, Pregalex, Pregalin Caps, Pregamid, Preganet, Preganerve, Pregaredi, Pregasafe, PregaTab, Pregatas, Pregazim, Pregba, Preghet, Pregicob, Preglex, Pregobin, Pregox, Prelix, Preludyo, Prelynca, Premax, Preneu, Preneurolin, Prestat, Priarit, Prikul, Principia, Progab, Progobin, Regadex, Regalin, Resenz, Rewisca, Segabin, Seremax, Siranalen, S-isobutylGABA, Syngab, Torgabalin, Vexer, Xablin, XIL, Zeegap

Acomicil, Acotopa, Anepigran, Arizic, Biomood, Epila, Epilmax, Epilramate, Epimate, Epiramax, Episquit, Epistal, Epitomax, Epitop, Epitoz, Fagodol, Gabatopa, Grisil, Hitop, Jadix, Letop, Movator, Nabian-K, Neurotoprel, Neutop, Nuromate, Pamiram, Piracross, Piraleps, Piramax, Pirantal, Protomax, Qudexy, Rantopa, Roklisan, Rondigal, Ropimate, Serizil, Surxtop, Talopam, Tamate, Tanacol, Tiantol, Tiramate, Tomigraine, Tomzy, Topalex, Topamac, Topamax, Topamed, Topepil, Topgran, Topibrain, Topictal, Topilep, Topimax, Topimax, Topina, Topinmate, Topiragamma, Topira-Lax, Topiram, Topirama, Topiramat, Topiramate, Topiramato, Topiramed, Topirato, Topirax, Topiref, Topirex, Topirol, Topiron, Topitag, Topitec, Topival, Toplep, Topmate, Topore, Toprel, Topreno, Topumate, Topvex, Toramat, Toramate, Tramixin, Trokendi XR, Trokesa, Zinalow

valproate Absenor, Acide Valproique, Acido valproico, Aleptiz, Apilepsin, Atemperator, Belvo, Bolpini, Braiporin, Convulex, Convulsofin, Criam, Cronoval, Cryoval, Dapakan, Delepsine, Depacon, Depakene, Depakin, Depakine, Depakote, Depalept, Depamag, Deparkin, Deprakine, Deproic, Desorate, Dicorate, Di-DPA, Diproex, Dipromal, Divaa, Divalex, Divalp, Divalprax, Divalproato, Divalproex, Divalproex Sodium, Divals, Di-Vp, Divuna, DPA, Dyzantil, Edorame, Eftil, Elvetium, Encorate, Epi-Chrono, Epiject I.V., Epilam, Epilex, Epilim, Epilizine, Episenta, Epival, Eprolep, Epsoval, Equival, Ergenyl, Ergonyl, espa-valept, Espertal, Everiden, Exibral, Ferbin, Gamibetal, Hexaquin, Hydoic acid, Hyserenin, Ikalep, Lepavent, Leptilan, Leptilanil, Leptilen, Logical, Mepakene, Micropakine, Mylproin, Myproic acid, Napilex, Natriumvalproat, Navalin Chrono, Navalpro, Neuractin, Nopileptik, Novoseven, Oltril, Orfilept, Orfiril, Orlept, Petilin, Pimiken, Pragmaten, Propymal, Proval, Provalex, Selenica-R, Sincretone, Sinepil, Sodaval, Sodijet, Sodium Valproate, Sova Chrono, Spikalon, Stavzor, S-Valpro, Syonell, Torvate, Trankitec, Val, Valance, Valate, Valberg, Valcas, Valcote, Valdia, Valeptic, Valeptol, Valhel, Valipesia, Valki, Valnar, Valoin, Valowin, Valpakine, Valpamag, Valparin, Valparin, Valparine, Valpex, Valpip Crono, Valpofin, Valporal, Valporal, Valporin, Valposim, Valprax, Valprazik, Valprease, Valpresor, Valprex, Valprid, Valpro, Valproas, Valproat, Valproate, Valproate de Sodium, Valproato, Valproato de magnesio, Valproato de sodio, Valproato sódico, valprodura, Valproic, Valproic Acid, Valproinsäure, Valproken, Valprol, Valprolife, Valpromax, Valpromed, Valpron, Valprosid, Valprosin, Valprostat, Valrate, Valsup, Valsure, Valtec, Valtec, Val-XR, Vamegist, Vematina, Vupral, Zorat, Zoret
zonisamide Excegran, Zonegran

Psychostimulants (* = on the Anti-Doping-Codex of the Olympic Society)

Active Ingredient (Planned, current and previous) Trade Names
amfepramon* Regenon, Tenuate
amfetamine see amphetamine
amphetamine* Adzenys, Aktedron, Amfetamin, Anfetamina, Amphetamine, Benzadrine, Centamina, Delcobese, Dexamin, Dyanaval, Evekeo; component of Adderall, Adiparthrol, Biphetamine, Epipropane, Ortenal, Pento Adiparthrol
bambuterol* Bambec, Bambudil, Oxeol
clobenzorex* Asenlix
clorprenaline* Asnormal, Bazarl, Bronchon, Clopinerin, Conselt, Cosmoline, Fusca, Kalutein, Pentadoll, Restanolon, Troberin
cocaine* Cocaine
cropropamide* component of Micoren, Respirot
crotetamide* component of Micoren, Respirot
cyprodemanol see cyprodenate
cyprodenate Actebral, LB 125, RD 406
dexamfetamine see dextroamphetamine
dexamphetamine see dextroamphetamine
dexmethylphenidate Focalin
dextroamphetamine ACT Amphetamine, Adiparthrol, Attentin, Dexamfetamine, Dexamin, Dexampex, Dexamphetamine, Dexedrine, Dextroamphetamine, DextroStat, Ferndex, Procentra, Zenzedi; component of Adderall, Biphetamine, Dexamyl-Spansule
see amfepramon
component of Metrotonin
ethylamphetamine* Apetinil Depo
see ethylamphetamine
etilefrine* Corcanfol, Effortil, Hyprosia
fencamfamin* component of Reactivan
fenetylline* Captagon, Fitton
fenoterol* Berotec
fenproporex* Desobesi-M, Ifa Diety, Lipenan, Salcal, Sinapet
isoprenaline* Aleudrina, Autohaler, Bronhodilatin, Chlorhydrate d'Isoprenaline B. Braun, Euspiran, Ingelan, Iprenol, Isolin, Isomenyl, Isoprenalin, Isoprenalina, Isoprenalinum, Isoproterenol, Isorenin, Isuprel Mistometer, Izoprenalin, Lenoprel, Medihaler-Iso, Min-I-Jet Isoprenaline, Novodrin, Proterenal, Saventrine, Sedansol Osi, Sooner
lisdexamfetamine* Attentin, Elvanse, LDX, Lisdexamfetamina, NRP 104, Samexid, SPD 489, S 877489, Tyvense, Venvanse, Vyvanse
L-lysine-d-amphetamine see lisdexamfetamine
mefenorex* Doracil, Incital
mesocarb* Syndnocarb
metaraminol* Aramin, Aramine, Fadamine, Metaraminol
methamphetamine Cidrin, Desoxyn, Methedrine
methylphenidate* Adaphen, Addwize, Adhansia, Affenid, Aptensio, Aradix, Artige, Atenza, Attenta, Aurium, Biphentin, Centedrin, Cognil, Concerta, Contramyl, Cotempla, Daytrana, Doprilten, Elem, Elmifiten, Equasym, Inspiral, Jornay, Kinecteen, Matoride, Medicebran, Medikid, Medikinet, Mefinad, Mefinat, Metadate, Methylfenidaat, Methylin, Methylpheni, Methylphenidat, Methylphenidate, Methylphenidathydrochlorid, Methysym, Metidate, Metilfenidato, Metphen, Metrans, Metylfenidat, Metyrol, MFD, Motoride, MPH, Neoaradix, Nebapul, Neoradix, Neucon, Penid, Prohiper, Quasym, QuilliChew, Quillivant, Rilatin, Rilatina, Rilatine, Ritalin, Ritalina, Ritaline, Ritaphen, Ritrocel, Rubicrono, Rubifen, Tradea, Tifinidat, Tranquilyn, Xaggitin, Xenidate
pemoline* A 30.400, Anform, Betamin, Betanamin, Ceractiv, Cylert, Deadyn, Dynalert, Dynamin, Hyperilex, Hyton Asa, Kethamed, PemADD, Pemolina, Pemoline, Psicodelta, Ronyl, Senior 20, Sigmadyn, Stimul, Tamilan, Tradon, Vidil, Volital; component of Potensan forte, Vontade
phendimetrazine* Adipost, Anoran, Antapentan, Bontril, Di-Ap-Trol, Dyrexan, Melfiat, Obezine, Phendimetrazine Tartate, Prelu-2, Wehless, Weightrol, X-Trozine
phenmetrazine* Marsin, Prelazin, Preludin, Probese-P, Willpower
phentermine* Adipex, Duromine, Fastin, Ifa Reduccing, Inosie F, Ionamin, Ionamine, Minobese, Novirazin, Obe-Nix, Oby-Cap, Panbesy, Panshape, Parmine, Phentermine, Phentride, Redusa, T-Diet, Teramine, Unifast, Umine Timedcaps, Unine, Wilpowr
prolintane* Catorid, Promotil


Active Ingredient Class (Planned, current and previous) Trade Names
adinazolam triazolobenzodiazepine Deracyn, U 41.123, U 41.123 F
alpidem   Ananxyl
alpertine   WIN 31665
alprazolam benzodiazepine Aaram, Abaxon, Acalm, Aceprax, Actazolam, Actirax, Adax, Adco-Alzam, Ajanta, Akrozolam, Alam SR, Alap, Alark, Albiz, Alcalm, Alcelam, Alcicalm, Aldep, Aldip, Aleez, Aleez SR, Alep, Alfix, Alfresh, Alganax, Alkrazil, Allam, Alltop, Almee, Almir, ALP, Alp X, Alpam, Alpanol, Alparazole, Alpaz, Alpaz, Alpazol, Alpkair, Alplacin, Alplax, Alpose, Alpra, Alpra G, Alprac, Alpracon, Alpraday, Alpradol MD, Alpralid, Alpram, Alpramax SR, Alpramax-CR, Alpranax, Alpranex SR, Alpraquil, Alprasan, Alprastad, Alprastan, Alprasyn, Alpratop, Alpravecs, Alprawin, Alprax, Alprax MT, Alpraz, Alprazan, Alprazig, Alprazol, Alprazolam, Alprazolamstada, Alprazolamum, Alprazomed, Alprazostad, Alprazz, Alpril, Alprocalm, Alprocontin, Alprogard, Alprol, Alpronax, Alpronit, Alprose, Alprosym, Alprotame, Alprowon, Alprox, Alproz, Alprozam, Alrelax, Alrest, Alrif, Altraxic, Altrox, Alviz, ALZ, Alzac, Alzam, Alzax, Alzep, Alzex, Alzex SR, Alzin, Alzo, Alzoact, Alzoax-XR, Alzobac, Alzocum, Alzoft, Alzokam, Alzolam, Alzolite, Alzom, Alzomax, Alzon, Alzonex, Alzopam, Alzopax, Alzorix, Alzot, Alzot SR, Alzy, Amziax Anax, Anax, Andep, Anilam, Anlzium, Anpress, Anquil, Ansidan, Ansielix, Ansilan, Ansilumirm, Ansiolin, Ansiolit, Ansionil, Ansiopax (Chile), Ansiopral, Anxicalm, Anxico, Anxigo, Anxigon, Anxilam, Anximex, Anxirid, Anxit, Anxitab (0.50mg), Anxizam, Anxorel CR, Anxyl, Anzal, Anzi, Anzilum, Anzion, Apal-SR, Apna, Apo-Alpraz, Apotex, Apraz, Aprazo, Apsolam, APZ, Arivics, Aryalam, Atam, Ateez, Atrest, Avizolem, Axal, Axizox, Axnil, Azicalm, Azoblu, Azor, Azoslip, Azox, B Kalm, Balmusa, Balozam, Balzam SR, Becede, Benzax, Benzolam, Berest, Besquil, Bestrol, Bio Zolam, BLIZ, B-Rest, Calm, Calmax, Calmef, Calmlet, Calmol, Calmtec, Cassadan, Constan, Coolam, Copax, Copax SR, Cqlam, D Kam, Daclor, Dacloran, Dalbos, Dalp LA, Danox, Dazolam, Debrezrelax, Deproz, Dexolam, Dial, Dipra, Diprex, Dixin, Dizolam, Docalprazo, Drimpam, Duazolam, Dugs, ECI, Ecsit SR, Elzopam, Emcalm, Emeral, Endep, Enxolam, Erazol, ES-3, Esparon, Esteem, Eurolam, Eurolam SR, Exprex, Ezoprax, F A D, FAD SR, Farmapram, Feprax, Finezol, Florone, Frixitas, Frontal, Frontin, G Prax, G Rest, Gerax, Golprax, Grifoalpram, Helex, Himzolam, Hipose, Hipose SR, Hiprazole, Ibizolam, Indolam, Irizz., Isorest, Jolistar, Kalma (Australia & Taiwan), Kaprolam, Kentium, Kinax, Krama, Ksalol, L Peez, Labox, Lam, Lam LA, Lamad, Liberad, Librazolam, Logat, Loral, Loral SR, Luzarn, Mandar, Manorest, Manzolam, Marzolam, Maxorest, MDT, Mediprex, Mialin, Mod Zolam, Moderex, Morecalm, Myalin, Nalion, Nervus, Neupax, Neurol, Nexlpra, Niravam, Nirvan, Nitril, Nivelan-N, Norex, Notence, Notens, Novazolam, Novo-Alprazol, Noxeprom, Nu-Alpraz, Nucalm, Oclam, Onapract, Ondil, Optizole, Orten, Orten Forte, Ozolam, P Kala, P Kalm, P Zolam, Pacific, Pacyl, Pacyl SR, Panix, Panix, Parazolam, Pax, Pax SR, Paxor, Pazolam, Pecalm, Pharnax, Pirval, Pisalpra, Pizolam, Pizolam SR, Plasedan, Plaxid, Plaxid, Poex, Poize, Pralam, Praxal, Prazam, Prazil, Prazin, Prazofel, Prazolam, Prinox, Procalm, Prolam, Prosanti, Prozam, Psicozolam, PTA, Q Rest, Quiet, Razolam, Reclam, Relax, Relaxia, Relaxten, Relozam, Renax, Rescalm, Resolin, Restam, Resto, Restyl, Restyl SR, Rezolam, Rian, Richpram SR, Rilow, Romipraz, Rospaz, Roza, Roza DS, Rozin, Samitol SR, Samprex, Samrox, Sanerva, Sanit, Sanprazole, Sapram, Saturnil, Secam, Sedalam, Sedaler, Sedapan, Sedasmyl, Sedatival, Sedicepan, Sedipral, Sedo Aportil, Selam, Selamb, Serenil, Serex, Setlan, Shant, Shanti, Silam, Sinozol, Sinzolam, Solace, Solanax, Solocalm, Somnarest, Somnia, Somnirest, Sowel, Soxietas, Sozox, Stein Zolam, Sublimex, Suzikem, Suzilam, Synozolam, Tafil, Tagat, Tagut, Tancalm, Tazun, Tenan, Tenfree, Tenolam, Tenrid, Tenschem, Tenscure, Tensium, Tensivan, Tensyl, Tenzo, Texidep, Thiprasolan, Tiox, Topazolam, Torantsita, Tranax, Tranisol, Trankimazin, Tranquinal, Trans, Transiol, Trapose, Trazopin, Tresanil, Tricalma, Trika, Trika SR, Tri-Neurin, Tryzo, Unilan, Unixl SR, Valeans, Viprax, Visram, Welnorm, Wycalm, Wycalm Fort, Xanacine, Xanagis, Xanax, Xanolam, Xanolam, Xanor, Xanti, Xanti XR, Xycalm, Xylonite, Zacetin, Zallpam, Zam, Zamhexal, Zamitol, Zamitol SR, Zanapam, Zaxan, Zeecam, Zenax, Zeprax, Zepro, Ziety, Zocam, Zodia DS, Zoem, Zola D, Zola DS, Zolam, Zolam SR, Zolampax, Zolaram, Zolarem, Zolark, Zolastin, Zolax, Zolax SR, Zoldac, Zoldac SR, Zolent, Zolent SR, Zolin, Zolipax SR, Zoloid, Zolorel, Zoltweet, Zolydep, Zomark, Zomark SR, Zomoprax, Zopain, Zopam, Zopam, Zopax, Zopic, Zopral, Zorest, Zotam, Zotran, Zozo, Zypraz, Zyren; component of Aderta A, Aipratex, Alamflu, Alarm - Forte, Alarm - Plus, Alarma Forte, Alarma Plus, Albiz-FX, Alflux, Alin, Alltop P, Alltop S, Almac-P, Almac-P-S R, Alone, ALP PLUS, Alpanol S, ALP-FT, ALP-FTD, Alplacin Digest, Alplax Digest, Alpram Plus, Alpra-P, Alpraser, Alprasert, Alprawin F T, Alprawin P, Alprax Forte, Alprax Plus, Alprax Z, Alprine H, Alprine Plus, Alpro Forte, Alpron Plus, Alprop, Alprose Plus, Alrif-S, Alsert, Altalin, Altin, Alwel Plus, Alzex Forte, Alzex Plus, Alzolam Forte, Alzolam Plus, Alzolite Forte, Alzolite Plus, Alzoset, Alzotime-Plus, Alzy Plus, Ambulax, Ambulax HD, Ambulax M, Ambusyn, Ambutech, Ansielix Digest, Anxiflu, Anxit Forte, Anxit Plus, Anxofit, Anzal Plus, Anzal Plus-H, Anzi P, Anzocalm, Apal-P, Atal, Ateez-F, Ateez-S, AZO-F, AZO-O, AZO-S, Azox-P, Balmusa Plus, Belfa, Benzax-F, Beta-Anxit, Betapax-M, Bloclock, Calmtec P, Cam Plus, Cardilax, Censir Forte, Cooltime, Cozac-AZ, Deminy Plus, Denzy A, Depflu-A, Depoxit-Plus, Depser-Plus, Depsolam, Depten-AZ, Depwell, Desper Plus, Destres, Digeprax, Dizeral-AZ, Dizeral-AZM, Ecsit-P, Elflu, Emlol-A, Euciton Stress, Eutransil, Exiten Plus, Faa Plus, Fax-A, Faxtin-A, Finezol FX, Finezol IM, Finezol SL, Fledore-A, Flu Star, Flu-AL, Fludep Plus, Fludep-AZ, Flu-kam, Flumusa, Flumusa Forte, Flunix-A, Fluprax, Fluti, Flutop, Fluwel, Fluxin-AL, Fluxozam, Fluzolam, Fultop, HD A, Imprax, Kurelam-F, Lam Plus, Lam Plus-H, Loral Plus, Loral-PR, L-Peez F, L-Peez S, Magfa, Mares-Plus, MCalm, MCalm Forte, Mebasap AL, Mebaspa AL, Mebrin AZ, Meloprax (IND), Mentolift-Plus, Neupax Duo-S, Nexlpra S, Nokzok, Normatine Plus, Omelam, Pacific-H, Pacific-Plus, Paz, Pifzot, Pizolam P, Plxna, Plxna M, Pranol-F, Pro Xanti, Pro Ziety, Pronext, Pronil Plus, Propnix Forte, Proprazolam, Proprazolam-M, Pro-Ziety-H, Prozolam, Psycool Plus, Pyrex - P, Relax-BB, Relax-F, Relax-S, Rescalm-AZ, Resta, Restyl Forte, Restyl Plus, Riolam-F, Rivcam, Sertakem-AZ, Sertamax, Serxanti, Setex-A, Sidomal, Sinaday, Sinner, Somnia-PR, Steet-Plus, Stresnil (IND), STS, Taz-SR, Tenil, Tenlax, Tenolam Plus, Tensfree, Tensium Gastric, Tensyn-AZ, Tenzo-P, Tenzorid, Tranquinal Soma, Tresanil Digest, Tresanil S, Trika Forte, Trika Plus, Trustin, Xerodep-A, Zedel A, Zedep-A, Zepro-M, Zolar-P, Zolent Forte, Zolent Plus, Zolorest FX, Zolran, Zoltweet Forte, Zoltweet Plus, Zomark-Fx, Zopax Plus, Zotin Plus
azaperon see buspirone  
benactyzine benzeneacetic acid Cedad, Lucidil, Finalin; component of GE 1783, Idemin, Meprozine
bentazepam thienodiazepine Thiatipone, Tiadipona
benzodiazepinectamine see benzoctamin  
benzoctamin anthracene derivative Ba 30803, Tacital, Tacitil, Tacitin, Tacitine
bromazepam benzodiazepine Akamon, Amant, Anconevron, Aneurit, Ansietyl, Ansiogen, Ansiosel, Ansioter, Ansium, Anxilium, Anxiocalm, Anxyrex, Atemperator, Balamol, Bartul, Benedorm, Bidormil, Brasalen, Brazepam, Brixopan, Bromacalm, Bromalex, BromaLich, Bromam, Bromased, Bromatanil, Bromatop, Bromaz, Bromazanil, Bromaze, Bromazep, Bromazepam, Bromazephar, Bromidem, Brominter, Bronpamed, Bropan, Brozam, Brozepam, Brozepax, Butecam, Calmepam, Cipaxil, Compendium, Creosedin, Deptran, Dipax, Docbromaze, Dreamker, Durazanil, Emopax, Equiplen, Equisedin, Estomina, Evagelin, Fabozepam, Finaten, Gasmol, GityI, Gityl, Glorius, Hatmmony, Hypno-Sed, Lectopam, Lekotam, Lenitin, Lentobis, Lesedan, Lexatin, Lexaurin, Lexilium, Lexomil, Lexopam, Lexostad, Lexotan, Lexotane, Lexotanil, Lexptan, Lexzepam, Libronil, Lortan, Lucita, Lusipax, Mederantil, Mitransil, Molival Bromazepam, Neo-Opt, Nervfanil, Nervan, Nervium (Belgium), Neurozepam, Normoc, Notorium, Nulastres, Octanyl, Otedram, Pacifen, Pacilex, Pascalium, Psicobrom, Quietiline, Relaxil, Rolab Bromazepam, Sacietil Stress, Sedamax, Sedatus, Sedazin, Sedopan, Seniran, Serenit, Serepax, Sipcar, Solpan, Somalium, Totasedan, Tredum, Tritopan, Ultramidol; component of Ansietil S NF, Biorgan B, Colixane B, Colonix B, Debridat B, Eudon, Eugin, Eumotil-T, Faradil Novo, Lexil, Lexpiride, Miopropan T 200, Miopropan-T, Mitransil S, Optimid Digest, Optimid Plus, Somasedan, Sulpan, Trimebutina, Vegestabil Digest, Velosedan Compuesto
brotizolam thienodiazepine Indormyl, Ipnos, Ladormin, Lendorm, Lendormin, Lindormin, Mederantil, Nimbisan, Noctilan, Sintonal
buspirone azaspirodecandion-derivative Achocalm, Actium, Ansial, Ansiced, Ansionax, Ansised, Ansitec, Ansiten, Antipsichos, Anxinil, Anxiolan, Anxipar, Anxiron, Anxut, Aristopiron, Axoren, Barpil, Bergamol, Bespar, Besparon, Biron, Boronex, Buporin, Busanil, Buscalm, Buscalma, Busiral, Buson, Busoril, Busp, Buspanil, Buspar, Buspar, BuSpar, Busparium, Buspidac, Buspidac, Buspiman, Buspimen, Buspin, Buspinol, Buspirex, Buspirona, Buspirone, Buspisal, Buspon, Busron, Bustab, Censpar, Dalpas, Dergelasen, Duvaline, Effiplen, Epsilat, Establix, Exan, Hiremon, Hobatstress, Idroxin, Itagil, Kallmiren, Kalmiren, Komasin, Lanamont, Lebilon, Ledion, Losiren, Loxapin, Mabuson, Nadrifor, Narol, Nervostal, Neurosine, Nevrorestol, Nopiron, Norbal, Normaton, Pasrin, Pasrin, Paxon, Pendium, Piranil, Psibeter, Relac, Relax, Sburol, Senspar, Sepirone, Seron, Sorbon, Spamilan, Spasmilan, Spitomin, Stressigal, Supiron, Suxin, Tamspar, Tensispes, Trafuril, Tran-Q, Travin, Tutran, Umolit, Xiety; component of Colitran GX
camazepam benzodiazepine Albego, Amotril, Limpidon, Nebolan, Panevril, Paxaure, Paxos
captodiame ethanamide Covatine
carisoprodol   Anidol, Apesan, Artifar, Atonalyt, Caprodat, Carisol, Carisoma, Diolene, Erbasoma, Fibrosona, Flexartal, lsobamate, Listaflex, Meprodat, Miocalma, Mio-Relax, Mioridol, Mioril, Mioxom, Rela, Relasom, Relaxo-Powel, Sanoma, Scutamil, Soma, Somadril, Somalgit, Somanil, Soprodol, Soridol
centalun   Centalun
cetamolol   Betacor
chlordemetildiazepam see delorazapem  
chlordiazepoxide benzodiazepine Abboxide, Ansiacal, Antizide, Anuar, Apo-Chlorax, Apollonset, A-Poxide, Arsitran, Azepyl, Balance, Benpine, Bent, Bentran, Benzodiapin, Binomil, Brigen-G, Calming, Calmoden, CDP, Cebrum, Cetabrium, Chemdipoxide, Chlordiazachel, Chlordiazepoxide, Chlordiazepoxidum, Chlortran, Chlozepid, Chuichin, Circe, Clordiazepoxido, Cloxide, Consun, Contol, Cop, Corax, C-Tran, Cozep, Deca-Poxyde, Defobin, Depoxil, Diabrim, Diapax, Diazachel, Diazebrum, Diazepina, Dimixol, Dipoxido, Disarim, Dizepin, Donapax, Doxal, Droxol, Ekivan, Elenium, Elibrium, Endequil, Eposal, Epoxide, Equibral, Equidal, Equilibrium, Erotensil, Fargen, Fisiol, Florema, Gene-Poxide, Helms, Helogaphen, H-Tran, Huberplex, Ifibrium, Isolibr, J-Liberty, Kalbrium, Kalmocaps, Karmoplex, Klimax-S, Klipoxid "Dak", Klopoxid, Klorpo, Labican, Lentotran, Libaca, Liberans, Liberth, Liberty, Libnum, Librax, Librelease, Libritabs, Librium, Librizan, Libroxide, Limboxid, Libraxin, Libulin, Liponil, Lipoxide, Lixin, Lo Tense, Lowten, Medilium, Metazepin, Mildmen, Mitran, Moderal Clor, Multum, Murcil, Nack, Napoton, Neo-Gnostorid, Neo Gnostoride, Neuropax, Nevrum, Nirvan, Nirvaxal, Normide, Nova-Pam, Novopoxide, Novosed, O.C.M., Oasil, Omnali Esteve, Omnalio, Paliatin, Paxium, Peast C, Philcorium, Pneymic, Poxi, Protensin, Psichial, Psicofar, Psicosan, Psicosedin, Psicoterina, Radepur, Raysedan, Relax, Relaxil, Reliberan, Relium, Reposal, Reposans, Restamin, Restanil, Restocalm, Retcol, Rima 10 Chlordiazepoxide, Ripolin, Risachief, Risolid, Ro 5-0690, Sakina, Sedonova, Seduxen, Sentil, Seren, Sereen, Serenal, Serendyl, Serenvita, Seren Vita, Servium, Sintesedan, SK-Lygen, Slibcap, Smail, Solium, Sonia, Sophiamin, Sosedib, Spaz-10, Sterium, Taee, Tenax, Tensil, Tensinyl, Tensium, Timosin, Trakipeal, Trakipearl, Traksin, Transer, Trilium, Tropium, Udibrium, Untensin, Valclair, Vapine, Viansin, Via-Quil, Zeisin, Zenecin, Zetran, Zoporium; component of Acufenil, Aerogastrol, Aeroitan, Agaton, Amiclozor, Amicon Forte, Amicon Plus, Amicure, Amidez, Amilite Plus, Amitar Forte, Amitar Plus, Amitrac-cz, Amitral 12.50 mg / 5.0 mg, Amitral-Forte, Amitrim-C, Amitrix, Amitrol, Amitryn, Amitryn-C Plus, Amiwel Forte, Amiwel Plus, Amixide, Amize, Amizep, Amrea C, Amtipax Plus, Amtipax Plus H, Amypres-C, Andep, Ansietyl, Antalin, Anxi Tab, Anxisern, Anxitab, Anxtri, Apo-Chlorax, Aptric, Arpidox-CP, Axeptyl, Becalm, Belrest, Blocadryl "S", Bralix, C-Pax-T, Calm, Calmtech, Carekul, Chlobax, Chlorax, Chlordiazepoxide and Amitriptyline, Chlordiazepoxide with clidinium, Chlotrip, Chlozep, Cibis, Cinipox, Clid, Clindex, Clinoxide, Clipoxide, Cloact FC, Cloxide Plus, Colinorm, Colipax, Colissel, Colitran, Coliwin-R, Cotrip Forte, Cotrip H, Cotrip Plus, Curefit, Cynosleep, Czep-F, Czep-H, Dapax, Dep 37, Depof 37, Depsodep, Diapatol, Diazemat, Diazepoxin, Dinipox, Ecalmate, Elicalm, Emotrip, Equcalm Plus,Equicalm, Equicalm Plus, Equirex, Espasmosilan, Eticolin, Fargenor, Febl, FIT, Fluzep, Fulcrum, Gastrolen, Gastropax, Gastropaz, Hec T, Imidiaz, Imipox, Insome Plus, Iremia, Jotal, Klotriptyl, Klotriptyl Mite, Kralant, Lerogin, Libimal, Libocalm, Libomin, Libotryp, Libotryp-DS, Libotryp-XL, Librafin, Libral, Librax, Libraxin, Librin-C, Librocol, Librodep, Libroksil, Librolent, Libronit, Libropar, Lidox, Lidoxide, Limaxin, Limbatril, Limbatrilin, Limbitrol, Limbitrol F, Limbitryl, Limbival, Limbival Forte, Lodep Plus, Madalen, Maxitrip-CZ, Melime, Menrium, Mitryp, Mitryp Forte, Moralin, Mvrin-C, Neurocalm, No-Ref, Normaline Plus, Normaxin, Normaxin-RT, Normozin, Norpax, Pantrop, Pantrop Retard, Parazin-C, Pasem, Paxium, Peace, Pefanic, Pefanium, Pehaspas, Pentrium, Plafonyl, Profisin, Prokar, Psico-Blocan, Psychoril, Quick Calm, Quilar, Raitrip Plus, Rambol, Relax Sedans, Relaxedans, Relidep Plus, Ristryl, Ristryl Forte, Ro 4-6270, Seacalm, Sedans, Serepose, Sereval Plus, Shricalm, Sidep, Some Plus, Somit, Somnium (not in Greece & not in Switzerland), Spasmoten, Spasril, Sycopax, Tensoliv, Totalgesina, Totasedan, Trait, Tranconij, Tricala, Tricalm, Tricd, Tricose, Trinadep, Triplex Forte, Triplex Plus, Tripoxide, Trixia, Trixide, Trizen, Trizep, Trociz, Trofaz - CZ, Tryline Forte, Tryline Plus, Typlin-C, Ulrax, Ulrax-C, Ulrax-D, Ultra Dep, Ultradep, Vagostabyl, Weldip, Xtracalm, Zodep Plus
chlormezanone   Agnolet, Alemitel, Alinam, Banabin, Chlomedinon, Chlormezanon, Clorifax, Fenarol, Iremidon, Lobak, Lumbaxol, Manipal, Metsapal, Murelax, Muscotal, Muskapat, Muskel Trancopal, Myoflex, Myolespen, Neuroton, Nevrostop, Psichoton, Psychogen, Relizon, Rexan, Rilaquil, Rilaquil, Supotran, Tanafol, Tonobron, Trancolax, Trancopal, Trancote, Tancrol, Tranrilax, Transanate, Trilax
ciclotizolam thienodiazepine  
cinolazepam benzodiazepine Gerodorm
climazolam benzodiazepine Climasol, Climazolam
clobazam benzodiazepine Aedon, Anxirloc, Asabium, Bexam, Castilium, Clarmyl, Cloba, Clobaday, Clobakon, Clobalex, Clobam, Clobamax, Clobanex, Clobastar, Clobatar, Clobator, Clobazam, Clobecort, Clobium, Clodus, Clofritis, Clopax, Clozam, Czam, Doxgem, Epiba, Epizam, Frisium, Gabaplus, Grifoclobam, Karidium, Likozam, Lobazam, Lucium, Maginol, Noiafren, Obax, Odipam, Onfi, Perizam, Pixie, Quibazam, Sederlona, Sentil, Sezam, Silocalm, Sloba, Suisan, Sympazan, Temperax, Urbadan, Urbanil, Urbanol, Urbanyl, Urbax, Zacco, ZEP-10; component of Clomifensin, Hoe 8476, Psyton, Psyton mite
clonazepam benzodiazepine Acepram, Acepran, Adnil, Aklonil Alerion, Almac, Alrest, Amotril, Ansiolam, Antelepsin, Anxrea, Anzatax, Azpax, Bejowa, Blortem, Calmnir, Catier, Cefantral, Celaxin, Ciclox, Cleps, Clez, CLH MD, Cloam, CLODEP-MD, Clon, Clonabay, Clonac, Clonacan, Clonacex, Clonadex, Clonagin, Clonalgin, Clonam, Clonapam, Clonapax, Clonapik, Clonapilep, Clonapine, Clonaril, Clonark MD, Clonasedan, Clonasig, Clonatrac, Clonatril, Clonatryl, Clonax, Clonax, Clonax, Clonaxyl, Clonazam, Clonazen 2, Clonazepam, Clonazepamum, Cloneepam, Cloner, Clonex, Clonipres, Clonix, Clonoasig, Clonopam, Clonopin, Clonoten, Clonotril, Clonzy, Clopam, Closed, Closis, Clotas, Clotweet, Cloxanfar, Cloxaquim, Clozam, Clozanil, Cloze, Clozep, Clozer, Clozipam, Clozorix, Convaclon, Convolsil, Coquan, Cozil, Crismol, Crucial, Diocam, E - Cloz, Easyfeel, Edictium, Edictum, Eminaz, Epcon, Epicloz, Episep, Epitril, Epizam, Epizep, Equiliv, Felanor, Flozepan, Gabaclotec, Grifoclobam, Histrol, Iktorivil, Induzepan, Jasoclam, Kenitra, Kenoket, Klon, Klonopin, Klopam, Kriadex, LA 6, Landsen, Leptic, Levonam, Logen, Lomequin, Lonazep, Lonin, Lonipax, Lozep, Maxipax, MD Calm, Meloprax (not in India), Melzap, Miozepam, Modifical, Naza, Nazee, Neurazepan, Neuryl, Nexclo, Norep, Novo-Clopate, Nozim, Nupam, Olan, Olimer, Onapil, Ozepam, Paditex, Panazeclox, Paxam, Petril, Placidiax, Povanil, QP-ZEP, Quazemic, Quietal, Ravatril, Ravimil, Ravotril, Repam, Revozip, Ribocler, Ribosan, Riklona, Riuclonaz, Rivatril, Rivocler, Rivolab, Rivopam, Rivopax, Rivoril, Rivotril, Ropsil, Sedalium, Sedapan, Sedatril, Sediflam, Sedovanon, Sensaton, Sezolan, Sezolep, Solfidin, Somnotril, Sulivan, Tecepin, Ubitpam, Valpax, Xenotril SL, Zaar, Zapiz, Zatrix, ZEE, Zeficar, Zepam, Zepamax, Zepanc, Zeptril, Zicam-DT, Zolpidox, Zozep, Zymanta; component of Anxiset Plus, Cionamat, Cit Clo, Cita-S Forte, Cita-S Plus, Citolex Plus, C-Pram Plus, Deptune Plus, Dexanil Plus, Dipwell plus, Ecitalop-C, Ection, Elpram C, Escepam, Escimax-CZ, Escirise-CZ, Escita Plus, Escitacalm Plus, Escitapax Plus, Escitapax Plus-H, Escitapax Plus-L, Escitrac-CZ, Esfany CZ, Esitor Forte, Esjoy Plus, Espar CL, Estalonix-CL, Estilo-HS, Estilo-Plus, Estomine SF, Estomine-Zee, Ezinite-CZ, Feliz-S Plus, Jbcloz-ES, Jopram Plus, Nexito Forte, Nexpram CL, Petril Plus, Pracidep Plus, Prasilex Plus, Prasilife Plus, Recita Forte, Somnolex, Stalopam Plus, Talo Plus, Velpram-CL, Xitzen-CN
clorazepate dipotassium benzodiazepine Anksen, Ansiopax (Uruguay), Ansiopaz, Anxidin, Audilex, Azene, Belseren, Belserene, Calner, Chlorazepate, ClorazeCaps, Clorazepate, Clorazepato, ClorazeTabs, Covengar, Curansiex, Dipot, Enadine, Flamina, Flulium, GenENE, Gene-Xene, Gen-Xene, Justum, Luctor, Medipax, Mendon, Moderane, Modiur, Nansius, Nevracten, Nivelin, Novoclopate, Novo-Clopate, Pazidium, Psciopaz, Quitham, Serene, Softramal, Tencilan, Trancon, Tranex, Transene, Tranxen, Tranxene, Tranxilen, Tranxilene, Tranxilium, Uni Tranxene, Uni-Tranxene, Verax, Zetran-5; component of Anagrax, Axonil, Conacid-D, Distonex Digest, Dorken, Mucarin Compuesto, Noctran, Regulex, Sulpiran T, Tensedan, Tranxilium Digest, Vegestabil
clorazepate monopotassium benzodiazepine  
clorazepate potassium benzodiazepine Azene
clotiazepam thienodiazepine

Ansioplan, Betis, Clozan, Distensan, Placidon, Rize, Rizen, Tienor, Trecalmo, Veratran, Zubam

cloxazolam benzodiazepine Akton, Betavel, Cloxam, Cyclol, Elum, Enadel, Lubalix, Olcadil, Olquadil, Sepazon, Tolestan
delorazepam benzodiazepine Briantium, Cipaxil, Dadumir, EN, Stasyl
demetildiazepam   Demadar
demoxepam benzodiazepine  
deschloroetizolam thienodiazepine  
desmethyletizolam see metizolam  
diazepam benzodiazepine Aenthansilive, AIupram, Alboral, Aliseum, Almpose, Alpazepam, Altensine, Alupram, Alzepam, Amiprol, Aneurol, Anksiyolin, Anlin, Ansedan, Ansiolin, Ansiolisina, Ansiomed, Ansiopas, Antenex, Anxicalm, Anxionil, Anxionit, Anxium, Anxol, Anzepam, Apaurin, Apollonset, Apozepam, Arzepam, Assival, Atarviton, Atensine, Atilen, Audium, Avazen, Avex, Azedipamin, Azedipamine, Azepan, Azepium, Azipam, Baogin, Bensedin, Bentapam, Benzopin, Benzopin, Best, Betapam, Betapam, Bialzepam, Bortalium, Britazepam, Calmaven, Calmigen, Calmociteno, Calmod, Calmovita, Calmpose, Calmtack, Calmvita, Cam, Campin, Camrelease, Canazepam, Centrazepam, Cercine, Ceregulart, Chuansuan, Compaz, Condition, Consilium, Convulmin, Corticosan, Cuadel, Curecalm, Cyclopam, Daize, Decacil Plus, Decyl, Denion, Depocalm, Deprestop, Desconet, Desloneg, Diacen, Diaceplex, Diaclam, Dialag, Dialar, Diam, Diano, Diapam, Diapanil, Diapax, Diapin, Diapine, Diapine, Diapo, Diaquel, Diastat, Diatex, Diatran, Diaz, Diaze, Diazecalm, Diazeco, Diazelong, Diazem, Diazemuls, Diazep, Diazepam, Diazepan, Diazepin, Diazer, Diazetard, Diazetop, Diazex, Diazidem, Diazilax, Diazum, Diben, Dicepin, Dienpax, Dipam, Dipax, Dipaz, Dipezona, Direc, Disopam, Distenol, Distensor, Di-Tran, Dizac, Dizam, Dizapam, Dizep, Dizep-P, Dizy, Domalium, Doval, D-Pam, DPM, Drenian, D-Tran, Ducene, Duksen, Dupin, Duradiazepam, D-Val, DZP, Elcion, Elpam, Elpose, Enyoid, E-Pam, Epanalium, Eridan, Eridan, Erital, Esculid, Ethipam, Euphorin, Eurosan, Evacalm, Fabotranil, Faustan, Flocepan, Frescalis, Freudal, Galendiazepam, Gewacalm, Gewakalm, Gihitan, Glutasedan, Gradual, Gubex, Hexalid, Horizon, Hypose, Ifa Fonal, Ivaxzepam, Jinpanfan, Juniz RDS, Karpam, Kiatrium, Klarium, Kratium, Lakpam, Lamcord, Lamra, Legaril, Lembrol, Levium, Liberetas, Lizan, Lizon, Lori, Lorinon, Lovium, Mandro, Mandrozep, Mandro-Zep, Medipam, Melode, Melpazil, Mentalium, Metamidol, Metil Gobanol, Meval, Micronoan, Morosan, Nellium, Neo Rilax, Neo-Calme, Neomesmar, Neosorex, Nercon, Nerozen, Nervium (Turkey), Neurolytril, Neuropam, Neurosedin, Nindral, Nivalen, Nixtensyn, Noam, Noan, Normabel, Notense, Novapax, Novazam, Novodipam, Novo-Dipam, Nupose, Ortopsique, Osopose, Pacerfin, Paceum, Pacipam, Paciquil, Paci-Quil, Pacitran, Pamizep, Pamlin, Paralium, Paranten, Parzam, Pax, Paxabel, Paxate, Paxel, Paxum, Pazepam, Peacin, Pealkit, Pharmadine, Placidox, Plidan, Plidex, Pomin, Prantal, Prizem, Propam, Pro-Pam, Prozepam, Psicotran, Psicozepam, Psychopax, Q-Pam, Quetinil, Quiatril, Quietal, Quievita, Radizepam, Ralium, Ranzepam, Rec DZ, Relanium, Relansol, Relasan, Relaxedant, Relazepam, Relazepan, Reliezen, Relivan, Reliver, Relivium, Remansil, Remedium, Renborin, Reposepan, Reval, Rimapam, Ripid, Rival, Ro-Azepam, Rolasedan, Rontipan, RPS Zepam, Ruhsitus, Rupediz, Saromet, Scanzepam, Scelecome, Scriptopam, Sedabenz, Sedaner, Sedapam, Sedaril, Sedipam, Sedium, Seduxen, Seelucamu, Serenack, Serenamin, Serenzin, Servizepam, Sibason, Sibazon, Sico Relax, Sicorelax, Silprex, Simasedan, Sincronex, Sipam, Sleecalm, Slipizem, Solis, Somasedan, Somatin, Somit, Sonacon, Sparlium, Stedon, Stesolid, Stesolin, Stresanyl, Stress-Pam, Sunzepan, Tablinen, Talema, TAV-12, Taximel, Tecepan, Telsomet, Temelor, Tencalm, Tensium, Tensopam, Timazepam, T-Quil, Trandyn, Tranject, Tranquase, Tranquil, Tranquilax, Tranquirit, Tranquit, Tranquo, Tranquo-Puren, Tranquo-Tablinen, Tranyl, Trazepam, Tropium, Umbrium, Unisedil, Usempax AP, Valax, Valaxona, Valcaps, Valclair, Valdimex, Valiapan, Valibrin, Valinex, Valinil, Valinter, Valiquid, Valisanbe, Valitran, Valium, Valiuzam, Valocordin, Valoi, Valomin, Valpam, Valrelease, Valuzepam, Valzepam, Vanconin, Vapam, Vatran, Vazen, Vazepam, Verzepam, Vicalma, Vidalen, Vipinta, Vival, Vivol, Wilpan, Winii, X-O'Spaz, Zepam, Zepaxid, Zepose, Zetran, Zopam, Zycalm; component of Abulempax, Acordin, Adepressina, Adepsique, Anamol, Aneurol, Ansiovitam, Ansium, Anxidep, Arcure, Arnol 720-T, Aspam, Aspaserine, Betamed, Biogesic, Calmosedan, Calmpose, Campin, Centagesic, Centopam, Compensol, Complutine, Cuait D, Dasten-Plus, Dep Forte, Depforte, Depik Forte, Depik Plus, Depnil Forte, Depnil Plus, Depranil Plus, Depresom-ID, Deprid M, Deprid Plus, Depsan, Depsan Forte, Depsin Plus, Depsodiaz, Depsol Forte, Depsol Plus, Depsonil, Depsonil DZ, Depsonil DZ Forte, Diaceplex, Diamin Plus, Diapam, Diapyram, Diazariv, Diazeprin, Dicepin B6, Distedon, Dolanet D, Dolo Relaxedant, Doloxene, Domalium Compuesto, D-Prim, Dualid, Duodil, Eldep Forte, Eldep-M, Eldep-Plus, Elidep Plus, Elidep-Forte, Endopax, Equimood, Ergo Dolanet D, Ergo Relaxedant, Ergo Trisclin, Esbelcabs, Faradil, Faradil 200, Faradil Gas, Gamibetal plus, Gaseo 3, Gloriax, Glypoe, Gobanal, Harmomed, Hexalid, Hipofagin, Imikon Plus, Imilor-D, Iminza, Imip, Imipam, Imodep, Impranit D, Imprim Plus, Inibex, IRA Plus, Iremisal, Irene Plus, Klevocalm, Lakpam, Lori, Metaneuron, Microdep-5, Micropam, Minorex, Moderex, Multisedil, Nadis, Ncdep Plus, Neo Nevrofillin, Neomesmar, Neovale, Nifalium, Nifepam, Nimipose, Nitavan, Nitcalm, Nitosc, Nitravet, Nitrosun, Nofran, Noloten Complex, Normadep-2, Numencial, Numencial Plus, Pacium, Pamalgin, Pasminox 40 Somatico, Penormin, Pertranquil, Piguin, Placidox, Plidex, Plidex T, Podium, Prazep, Praz-Fort, Psico-Retard, Psychodep, Qual, Redotex, Reladorm, Rocitens, Rocitens Forte, Rumin, Sedilit, Serenade, Sico-Relax, Silentan, Simalgin Compuesto, Somatico 40, Spasen somatico, Spasmeridan, Spasmoctyl, Spasmomen somatico, Super Emagrin, Syziral, Syziral, Talendep, Talendep Forte, Talendep Plus, Tancodep, Tenil, Tenuatina, Tepazepan, Tilpam, Toframine-5, Tratobes, Tri-Aero-Om, Trital, Tropargal, Trydep Forte, Trydep Plus, Ulsedin, Valisal, Valpinax, Valtrax, Vincosedan, Xiconeural 3
dikaliumclorazepate see clorazepate dipotassium  
d,l-kavain see kawain  
doxefazepam benzodiazepine Doxans
esopiclone see eszopiclone  
estazolam benzodiazepine Deprinocte, Domnamid, Esilgan, Estalin, Eslam, Estazolam, Eszo 2, Eurodin, Kainever, Kinzolam, Noctal, Nuctalon, Prosom, Sedarest, Somnatrol, Tasedan
eszopiclone pyrrolopyrazine derivative of the cyclopyrrolone class 8 Horas, Bexomer, Dorplen, Eslip, Esogno, Estorra, Eszop, Exopil, Fulnite, Inductal, Isoklon, Lunesta, Lunivia, unox 2, Miapax, Neogaival, Neozetix, Nirvan, Noptic, Novo Insomnium, Orizon, Plessir, Sanilent, Valnoc, Wen Fei, Zolnite, Zopimin, Zopinom, Zopipure, Zoplimax
etazolate   SQ 20.009
ethyl loflazepate benzodiazepine CM 6912, Etilo Loflazepato, Meilax, Victan
etifoxine tranquilizer Hoe 36801, Stresam
etizolam thienodiazepine Depas, Etilaam, Etilite, Etilive, Etinex, Etipax, Etirest, Etivan-2, Etizest, Etizola, Etweet, Inxity, Lam ET, Macfresh, Medet, New Zomania, Pasaden, Sylkam, Zolacalm, Zoly; component of Estilo-E, Etilaam DS, Etilive-ES, Etinex-LS, Etinex-Plus, Etipax Forte, Etizola Plus, Stalowil plus, Zoly Plus
etoperidone   Axiomin, Centren, Etoran, Eurpsy Mite, Depracer, Depraser, Praxium, Tropene, Staff
febabarmate barbituric acid derivative G Tril, Solium, Tymium
fenpentadiol   Tredum
fludiazepam benzodiazepine Erispan
flumazenil benzodiazepine Anexate, Lanexat, Romazicon
flumezapine benzodiazepine LY 120.362
flunitrazepam benzodiazepine Anexate, Benzosan, Darkene, Disomnilan, Flubioquim, Fluminoc, Fluni, Flunibeta, Flunimerck, Fluninoc, Flunipam, Flunitracepam, Flunitrax, Flunitrazepam, flunizep, Flupam, Fluscand, Fluserin, Flutraz, Guttanotte, Hipnosedon, Hypnocalm, Hypnodorm, Hypnor, Hypnosedon, Ilman, Inervon, Insom, Ipnopen, Libelius, Mirpaw, Narcozep, Neo Nifalium, Nervocuril, Nilium, Nitam, Nitcalm, Noriel, Normador, Parnox, Parsimonil, Primum, Promum, Psiconeurin, Rohipnol, Rohypnol, Roipnol, Ronal, Ropan, Sedex, Silece, Somnidual, Somnil, Somnubene, Talinop, Valsera, Vulbegal, Zetraflum; component of Practicum
flurazepam benzodiazepine Beconerv Neu, Benozil, Dalmadorm, Dalmane, Dalmapam, Dalmate, Dalmute, Dormador, Dormigen, Dormodor, Durapam, Enoctan, Felison, Felmane, Flunox, Fluralema, Fluraz, FIurazepam, Fludane, Flunox, Fluralema, Flurazepam, Flutepam, Fluzepam, Fordrim, Insonium, Insumin, Irdal, Linzac, lnsumin, Irdal, Lunipax, Manlsum, Midorm, Morfex, Natam, Nergart, Nindral, Noctosom, Nomadon, Parnox, Remdue, Somlan, Somlan, Somnol, Som Pam, Som-Pam, Staurodorm, Valdorm, Zomnia
flutazolam benzodiazepine Coreminal
flutemazepam benzodiazepine Aulion, Diansel
flutoprazepam benzodiazepine Restar, Restas
glaziovine   Suavedol
halazepam benzodiazepine Alapryl, Pacinone, Paxipam
haloxazolam benzodiazepine CS 430, Somelin
hydroxyzine diphenylmethan-derivative; ethanol Abacus, Adzin, AH 3, Alamon, Allderm, Antizine, Anx, Anxanil, Arax, Arcanax, Atahist, Atarax, Ataraxone, Atazest, Atazina, Aterax, Atozine, Atrax, Azon, BayRox, Bestalin, Bobsule, Calmofilase, Cedar, Centilax, Cerax, Clorixin, Dalun, Darax, Deinait, Dermrax, Disron, Dormirex, Drazine, Durrax, Elroquil, Equipose, Fasarax, Fedox, Fenartix, Forticalman, Hadarax, Hiderax, Hidroxfar, Hidroxicina, Hidroxin, Hidroxina, Hidroxizina, Histadrex, Histan, Hizin, Hyderax, Hydroxacen, Hydroxyzin, Hydroxyzine, Hydroxyzinum, Hynid, Hy-Pam, Hyrax, Hyzine, H-Zine, Indolgin, Iterax, Judolor, Kalm, lremofar, Masmoran, MuItipax, Navicalm, Ndrox, Neocalma, Neucalm, Neurax, Neurolax, Neurozina, Nexit, Nirax, Novohydroxyzin, Orgatrax, Otarex, PAS Depress, Paxistil, Pazz, Phymorax, Postarax, Primedoron, Prugo, Prurid, Psytrax, Qualidrozine, Quiess, QYS, R-Rax, Serecid, Tenerba, Trandozine, Tranquijust, Tranquizine, Traxin, Tyndal, Ucerax, Ulgrax, Ultramax, Unamine, Validol, Vamate, Vetaraxoid, Visitazine, Vistacon-50, Vistaject, Vistaquel, Vistarex, Vistaril, Vistazine, Warazix; component of Agyrax, Broncodil Plus, Chlorbamate, Diligan, Dolodens, Elirem, Hexafene, Histilos, Marax, Marex, Meprodil, Meproxyn, Phyllocalm, Practicum, Rydimat, Somatarax, Vesparax, Teo Bilac Plus
kawain   Kavaform, Kawaform, Largon, Mosaro, Neuronika
ketazolam benzodiazepine

Anseren, Ansieten, Ansietil, Anxon, Atenual, Contamex, Grifoketam, Ketazolam, Larpaz, Loftran, Marcen, Neurapax, Parcil, Sedatival, Sedotime, Solatran, Unakalm

loprodiol   Dispranol, Gentimon, Prontopaz
loprazolam benzodiazepine Avlane, Dormanoct, Dormonoct, Havlane, Loprazolam, Somnovit, Sonan, Sonin
lorazepam benzodiazepine Abbloraz, Albium, Almazine, Alplacasse, Alzapam, Amparax, Ansilor, Ansiofen, Ansiotex, Anta, Anxiedin, Anxilor, Anxionil, Anxipose, Anxira, Anzepam, Aplacasse, Aplacassee, Aripax, Atemperator, Atipam, Ativan, Axyol, Azepam, Azurogen, Benj, Biokalm, Biolar, Bonatranquan, Bonton, Calmamed, Calmatron, Calmese, Control, Divial, Docloraze, Donix, Dorm, Dulozep, Duralozam, Efasedan, Emotion, Emovital, Equitam, Ergocalm, Farmazepan, Grosaneuron, Havlane, Idalprem, Idalprem, Inadalprem, Indalprem, Kalmalin, Larosh, Larpose, Laubeel, Lauracalm, Libansid, Lomesta, Lonza, Lopam, Lopez, Lora, Lorabenz, Loracalm, Lorafen, Lorafim, Lorakar, Loralin, Loralite, Loram, Loramet, Loranase, Lorans, Lorapam, Lorapine, Loraselid, Lorasifar, Lorasolid, Lorat, Loratensil, Loratril, Loravan, Lorax, Loraz, Lorazam, Lorazemed, Lorazene, Lorazep, Lorazepam, Lorazepan, Lorazetop, Lorazin, Lorazine, Lorazon, Lorel, Lorenin, Lorepam, Loresta, Lorez, Lorezan, Loricon, Loridem, Lorinax, Loripam, Lorivan, Lorpam, Lorsedal, Lorsifar, Lorsilan, Lorvin, Lorzem, Lotweet, Lozam, Lozepam, Lozicum, Lyovial, L-Zepam, Magrilan Plus, Max Pax, Melivan, Merlit, Merlopam, Mesmerin, Microzepam, Moderal, Modium, Nervistop, Neuropam, Nexlor, NIC, Nic-lma, Nifalin, Noan-Gap, Nonazepam, Norityl, Norpose, Novhepar, Novo-Lorazem, Noxaben, Nulans, Nu-Loraz, Olraz, Optisedine, Orfidal, Pantranquil, Placidia, Placinoral, Pro Dorm, Proneurit, Proserum, Psicopax, Punktyl, Quait, Reductol, Relaxiverine, Renaquil, Rocosgen, Sebor, Securit, Sedacalm, Sedapon, Sedarkey, Sedatival, Sedazin, Sedicepan, Sedizepan, Serenase (Belgium), Sidenar, Silence, Sinestron, SM 1014, Solepar, Somagerol, Stapam, Symplex, Tavor (not in Argentina), Temelor, Temesta, Thymal, Titus, Tolid, Trankilium, Tranplus, Tran-QiI, Tranqipam, Tranquipam, Trapax, Trapex, Tratenamin, Trisedan, U Pan, Upan, Urpam, Vagofil, Vanapam, Veralpam, Vigiten, Wintin, Wypax, Xilmac, Zelor, Zeloram, Zeopam, Zepatrac, Zepnap, Zora; component of Ergofalea N, Magrilan Plus, Reductol, Somnium (Switzerland)
lorazepam pivalate benzodiazepine Divial, Drupal, Piralone, Placinor, Placinoral
lormetazepam benzodiazepine Aldosomnil, Axilium, Dilamet, Doclormeta, Dormagen, Ergocalm, Evamyl, Ipnolor, Lembrol, Loramet, Loranka, Loretam, Lormetamed, Lormetazepam, Luzul, Metatop, Mexylor, Minias, Noctacalm, Noctamid, Noctamide, Noctofer, Noctomid, Nocton, Octonox, Pronoctan, Repocal Lormeta, Sedaben, Sedalam, Sedalon, Sedalor, Sedobrina, Stilaze
mebutamate propanediol Axiten, Belemina, Capla, Dormate, Ipotensivo, Preminex, Sigmafon, Vallene
meclizine see meclozine  
meclozine piperazine derivative, histamine H1 receptor antagonist

Ancolan, Bonamin, Duramesan, Histilos, Postadoxine, Postafen, Postafene, UCB 5062; component of Agyrax, Itinerol B6

medazepam benzodiazepin Ansilan, Ansius, Anxitol, Azepamid, Becamedic, Benson, Betriple Relax, Camarines, Diepin, Elbrus, Enobrin, Esmail, Glorium, Glorium, Kobazepam, Lasazepam, Lerisum, Medalema, Medaurin, Medazepam, Medazepol, Megasedan, Metazepam, Metonas, Mezapam, Mezepan, Narsis, Neuromit, Nevololon, Nivelton, Nobraksin, Nobral, Nobritem, Nobrium, Pamnase, Pazital, Psiquium, Raporan, Resmit, Rudotel, Rusedal, Sedepam, Seremit, Serenium, Siman, Siozepam, Stratium, Templane Retard, Tranquilax, Vegatar; component of Deprum, Nobritol
medazepam dibudinate benzodiazepine Navizil
medifoxamine ethanamine Cledial, Gerdasyl, Gerdaxyl
mefequizone   Lonetil
menilon   Menilon
mepiprazole piperazine Psigodal
meprobamate propanediol derivative Amepromat, Amosene, Andaxin, Anervan, Aneural, Angular, Aniowas, Ansietan, Ansiowas, Anxioletas, Apacil, Apascil, Arcoban, Artolon, Atacin, Atraxin, Ayeramate, Bamate, Bamo, Biobamat, Bonstan, Calmax, Calminerf, Canquil, Cap-O-Tran, Carb-a-med, Carbaxin, Centrosed, Centryl, Cirponyl, Coprobate, Crestanil, Cycotran, Cyrpon, Dabrobamat, Dapaz, Desaban, Despasmol, Disatral, Distoncur, Dormabrol, Downil, Dystoid, Ecuanil, Edenal, Epikur, Equanil, Equanitrate, Equatrate, Erina, Estasil, Evenol, Fidepax, Gene-Bamate, Harmonin, Kalmm, Kesso-Bamate, Lan-Dol, Lenactos, Lepetown, Libiolan, M.P.Trantabs, Mar-Bate, Maso-Bamate, Meditran, Medium, Mep 4, Mepavlon, Mep-E, Mepon, Meposed, Meprate, Mepriam, Meprin, Mepro, Meprobamat, Meprobamate, Meprobamato, Meprobamatum, Meproban, Meprobar, Meprobil, Meprocer, Meprocompren, Meprocon, Meprodan, Meprodil, Meprodiol, Mepro-G, Meprol, Meproleaf, Mepromate, Mepron, Mepronel, Meprosa, Meprospan, Meprotabs, Meprotan, Meprotil, Meprox, Meptran, Meriprobate, Metractyl, Micrainin, Microbamat, Midixin, MiIonorm, MiItamato, Milpath, Milprem, Miltaun, Miltaunetten, Miltown, Miltrate, Misedant, My-Trans, Nekuadon, Neo-Tran, Nepentine, Nervonus, Neuramate, Neurokilin, Nobelyse, Noiless, Novalm, Novamato, Novomepro, Oasil, Odeon, Optarakt, Pankalma, Panquil, Pantranquil, Pax, Paxin, Peacemin, Pensive, Perequil, Pertranquil, Pimal, Placidon, Praol, Praolet, Prequil, Probal, Probamato, Probamyl, Probasan, Probate, Procalmadiol, Promate, Protran, Protranquilline, Quaname, Quanane, Quanil, Quasil, Quietal, Quietidon, Redipak Equanil, Relaksin, Relax Tablet, Reostral, Repetown, Reposo Mono, Restenil, Robamate, Sanobamat, Saronil, Sedabamate, Sedanil, Sedans Tranquilizante, Sedanyl, Sedoquil, Selene, Serena, Serenanim, Setran, Sibon, Sinanin, Sintown, SK-Bamate, Sonya, Sopanil, Sowell, Spantran, Spasmosedrine, Stensolo, Stresso, Tamate, Tised, Trancot, Trankilin, Tranlisant, Tranmep, Tranquil, Tranquilin, Tranquiline, Tranquine, Tranquisan, Tranxin, Trelmar, Urbilat, Vaseren, Vio-Bamate, Visano, Visanon, Wescomep, Wyseals, Xalogen; component of 282 MEP, Adalgur, Adco Salterpyn, Agetran, Algi Relax, Amril, Ansietyl, Antipyn Forte, Appetrol, Artrilan, Bamadex, Bismulogeais Meprobamate, Butartrol, Chlorbamate, Clindorm, Daritran, Deprol, Descraptin, Diazemat, Diazeprin, Distonium, Dyna-Erythromycin, Dynapayne, Ecalmate, Elirem, Equagesic, Ergocalm, Euphoramin, Fatinil, Goldgesic, Go-Pain, Hopyn, Idemin, Iremia, Iremisal, Kaologeais gle, Klevocalm, Leocasil, Libichrom, Libimal, Librafin, Libronil (not in GR), Lyberen, Maxibamato, Medilyn, Medium, Medium Retard, Megapyn, Meprobalen, Meproban-Coffein, Meprocalm, Meprodil, Meprodiol, Meprogese, Meprogesic, Meprobamato + Piroxicam, Mepronizine, Mepropon, Meprosedon, Meproxyn, Meprozine, Micrainin, Milprem, Miltamato Reserpin, Miltysinu, Monitazon, Neo Libinal, Neo Librafin, Neo Nevrofillin, Neo Rebamat, Neodorium, Neovale, Nifalium, Nirvan, Nofran, Nucopain, Oasil Vesper, Obesidyl, Painagon, Pasem, Pefabol, Penormin, Piguin, PMB-200, PMB-400, Precyclan, Prozine, Psychoril, Pulsaton, Q-Gesic, Quanitrate, Rambol, Regium, Regium Retard, Reposo, Resibamato, Rydimat, Sedapon, Sedapon D, Serenade, Serpamat, Spectrapain Forte, Stillon, Stilpane, Stopayne, Supponizine, Supragesic, Synaleve, Tarased, Tembamat, Tenavoid, Tenston, Totalgesina, Totasedan, Trankil, Tranquo-Adamon, Trinagesic, Vacudol Forte, Vagostabyl, Valisal, Xeniasen
metaclazepam benzodiazepine Talis
metaaminodiazepoxid see chlordiazepoxide  
methylpentynol   Allotropal, Atemorin, Oblivon, Riposon, Util
metizolam thienodiazepine  
mexazolam benzodiazepine Melex, Sedoxil
midazolam benzodiazepine Anespar, Benzosed, Buccolam, Crismidor, Dalam, Damizol, Domi, Doricum, Dormicalm, Dormicum (not in Australia), Dormid, Dorminox, Dormipnol, Dormipron, Dormire, Dormitol, Dormium, Dormix, Dormixal, Dormizolam, Dormonid, Dormucum, Drimnorth, Epistatus, Farmadorm, Flormidal, Fortanest, Fulsed, Fulsed, Gobbizolam, Hipnoz, Hypnofast, Hypnovel, Hypozam, Indupax, Ipnazolam, Ipnovel, Medizolam, Mezolam, Miben, Midacalm, Midacum, Midalan, Midanex, Midanium, Midapic, Midasedan, Midaselect, Midaz, Midazenon, Midazepin, Midazo, Midazoject, Midazol, Midazolam, Midcalm, Midolam, Midosed, Midozor, Midzee, Midzol, Miloz, Miprosed, Mizolam, Nayzilam, Noctura, Noticum, Omida, Oraxelam, Ozalin, Ozased, Relacum, REM Chobet, Rocam, Sedacum, Sedancor, Sedazolam, Sedeven, Sedoz, Setam, Shortal, Solam, Sorinor, Surpress, Terap, Uzolam, Versed, Verzol, Zolmid
molindone indole derivative Lidone, Moban
nimetazepam benzodiazepine Erimin, Hypnon
nitrazepam benzodiazepine Alodorm, Alozepam, Anxiton, Apodorm, Arem, Atempol, Baronite, Benzalin, Berlidorm, Biodon, Calsmin, Cerson, Chiorazepam, Dormalon, Dormicum (Australia), Dormigen, Dormin, Dormo-Puren, Dreem, Dumolid, Eatan, Enzed, Epibenzalin, Epibenzaline, Epinelbon, Eunoctin, Gentravit, Gerson, Hipnax, Hipsal, Hirusukamin, Hypnodon, Hypnoforte, Hypnonex, Hypnoril, Hypnotex, Hypnotin, Ibrovek, Imadorm, Imeson, Insoma, Insomin, Insomin Forte, Insomnin, Ipersed, Ipnozem, Kerfoot, Konit, LA 1, Lagazepam, Lyladorm, Megadon, Mitidin, Mitraphar, Mogadan, Mogadon, Mozepam, N Tra, NeIurolen, Nelbon, Nelmat, Nemnamine, Neuchlonic, Neumax, Niavet, Nicare, Nigap, Nipam, Nirosun, Nirven, Nit, Nitam, Nitavan, Nite, Nitepam, Nithra, Nitra, Nitrac, Nitradorm, Nitrados, Nitram, Nitramin, Nitran, Nitrapam, Nitrapan, Nitraplan, Nitravet, Nitrax, Nitraz, Nitrazep, Nitrazepam, Nitrazepan, Nitrazepol, Nitrazodon, Nitredon, Nitreeze, Nitrenpax, Nitrom, Nitrosh, Nitrosum, Nitrosun, Nitrosym, Nitzazadon, Nitzy, Noctem, Noctene, Noctesed, Novanox, Numbon, Onirema, Ormedon, Ormodon, Pacidrim, Pacisyn, Paxadorm, Paxisyn, Pelson, Peralmin, Persopir, Prosonno, Protaz, QuilI, Radedorm, Relact, Relax, Remnos, Restorem, S 2000, Sedamon, Sedolar, Serenade, Serenex, Sindepres, Sleeparm, Sleepin, Solium, Sominbel, Somisil, Somitran, Somnapam, Somnased, Somnibel N, Somnil, Somnipar, Somnite, Sonebon, Sonipan, Sonnolin, Stressban, Surem, Tazepam, Trazenin, Tri, Tysbone, Unisomnia, Zepinite
nordazepam benzodiazepine Calmday, Demadar, Madar, Nordaz, Praxadium, Sopax, Stilny, Tranxilium N, Vegesan
oxanamide   Quiactin
oxazepam benzodiazepine Abboxapam, Adumbran, Alepam, Alopam, Anastil, Anchonat, Ansiepax, Ansium, Antoderin, Anxiolit, Aplakil, Aslapax, Azutranquil, Benzotran, Blomsilan, Bonare, Chemodiazine, Chrisopam, Constantonin, Dormasoft, Droxacepam, Durazepam, Enidrel, Gnostorid, Hilong, Iranil, Isodin, Isranil, Januar, Lederpam, Limbial, Medopam, Mepizin, Meproxam, Mirfudorm, Murelax, Murelax, Neo Fargen, Nesontil, Neurofren, Noctazepam, Noripam, Norkotral N, Notaral, Novalona, Novoxapam, Nozepam, Nulans, Oksazepam, Opamin, Opamox, Oxa, Oxabenz, Oxahexal, Oxaline, Oxamin, Oxanid, Oxapam, Oxapax, Oxaphar, Oxa-Puren, Oxascand, Oxazepam, Oxazepan, Oxazepol, Oxepam, Oxpam, Ox-Pam, Placidox, Praxiten, Primizum, Propax, Proxam, Psicopax, Psiquiwas, Purata, Quen, Quilibrex, Rondar, Sedigoa, Sedokin, Selars, Senepax, Serax, Serecid, Serefar, Serenal, Serenid D, Serenid Forte, Serepax, Seresta, Serpax, Sevesta, Sigacalm, Simazepan, Sobile, Sobril, Stadadorm N, Tacepam, Tazepam, Tensolisin, Tranil, Tranquo, Tranquo-Genat, Trazepam, Uskan, Vaben, Wakazepam, Youfei, Zapex, Zaxopam; component of Altipax, Ansiolin, Anxiolit plus, Cavodan, Descraptin, Ergocalm, GE 1783, Leocasil, Levothym plus Oxazepam, Libichrom, Lyberen, Meprobalen, Monitazon, Neodorium, Neo Libinal, Neo Librafin, Neo Rebamat, Ovaribran, Pausafren T, Pefabol, Persumbrax, Pulsaton, Quentar, Spasmo nulans, Spasmo-Praxiten, Stillon, Suxidina, Tankil, Tranquirax, Tranquo Buscopan, Vuscobras, Xeniasen
oxazepam hemisuccinate benzodiazepine Ansielix, Alplakil, Nulans
oxazolam benzodiazepine Convertal, Hializan, Quiadoni, Sera, Serebon, Serenal, Serumate, Solaquionate, Tranquit
phenaglycodol   Acalamid, Acalo, Atadiiol, Benzotran, Felixyn, Mepizin, Neotran, Remin, Sedapsin, Sinforil, Stesil, Ultran
phenprobamate carbamate Gamaflex, Gamakuil, Gamal, Gamaquil; component of Dolaprolixan, Kuifleks, Kuilil
pinazepam benzodiazepine Domar, Duna, Yunir, Zami 905
prazepam benzodiazepine

Centrac, Centrax, Demetrin, Equipax, Equipaz, Lysanxia, Mono Demetrin, Pozapam, Prasepine, Prazene, Quipax, Reapam, Sedepran, Settima, Trepidan, Verstran

quazepam benzodiazepine Cetrane, Doral, Dormalin, Dorme, Dormyl, Hipnodane, Oniria, Prosedar, Quazium, Quiedorm, Selepam, Temodal
reclazepam benzodiazepine SC 32855
ritanserin 5-HT2 and 5-HT1C receptors antagonist Trisertone
suriclone   Celexane, Clexane
temazepam benzodiazepine Cerepax, Dasuen, Dormapam, Euhypnos, Euipnos, Insomniger, Lenal, Levanxene, Levanxol, Lilizepam, Mabertin, Maeva, Neodorm, Nocturne, Nomapam, Norkotral, Normison, Normitab, Nortem, Nunazepam, Ormodon, Perdorm, Planpak, Planum, Pronervon, Razepam, Remestan, Reposium, Restoril, Signopam, Signopharm, Snapam, Somapam, Somaz, Tasonal, Telpia, Temador, Temarium, Temaron, Temaz, Temaze, Temazep, Temazepam, Temazepax, Temazine, Temtabs, Tenox, Tenso, Terivan, Texapam, Tonirem, T-Pam, Veroqual, Z-Pam
tetrabamate barbituric acid derivative Atrium, Sevrium
tetrazepam benzodiazepine

Epsipam, Megaflex, Megavix, Miolastan, Mobiforton, Musapam, Musaril, Muskelat, Myolastan, Myomax, Myospasmal, Panos, Rilex, Spasmorelax, Tepam, Tethexal, Tetra Flam, Tetramdura, Tetra-saar, Tetralelax, tetrazep, Tetrazepam

tilisolol   Selecal
timelotem tricyclic benzodiazepine KC 7507
tofisopam benzodiazepine Egyt, Grandaxin, Grandaxine, Seriel, Tavor (Argentina)
triflubazam benzodiazepine Triflubazam
triazolam benzodiazepine Alpralid, Alti Triazolam, Apo-Triazo, Arring, Asepin, Balidon, Drowsy, Dumozolam, Halcion, Hanlexin, Hypam, Insomnium (not in Argentina), Lucipress, Noctzam, Novidorm, Novodorm, Novo-Triolam, Nu-Triazo, Nuctane, Rilamir, Somese, Somniton, Songar, Sumenan, Tialam, Trialam, Triasan, Trizam, Triazo, Triazolam, Triazoral, Trilam, Trion, Triram, Trycam, Zolmin
trimetozine morpholine Neuristan, Opalene, Serenitas, Trioksazin, Trioxazin, Trioxazina, Trioxazine, Trioxyfar, Trizina
tybamate carbamic acid Benvil, Depran, Effisax, Nospan, Solacen, Solacin, Tybatran
zaleplon pyrazolopyrimidine Demare, Hegon, Hipnax, Hipnodem, Hyplon, Noctiplon, Novonoctil, Onsleep, Plenidon, Prox, Rhem, Saniplacen, Siweitan, Solmin, Sonata, Sotalon, Starnoc, Stilnite, Zalep, Zaleplon, Zalpilo, Zaplon, Zaplonic, Zaso, Zerene
zolazepam benzodiazepine component of Telazol, Zoletil
zolpidem imidazopyridine 10-Nait, Adormix, Albapax, Alespan, Ambien, Ambiz, Ambulax, Amsic, Ansiozol, Atrimon, Azold, Bikalm, Cedrol, Conyx, Dactive, Dactive, Dagan, Dalparan, Damixan, Dodorest, Dorlotil, Dormeben, Dormilan, Dormi-Ros, Dormizol, Dormosol, Dumitol, Edluar, Flazinil, Getrest, Hipnatur, Hipnotab, Hypnonorm, Insodem, Insom, Intermezzo, Inzodem, Inzofresh, Isodem, Ivadal, Ivedal, Kalinicta, Kayzole, Lioram, Lipidem, Litramol, Lopitas, Lypin, Medploz, Mondeal, Nidra, Niotal, Nitrest, Nitrest, Nocpidem, Nocte, Noctum, Nokdrim, Nottem, Noxidem, Nuo Bin, Nytamel, Nyxe, Olpid, Oniria, Pedo, Restem, Sanval, Sedovalin, Sobrium, Somit, Somnil, Somnipax, Somnipron, Somno, Sove, Sovigen, Soza, Stildem, Stillnoct, Stilnix, Stilnoct, Stilnox, Stilpidem, Sublinox, Sucedal, Sumenan, Supedal, Syzol, Talacen, Tardine, Uninorm, Vicknox, Viradex, Zanlop, Zappy, Zaviana, Zedem, Zimor, Ziohex, Zleep, Zleep, Zodem, zodormdura, Zogno, Zolax, Zolcent, Zoldem, Zoldorm, Zoldox, Zolep, Zolfresh, Zolgen, Zolip, Zolit 10, Zolmia, Zolnex, Zolnod, Zolnox, Zolnoxs, Zolnuit, Zolodorm, Zolojet, Zolp, Zolpeduar, Zolpel, Zolpi, Zolpiapt, Zolpibell, Zolpicin, Zolpid, Zolpidem, Zolpiden, Zolpidex, Zolpidohexal, Zolpihexal, Zolpi-Lich, Zolpi-Med, Zolpimist, Zolpinox, Zolpi-Q, Zolpirest, Zolpistar, Zolpitop, Zolpitrac, ZolpiWin, Zoltar, Zolway, Zomnia, Zonata, Zopid, Zopim, Zorimin; component of Zolsoma
zopiclone cyclopyrrolone Aboden, Adco-Zopimed, Alchera, Alpaz, Amoban, Amovane, Clonel, Datolan, Docilen, Dopareel, Dormex, Eurovan, Ezolin, Foltran, Genclone, H-Dorm, Imovan, Imovane, Imozop, Imrest, Insomin, Insomnium (Argentina), isicaps, Kelen, Limovan, Losopil, Lyzop, MoImovane, Mozop, Nenia, Noctidem, Optidorm, Reply, Rhovane, Sedorm, Siaten, Somnal, Somniclona, Somnol, Somnols, Somnosan, Sonlax, Sopivan, Ximovan, Zalepla, Z-Dorm, Zeclone, Zedax, Zetix, Ziclone, Zileze, Zimoclone, Zimovane, Zinovane, Zoipilon, Zolinox, Zolip, Zolium, Zolog, Zolon, Zometic, Zomianne, Zonap, Zonix, Zopenta, Zoperil, Zopicalma, zopiclodura, Zopiclon, Zopiclona, Zopiclone, Zopicon, Zopigen, Zopimed, Zopinil, Zopitan, Zopitran, Zopivane, Zorclone, Zo-Tab

Anti-Parkinson Drugs (administered also to conceal neuroleptic-induced Parkinson syndromes)

Active Ingredient (Planned, current and previous) Trade Names
amantadine Actison, Adekin, Aman, Amanda, Amandin, Amandine, Amant, Amanta, Amantadin, Amantadina, Amantadine, Amantadinsulfat, Amantagamma, Amantan, Amantix, Amantral, Amantrel, Amazolon, Amixx, Ampakine, a.m.t., Antadine, Atadin, Atarin, Boidan Cerebramed, Chemogen, Comantrel, Endantadine, Enzil, Hofcomant, Infectoflu, Infex, Influ, Kinestrel, Kynesia, Lysovir, Mantadan, Mantadine, Mantadix, Mantidan, Mantra, Neaman, Osmolex, Paramantin, Paritrel, Parkadina, Parkintrel, PK Merz, Prayanol, Protexin, Symadine, Symmetrel, tregor, Viregyt, Virofral, Virosol, Zintergia
benzatropine see benztropine
benzhexol see trihexyphenidyl

Akitan, Apo-Benzthropine, Bensylate, Bentrop, Benztrop, Benztropine, Cogentin, Cogentine, Cogentinol, Cotolate, Verbenz

bifemelane Alnert, Celeport, E 0687, MCI 2016, SON-216, Surtonil
biperiden Akineton, Akinophyl, Benzum, Berofin, Bipercam, Biperen, Biperid, Biperiden, Biperidene, Biperideno, Biperin, Bipiden, Cinetol, Darcicipreno, Dekinet, Denzolam, Desiperiden, Dyskinon, Ipsatol, Kinex, Norakin, Paraden, Parkisin, Sinekin, Tasmolin, Thesis, Tonodil
bornaprine Sormodren
bromocriptine Axialit, Bagren, Bromergon, Lactismine, Norflex, Parlodel, Pravidel, Proctinal, Serocryptin, Serono-Bagren, Umprel
carbidopa component of isicom, Kardopal, Levocarb-GRY, Lodosyn, Nacom, Nakom, Sinemet, Striaton, Syndopa
chlorphencyclane component of Tonoquil, Vesitan
clofenciclan see chlorphencyclane
ethopropazine see profenamine
levodopa Aktipar, Bendopa, Brocadopa, Ceredopa, Cidandopa, Dopaflex, Dopaidan, Dopalfher, Dopar, Doparkin, Doparkine, Doparl, Dopason, Dopaston, Eldopal, Eldopar, Larodopa, Levodopa, Levopa, Novedopa, Ori-Dopa, Pardopa, Parkidopa, Parmedin, Prodopa, Syndopa, Weldopa
metixene Metixen, Tremaril, Tremarit, Tremoquil, Trest
orphenadrine Banflex, Bio-Flex, Biorphen, Brocadisipal, Disipal, Disipaletten, Doloctrapin, Drinexin, Efaflex, Erilax, Euflex, Faseina, Flexin, Flexoject, Flexon, Lysantin, Marflex, Mefeamina, Mialgin, Mioflex, Myolin, Myotrol, Neekxin, Neocyten, Noradex, Norflex, Norgesic, OFEE, Onacrine, Onadrine, Opheryl, Orfen, Orfenace, Orfenadrina, Orfenaflex, Orfenal, Orfro, Orpadrex, Orphedrin, Orphenadrine, Orphenate, Orpherin, Orphidal, Orphipal, Phemax, Plenactol, Pleren, Relaflex, Rexalgan, Slakin, Tega-Flex, Terilax XL
pramipexole Mirapex, Mirapexin, PNU 919 Cl 2Y, RG2133, SND 919, Sifrol, SUD919CL2Y, U-98528E
pridinol Hikicenon, Konlax, Loxeen, Lyseen, Parks 12, Polmesilat, Pridinol
profenamine Dibutil, Lysivane, Pardisol, Parfezin, Parkin, Parsidol, Parsitan, Parsotil, Preparten, Rodipal
procyclidine Arpicolin, Axeps, Bent, Emadrin, Kemadren, Kemadrin, Kemadrine, Mucinil, Osnervan, Parklid, Procipar, Procyclid, Prociclidina, Procyclidine, Procykem, Prodine, Proimer, Proly, Propark, Relidrin, Sycline
terguride Dironyl, Mysalfon
tiapride see chapter neuroleptics
trihexyphenidyl Acamed, Anti-Spas, Aparkan, Aparkane, Apo-Trihex, Apo-Trimex, Arkine, Artan, Artane, Barohexy, Beahexol, Benshexol, Benzhexol, Broflex, Cyclodol, Desagit, Doxogem, Hexifen, Hexinal, Hexymer-2, Hipokinon, Lahexy, Novohexidyl, Novo-Hexidyl, Pacitane, Paralest, Pargitan, Parkan, Parkin, Parkinane, Parkinase, Parkopan, Parkoran, Partane, Peragit, Pipanol, Pozhexol, Pyramistin, Rodenal, Sedrena, Tonaril, Tremin, Tridyl, Trihexane, Trihexifenidilo, Trihexine, Trihexonex, Trihexy, Trihexydil Hydrochloride, Trihexyphen, Trihexyphenidyl/Benzhexol, Triphen, Triphenidyl; component of combinations with antidepressants, neuroleptics, and/or benzodiazepine-tranquilizers: Ancam, Benzyzine, Chlozep Plus, Combidol, Dep 37, Depicalm Plus, Depof 37, Don Plus, Don-Forte, Don-LS, Doxogem-TZ, Elicalm Forte, Elicalm Plus, Elicalm-H, Elicalm-SF, Etores-TR, Flucalm Plus, Gencalm Plus, Halopidol Plus, Haltix Forte, Hexidol, Hexiflu-T, Incot Plus, Jotal Plus, Karflu Plus, Karflu-H, Kaytrix-C, Lacalm Forte, Lacalm Plus, Maphyl Forte, Mindol Forte, Mindol Plus, Neocalm Forte, Neocalm Plus, Neudon Plus, Normacalm Forte, Normacalm Plus, Nudon Plus, Parkin Forte, Parkin Plus, Peradyl, Peradyl Forte, Peradyl MF, Peridon Plus, Phallus Plus, Psycalm Plus, Psyzine Forte, Psyzine Plus, Rasin Forte, R-Don Forte, R-Don Plus, Regrace Forte, Regrace Plus, Regrace-LS, Relicalm Forte, Relicalm Plus, Relicalm-SF, Reliclam Forte, Reliclam-SF, Repridon Plus, Resque Plus, RI Forte, RI Plus, Riposh Forte, Riposh Plus, Riscon Forte, Riscon Plus, Riscon-LS, Risdil Plus, Risfine-T, Risina Forte, Riskar Plus, Risnia Forte, Risnia Plus, Rispond Forte, Rispond Plus, Risponex-HS, Risponex-Plus, Riszes Plus, Rize Forte, Rize-T, Rodon-TH, Selocalm Forte, Selocalm Plus, Ser, Serentin, Sizodon Forte, Sizodon Plus, Sizonorm Forte, Sizonorm Plus, Speridon Plus, Sperinex Plus, Sycodone Plus, Sycose, Sycot, Syncodone Plus, Talecalm Forte, Talecalm Plus, Talecalm-H, Talecalm-H, TCT, Teem Plus, Tradep, Trazine-H, Trazine-S, Trazine-SC, Trinicalm Forte, Trinicalm Plus, Trinorm, Triphenazin, Trofaz - Forte, Trofaz - Plus, Trycalm Forte, Trycalm Plus, Trycalm SF, UNO 25, Wipetri, Wipetri Plus, Xyphen-S, Zeneril Plus-H, Zina Plus, Zisper Forte, Zisper LS, Zisper Plus, Zon-Plus, Zort

Other Psychiatric Drugs

Active Ingredient Class (Planned, current and previous) Trade Names
esketamine anaesthetic Escetex, Esketiv, Eskelan, Esketamin, Esketamine, Ketanest, Spravato
guanfacine antihypertensive, a2A receptor agonist Estulic, Intuniv, Tenex
ketamine anaesthetic Anket, GB-Ket, Hypnoket, KET, Keta, Ketafast, Ketalar, Ketalin, Ketam, Ketamax, Ketamin, Ketamina Molteni, Ketared, Ketasol, Ketavit, Ketmin, Ketolar, Ketolide, Ketotal, Ketsia, Kety, Kmine, Oblar, Rekita, Taurket, Verket